Sunday, August 21, 2005

Democrats Define Truth As Whatever Attacks America

Not long ago the Democrats worked feverishly to destroy 254 American heroes from across the political spectrum who offered their factually supported, firsthand eyewitness testimony about John Kerry's very odd (to say the least) four month aborted tour of duty in Vietnam. Compare and contrast this with the unquestioning hero status being given to the rather nuts Cindy Sheehan whose statements are utterly contradicted by her own testimony after her first meeting with the President (a meeting the leftist liars in the Old Media try to keep hidden from the public), whose every word has been repudiated by the people who know her best (including her own parents and her husband) and whose rhetoric borders on (and its from the other side of the border) insanity.

Why the different treatment? Simple. To the Democrat truth is defined not by fact, evidence and logic but only by the degree to which someone hates America. If someone is spewing anti-American hate that makes them, de facto, truth tellers.

So it is that, while everyone knows Michael Moore's movie was a dishonest attempt to spin reality in order to portray outright lies as the truth the Democrat leadership gave it a standing ovation and Moore himself a seat of honor at their convention because, Moore's movie being viciously anti-American made it worthy of applause and honors.

This is why when Newsweek found the chance to spread a lie about American troops -- that they'd flushed Korans down the toilet at Gitmo -- they ran with it despite the fact that not only was it not supported by the facts and evidence but the story is quite literally impossible. How, exactly, does one get an entire book to go down a tiny drainpipe? But it doesn't matter to the far-leftists in the Old Media that the story is impossible, the fact that it was anti-American made it true.

This, too, is why the Managing Editor of CBS News supposedly couldn't recognize forged documents or just wasn't experienced enough to know that a mentally disturbed Democratic party partisan with multiple direct ties to the highest levels of the Kerry campaign wasn't an "unimpeachable source." Of course he know. But the fact that the forged documents and the mentally ill partisan hated America's Commander-in-Chief and might help elect a leftist appeaser of terror made the story true.

Meanwhile, as Dan Rather is caught using forged documents and CNN is nailed for engaging in a decade-long fraud in covering for Saddam Hussein's atrocities and Newsweek runs bogus stories about Korans and Howell Raines and Jayson Blair and Maureen Dowd are nailed in lie after lie after lie the Democrat swears that it is Fox News that is made up of "lying liars" because they refuse to lie and attack America like the "truth-tellers" at the Old Media.

And it is why the Democrats' second most powerful Senator, Dick Durbin, took to the floor of the United States Senate and read into the Congressional record (and for the benefit of Al Jazeera) the most vicious of slanders against American troops -- comparing them to the most heinous regimes in human history -- based on a single e-mail he received from someone claiming to be with the FBI, an e-mail that, to this day, Durbin refuses to show to anyone. The story, of course, turned out to be yet another Democratic Party lie but that doesn't matter to the left. By attacking America it was, de facto, true.

And this is why the Democrats care not one bit that Air America is only on the air because they stole millions of dollars from needy children. That kind of theft is a-okay so long as it is to help promote people whose mission is to attack America at all turns.

Cindy Sheehan is a nut and a liar. He rhetoric is something only the biggest haters of freedom and democracy could buy into. Yet there is John Edwards' wife, and the leftist radio talk show hosts and Wolf Blitzer and Maureen Dowd, et al, offering her the highest praise and support because, to the Democrat, truth and honor are defined by a single trait: the degree to which one hates America.


Alva Goldbook said...

You have…once again….fallen off your rocker. I have to say the “I pulled this out of my ass” award most definitely goes to you hands down.

Democrats worked “feverishly” to “destroy” 254 American “heroes”? I suppose “working feverishly” is IGNORING lies told about you in the media? And what classifies someone as an American “hero” now Evan? Working directly for the Bush/Cheney campaign? I find it so amazing that these “military heroes” would suddenly have a very strong position on attacking the AARP the moment they said NO to Bush’s plan to screw those very seniors out of the SS checks.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. People who kick grieving mothers wouldn’t have any trouble with stealing every last penny from elderly widows. Next you’ll demand a tax break for when you buy the baseball bat you’ll need to beat the shit out of a cripple.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed Evan, as you keep your head buried deep in the sand, but Cindy OPENLY said she met with Bush prior to the major media paying attention to her. In fact, she talked about it IN DEPTH on Thom Hartmann’s program. Just ask him about it, I’m sure he’ll play the clip for you. It’s this exact same TROLL LOGIC that dictates that if you have family members who disagree with you politically, that it must mean you’re insane. I’m sure there’s a few lefties in your family Evan, better start looking for a shrink.

You know Evan, when you LIE and say that Democrats don’t care about that truth (using examples that you are LYING about), it kinda doesn’t bode well for your CREDIBILITY, does it?

