Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Democrats Work For America's Destruction

Steven Spielberg makes a Marxist-penned movie which he sells under the guise of being "based on a true story" even though the characters who are real people -- often iconic -- are made to say and do things that are the exact opposite of the truth. Hollywood and Europe deem these lies worthy of honors and awards.

Michael Moore makes lie-filled, anti-American propaganda films and Democrats from Nancy Pelosi to Jimmy Carter deem it worthy of a standing ovation.

Dan Rather uses forged documents in his stories -- stories that slander the Commander-in-Chief of the United States at a time of war, while CNN finally admits to engaging in a decade-long defrauding of their viewers in a quid pro quo with Saddam Hussein.

Cindy Sheehan, whose globetrotting is funded by the likes of George Soros and the communist "International Answer", spews utter inanities such as "Louisiana is occupied territory" and the enemy of freedom, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi , is a "freedom fighter" even though his stated goal is the mass murder of all "infidels" and the creation of the utterly oppressive and hateful Caliphate around the globe. And Democrats invite her to cause a ruckus while the President speaks to the nation at a time of war.

The New York Times time their leaks of military secrets to the needs of the terrorists and the Democrats provide Osama Bin Ladin with talking points if not specifically written for him by the Dems, then certainly ones that the world's most wanted terrorists believes serve his purposes . Meanwhile leading powers in the Democrat party provide Al Jazeera and the propagandists in Islam ammunition to use in their recruiting drives with vicious and baseless accusations that our troops are "like the Nazis" (Dick Durbin) while other leftist media outlets wholly invent tales of "Korans flushed down the toilet" at Guantanamo Bay.

All the while the leftist indiscrimination centers that our public schools have become indoctrinate the next generation into their "hate-America-always" ideology while rich leftists, like Carl Reiner's boy Rob, push for legislation to snatch American children and put them into this indoctrination process at an earlier and earlier age.

To open up a second front, the Democrats employ a "divide and conquer" plan where outright lies are used to create racial, ethnic and class frictions. John Kerry -- the kept multibillionaire -- screeches about "two Americas" while Hillary Clinton and the rest regularly enlist vicious racist imagery to rile hatred for anyone who doesn't toe the far-leftist line. Things that bring commonality -- patriotism, language and the like, are actively undermined as a central part of the Democrats' plan for America's destruction.

All the while the Democrats keep up their assault on everything that makes America good and great. They use the ACLU -- the de facto legal wing of the Democrat party -- to attack the Boy Scouts, Judaism, Christianity, the Ten Commandments and more -- while using their powers in the entertainment industry and elsewhere to promote teenage promiscuity, abortion and, of course, the destruction of the family unit.

The more the family is destroyed the more the individual relies on "the government," a government that the Democrats work to ensure is run not just by them but by the most radical factions amongst them. It's not a coincidence that Hillary Clinton just made a big show of rejecting money from Wal-Mart while no similar "media event" was planned for the rejection of money from Moveon.org, George Soros, or the pro-abortionists at NARAL.

The good news is that more and more Americans are coming to recognize that the Democrat party is the enemy of America and that they are actively working on all cylinders to bring about our destruction. We need to continue to spread the word. They may have the media and the schools and the money but we've got something more powerful: the truth, and we have the goodness and greatest of being pro-American.


Anonymous said...

Americans can always be counted on being rebellious. Two most liberal law schools give us two conservative justices. Democrats can try their damnest to infect young minds in public schools, as soon as these young minds mature they would rebel. The more "liberal" the education, the more conservative the students become. That is why no matter how the MSM distorts, the Democrats incite, the general population is unmoved by them. The more they carp about NSA wiretaps, the maltreatment of Gitmo detainees, the more they will be identified with the country's enemies, the less likely they will be elected.

Evan Sayet said...

Yes, Anon, you have it right.

It is, and has always been, true that as one enters the real world, learns more about life, etc. one more and more rejects the lunacy of the left.

This is even more true today as the Old Media monopoly has been defeated and the leftists become ever more hysterical in their attempts.

Cries of "racism" that used to be enough because the only source of information swore that it was true have now morphed into screams of "Hitler" because they are watching their power disappear and have nothing but their failed leftism to offer.

But the war against Democrats is far from over. John Kerry did surprisingly well for a man who used three pinpricks (one self-inflicted) to get out of his tour of duty in Vietnam and then slandered a million of his "band of brothers..."

We cannot underestimate the money of George Soros, the influence of Hollywood, the lies of the Democrats and the energy that their hate can muster.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where's the proof to all your allegations? I think I'll start a tin-foil hat factory, people that think as you will gross me millions. If you haven't seen the latest polls, most Americans identified themselves as Democrats as a result of the corrupt GOP. Amazing, simply amazing!! Good luck, your going to need it when your commited.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Bruce has leftists number..

At least as well as Sayet..