Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Heritage Foundation Talk!!!

In my latest talk to the great think tank the Heritage Foundation entitled "Hating What's Right: How Modern Liberals Wind Up On The Wrong Side of EVERY Issue," I explain how America hatred and Jew hatred are INDEMIC to Modern Liberalism and delve deeper into why it is the otherwise good and decent people will INVARIABLY side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure3 over those that lead to success.

See the talk at or wait until someone posts it on youtube.

PS -- There is a bootleg version already up on youtube. The quality is not good and it is only a short snippet of the entire talk.

Please feel free to pass on the link to others you think may benefit from seeing it.

All the best!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Springsteen is a Republican!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Left Rallies for Terror in LA

In my someday-to-be-finished book, "Hating What's Right: Why Liberals Wind Up On The Wrong Side of EVERY Issue," I write about the need of the Neo-Liberal to intentionally make himself stupid. That is, the Neo-Liberal isn't congenitally retarded, his brain is not misshapen and incapable of calculating moral and intellectual truths, but, instead, in order to hold onto his ideology the Neo-Liberal needs to intentionally ignore -- pretend he doesn't know -- things that he really does know.

I was reminded of this truth when I attended a rally in support of the Israeli people and watched the pro-terrorist side across the street sceaming their angry -- and brain-dead -- anti-semitic and anti-American jargon.

One of the repeated slanders against the good people of Israel is that the Jews are commiting the "genocide" of the Palestinian Arabs. Obviously many were screaming this lie not because they believed it but because they are so steeped in their pro-evil ideology that ANY lie is deemed "right" by them because it advances their politiccal agenda.

Yet I do not deny that at least some of them threw around this hateful -- and easily disproved -- slander because, with thinking having been outlawed during their upbringing, the obvious and undeniable facts -- facts that they fully-well know -- are of not interest or import to them.

This slander of the Joooooos committing the genocide of the lovely, lovely Islamists has been a staple of leftist propaganda since the day the democracy of Israel was born. That's about sixty years ago. Clearly, if there were ANY truth to this slander, after six decades, this "genocide" would have been completed. Several of the pro-Islamic terror signs equated Israel with the Nazis with one huge -- professionally designed and created -- banner reading "A Holocaust in Gaza." But Hitler was able to wipe out almost all of the Jews of Europe -- using technology ages less advanced than those avvailable today -- in just five years. The evil Joooooos, for some reason, can't finish the job six decades later? It doesn't make sense. Ah, but sense is meaningless to the Neo-Liberal to whom the support of evil is the only intellectual end they are allowed to seek.

In fact, during this "genocide" the Palestinian population has skyrocketed -- making this the first genocide in human history where the population of the "victims" has actually grown.

The media, of course, we there...doing their job of slanting the truth in favor of the evil-doers as well. So confident are the leftists in the fact that the media is working on their behalf, they don't even try to hide the fact that this pro-Palestinian rally was, in reality, a communist organized, funded, coordinated and run, anti-freedom event. Huge banners screaming the name of the oragnizers -- International Answer dominated the scene, with the sloganeering leftists using the bull horn to alternately lie against the democracy of Israel and seek contributions for the communists. There was, of course, you usual posters of the communist mass murderer Che Guevera.

Why do Neo-Liberals side invariably with evil, failure and wrong? The answer is simple: raised to believe that rational and moral thought are acts of bigotry and that as "multiculturalists" all cultures are equally right and equally valid, then, in the words of Dinesh D'Souza, the multiculturalist must DE FACTO beccome an apologist for tyranny. It only follows, then, that those to whom discriminating moral and intellectual thought is a hate crime, that they must explain ALL evil, failure and wrong and attack all that is good, right and successful. It's no surprise, then, that those who see the greatest enmity from the Neo-Liberal are the good, right and successful be they the Jews or Christian America.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Apology (of sorts)

I feel so bad about not blogging but, well, I have nothing to say. Things are quiet, there's this lull between the election of The Anointed One and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it.

I've already commented on his major selections for his cabinet and addressed my concerns (especially about Susan Rice and the elevation of the evil United Nations by a man who sees himself as a "citizen of the world" to cabinet status.

What's to say about Blogo? except that I feel myself exceedingly lucky that somehow we ended up with the ONE leftist politician from Chicago who ISN'T corrupt. I mean, what are the odds of THAT?

Although filled with trepidation and sadness, I am glad to see Israel taking care of business and eliminating more bad people from the planet. Sad that there need to be civilian casualties but that is the price paid for the civilians supporting their terrorist leaders. Those who hide amongst civilians and target civilians cannot expect to have their citizens left unscathed. Sad that Palestinians hate the infidel more than they love their own people.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some thoughts about Christmas

A new poll by Scotty Rasmussen shows that fully two out of every three Americans celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. Virtually all of the rest of us celebrate it as the American holiday of hope and good will and love that it is.

With bitter and jealous secularists now posting billboard of hate for belief in God -- a reflection of their narcissistic terror that THEY might not be gods -- the war on Christmas that many of us recognized years ago can no longer be denied. Funny that those who voted for a candidate for no other reason than that he spouted the word "hope" would be so against this holiday of hope and promise.

I say "Merry Christmas" at all turns. The idea that this wish of happiness might be "offensive" to some is just a reflection of their own insecurities and anger and should not be honored or respected. One can only take offense to something that is offensive, being mistaken for someone who makes up 90 perccent of America -- those of us who love Christmas -- can only hurt the leftists' feelings if they hate Christianity. I have no time for those who hate what is good.

Merry Christmas to all!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Years ago -- before political correctness set in -- there was a Polish joke asking "how many poles does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" The answer was always something like "Five. One to hold the lightbulb and the other four to spin the ladder around."

American business has become a polish joke. "How many UAW employees does it take to install a headlamp? Four." "How many Teamsters does it take to hammer in a nail? Five."

The problem is that when three, four and five people are "needed" to do the simplist tasks -- each of them earning approximately seventy-five dollars an hour in direct salary plus every perk the union can extract from management -- someone has to pay for it.

This is the same mentality that saw Fannie Mae collapse. It's the same mentality that has destroyed our public schools. It's the mentality of entitlement where everyone gets a job and everyone gets a high salary and everyone gets maternaity leave (even fathers!) and everyone gets time-and-a-half and by the time everyone is given everything no one can afford the product any longer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Governor Blagojevich

The corruption of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is not new news. Only the depth and the arrogance is. Clearly anyohe involved in Illinois politics -- and that includes the man who now holds the "office" of the "President-Elect" -- Barack Obama, had to have known about this man's crimes leading up to his efforts to sell Obama's seat to the highest bidder.

Like the character in Casablanaca who is shocked -- shocked -- to find gambling going on at the casino where he has been gambling since it first opened year earlier - Obama is once again "shocked" that those with whom he has done business for years is evil and corrupt.

Up until now Obama has gotten away with playing the American people with his Captain Renault act. He was SHOCKED to learn that his mentor, Jeremiah Wright spewed virulent hatred and SHOCKED yet again when he discovered that the English teacher down the road was really an arch terrorist and SHOCKED yet again to discover that the person who made posssible his owning a mansion was a mobster.

Illinois politics IS the politics Captain Renault. It's now the driving force in American politics.