Again, Evan…prove there was a single lie in Moore’s movie. Fahrenheit 9/11 was a wonderful movie that was horrifying yet funny, fascinating yet extremely emotional. And most of all, it wasn’t the LEAST bit “anti-American”, but was actually EXTREMELY PATRIOTIC. The movie not only got standing ovations from the Democratic leadership, but from ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY in red states and next to military bases. Why? Because it MOVED THEM TO TEARS to see what our brave men and women are doing and are forced to go through in Iraq. But I guess the only way to support the troops is to not allow the media to film their coffins, right?

Newsweek spread a lie? Really? IS THIS WHY THE STORY WAS BACKED BY THOUSANDS OF OTHER ARTICLES? Is that why the US Army ADMITTED TO FLUSHING KORANS DOWN THE TOILET? No, the TRUTH doesn’t matter a bit to you Evan, the only thing that matters to you is smearing anybody or anything that tells TRUTH to power.

A leftist appeaser of terror? Riiight..Kerry was a “leftist appeaser of terror (by saying he was going to kill them all no less…) while Bush is going after the terrorists? Is this why Bush’s family has financial dealings with terrorists? Is this why he invites terrorist financiers into the White House? Is that why he harbors international terrorists in NYC? How has Bush gone after the terrorists Evan? By failing to capture bin Laden and saying “I really don’t spend much time on him”? Is Bush going after the terrorists by SILENCING the Patterns on Global Terrorism report that shows that terrorist attacks are on a dramatic rise since he foolishly invaded Iraq? Is he going after the terrorists by overthrowing a democracy in Haiti and putting wanted terrorists in charge? Is he going after the terrorists by overthrowing one of the few secular states in the Middle East and replacing it with an Islamic state in Iraq? Just as Christ said “you cannot serve both God and money” you CANNOT both support Bush and fight terrorism.

Strangely, when Rather was caught using documents that he couldn’t prove WERE NOT FORGED, he resigned his post. When Brit Hume was caught LYING ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY he just kept right on lying.

It’s quite simple Evan. Don’t confuse the war with the warrior, and don’t confuse the commander in chief with the troops. Sure, no one died in Gitmo…except a few hundred detainees, with the media not being permitted to see the bodies…but shit…that’s no big deal…after all…they’re all terrorists right? Strangely, NONE of them have been found guilty of any terrorist crimes. What a coincidence huh? But we can’t forget that they are fed wonderfully. In fact, for the Tipton Three, they had all the DEAD BODIES they could eat when they were stuffed inside metal canisters for three days in the dessert heat. Plenty of liquid to drink too, if you can tolerate the taste of urine, blood, and feces. Bon appetit!

Air America stole millions of dollars from needy children? Or did one FORMER manager at Air America, who worked for Air America’s FORMER parent company mismanage a few bucks? Meanwhile there’s absolute silence from EVAN when NYC uses foster children as guinea pigs by giving them experimental drugs they did not wish to take that made them deathly ill. There’s plenty of crocodile tears from Evan for children supposedly hurt by AAR, complete silence on the 1 in 5 American children growing up in poverty because of the GOP, whose former leader Newt Gingrich even attempt to put his OWN CHILDREN into an orphanage. Newt later attempted to take children away from single mothers (for being single) and put them into orphanages too…but that’s a-okay, right Evan?

Cindy is now a nut! Thanks for the diagnosis Dr. Sayet. By what DSM-IV classification is she “a nut”? Psst. I’ll tell you a secret Evan. Psychologists have yet to classify having a SPINE as a mental disorder. Yup Cindy is one of the biggest haters of freedom and democracy by practicing her 1st amendment right to peacefully petition the government for a redress of grievances. But, I guess everyone hates freedom and democracy, unless you happen to blindly support the ONLY world leader today that has OVERTHROWN a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Alva --

Truth means nothing to you. These people didn't "work directly for the bush administratino." You simply slander anyone who disagrees with you with any lie you can muster.

What makes them heroes is that they were highly decorated for their war efforts.

And, of course, Ms. Sheehan is SOOOOOO grieving that she holds press conferences and basks in her fifteen minutes of fame by hurting all the other mothers who have lost children but do not go around slandering their country.

as for her being insane how about just listening to her words. Oh, right, you don't have to because so long as her insanity is to spew baseless venom against America it makes it true.

Sorry, A -- you guys can keep up your relentless hatred and attacks on America. The more you do, the more you lose.

Anonymous said...

Geez, where do you start with alva's little rant. I can just picture him rendering his garments while reading your article. It's hillareous how these libs worry about the conditions in Club Gitmo; yet call our troops Nazis and war criminals.

It's also funny how they so matter of factly state how all of the Swift Boat Vets were liars when not one of their claims were ever proved wrong by the Kerry team.

As far as Cindy Sheehan is concerned, she was a nut before her son died and she remains a nut. Now she is the left wing's darling nut; because she tells the story the media wants to hear. Anything to make Bush look bad gets first page treatment. Too bad it has again back fired on them and they even look more looney than before.


Alva Goldbook said...

