Monday, February 06, 2006

Democrats ALWAYS Side With Evil/Wrong and Failed

If you don't know the Democrats' position on any particular issue simply ask yourself "what's the worst option" and that will be the Democrats'.

Anything that's successful -- Wal-Mart, Israel, America, etc. -- they are against. Anything that is failed -- Tookie Williams, ebonics, the Palestinians -- they are for.

What is their position on teenage abstinence? Their television programs and movies promote promiscuity while portraying teenage virgins as "losers" while pro-abortion fund-raisers hold rallies entitled "Fuck Abstinence!" (Telling, of course, is that Hillary Clinton, the party's next likely "standard bearer", has made a show of rejecting money from the very same Wal-Mart whose board she sat on for nearly a decade, but is still taking money hand-over-fist from the pro-abortion lobby.)

To end Arab/Islamic massacres of Jews in Israel Bill Clinton armed the terrorists -- while Jimmy Carter not only helped create the first Islamic terror state in Iran but, to this day, insists that American taxpayers should fund that terror via Hamas and others.

Give a child the chance to attend functioning schools or force them to remain in the failed leftist indoctrination centers that our public schools have become and the Democrat not only fights vouchers, but folks like Carl Reiner's son, Rob, attempt to snatch children from their parents at an even younger age to put them into those indoctrination centers.

How bad is it? How about the ACLU -- the de facto legal arm of the Democrat party -- concurrently works to destroy the Boy Scouts while promoting the interests of NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association whose charter begins:

Abortion versus adoption? Well, let's put it this way, Planned Parenthood never sold a shirt with the slogan "I Put My Baby Up For Adoption," they did sell one that proudly proclaimed "I Had An Abortion!"

So, now America -- in fact, the world -- is under assault from vicious, Islamists with the declared goal of murdering all "infidels" and creating an oppressive caliphate around the world and what are the Democrats doing? Attacking the President for keeping us safe!


Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot. Some day if you wake up you may read these old post of yours. When you do you will cringe. How many of the young American soldiers who have died in Iraq and elsewhere were Democrats do you suppose? They hate America?

Anonymous said...

Exuse me "Mrsright" (Gee, we're not TOO "high and mighty", are we?), but if you would just throw away your shit-headed right wing garbage for just one fat minute you'd know that the government has expanded by 15% and federal spending has jumped almost 60% since Bush was appointed president. Who's spending money on extravagant programs? Who's going to pay back the multi-trillion debt Bush has incurred? Who's going to put back that hunk of gray matter that's been yanked from your skull? You are just as big an idiot as fellow blind follower Sayet as well as the jackass Liberals for that matter.