Riiight….sure, the Swifties didn’t have any connection to the Bush campaign…none at all right? Except of course, Ben Ginsberg (a chief counsel of the Bush campaign, who also gave legal advice for the Swifties), Margaret Wilson, (who was deputy counsel for Bush’s Commerce Department while being a partner of John O’Neill’s law firm), Kenneth Cordier (who appeared in a Swifties ad and was a member of the Bush/Cheney 04 National Veterans Steering Committee), Merrie Spaeth (who did PR for the Swifties, who was married to Tex Lezar, Bush’s former gubernatorial running mate), Harlan Crow (who gave 25 grand to the Swifties and is a trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation), Susan Arceneaux (who helped set up the Swifties, and did communications work for them, while being the treasurer for Dick Armey), Bob Perry (the long time friend of Rove who gave the swifties 200 grand and Bush 46 grand)…no….no connection at all.

Highly decorated for their war efforts? I’m sure those Swifties got those metals by shooting themselves with their own rifle, right?

Sure, Cindy ISN’T a grieving mother because there’s people in the press paying attention to you. I guess Celeste Zappala isn’t a grieving mother either? For some reason dozens of grieving parents have come to meet with Cindy. I guess they hate America too, right?

And again you call her “insane” based on what? You don’t like what she says? Or perhaps…again…you just pulled it out of your ass. You know, using your method of diagnosis Evan, I can conclude that you are a paranoid schizophrenic, and the best way to keep you safe is to lock you up in a nut house…of course though…I don’t randomly pull things out of my ass in order to smear grieving mothers.

Alva Goldbook said...

Since you’re not well educated, you might want to go read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…you know…the international law the US got the world to pass and acknowledge in order to prevent our troops from being tortured and beheaded? You know, that international law that was established in order to outlaw a repeat of Nazi concentration camps? Oh…that’s right…the US is running a concentration camp down in Cuba now.

Alva Goldbook said...

LOL. Riiiiight, Cindy’s protest has BACKFIRED on us? Is that why Bush was forced to end his vacation early in order to beg the American people not to abandon his disaster of a war? Even conservative pundits are shaking their heads. Our war against terrorism has been so successful that Bush has managed to make one of the few secular nations in the middle east an officially Islamic nation. Keep up the good work! Next Bush can go after bin Laden by inviting him over to Crawford for cigars!

Alva Goldbook said...

Actually, if it wasn’t for Rove, and the Bush/Cheney campaign there wouldn’t have the Swifties…after all, that’s who created them and funded them.

lololololol…sure, Clinton would have introduced social security privatization right? The fact of the matter is that Bush has had this on his mind since at least 1978 when he first ran for Congress…he wasn’t elected then as he didn’t have anyone rigging the voting machines yet. Second, the inane Bush plan would ad a few TRILLION dollars in US debt, that would completely defund Social Security. NO ONE in the Bush camp has yet figured out how Bush’s privatization scheme would add a single dollar to SS solvency. In fact, Bush’s budget is so piss poor that he keeps stealing billions out of it in order to hide some of his red ink. The reality is that it’s the ONLY thing in Bush’s federal budget that isn’t bleeding red all over the place…and THAT is what he calls a “crisis”. And of course…you IGNORED the fact that an organization supposedly based entirely on veterans affairs suddenly attacked the AARP the moment they didn’t go along with Bush’s privatization scheme. THEY ARE A PR FLACK GROUP FOR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

No, as usual you got it wrong. Cindy Sheehan is not voicing “baseless claims” but is publicly asking a QUESTION. Feel free to answer that question all you like. Instead you are attacking HER PERSONALLY, showing that people like you, would have no problem with attacking ANYONE if it threatens your fuehrer. You people are COCKROACHES and that is an insult to cockroaches.

How the hell has Moveon exploited Casey Sheehan? By organizing candle light vigils in his memory? I guess the best way to avoid exploiting our fallen troops is to refuse to attend their funerals right?

Miami, obviously the media HAS expressed the fact that she met with Bush prior. THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW ABOUT IT. Again, Cindy has OPENLY said that OVER AND OVER again, BEFORE and AFTER the media paid any attention to her. Ah…so the media is liberally biased because the media YOU watch only shows a few sound bites of what she’s saying?

You know, winning 4 out of the last 4 presidential elections ain’t bad. By the way, Miami, better get to work on rigging those voting machines. Looking at the 30% approval ratings of the cons in congress, and the 38% approval ratings of Bush, YOU’LL NEED THEM.

Well I don’t know if you saw it Miami. I have it on DVD. Yes, it was debunked…by a group of liars. I particularly liked Fahrenhype, which mostly involved Dick Morris ranting his opinions. I guess ole Dicky had to take time out to do it between sucking on hookers’ toes. My favorite part was when Dweedle Dumb and Dweedle Dumber said at the end of the movie “Moore’s not an American, he must be French…snicker…snicker” then cut to a scene of Dick Morris ranting again over the NYC skyline “that’s where the towers used to be…that’s what we lost…there’s the Statue of Liberty…that’s what we didn’t loose.” Does anyone see the idiotic irony here? Moore, was born in Michigan, which last I checked was a part of the United States. In other words, he’s an American. The Statue of Liberty on the other hand….IS FRENCH.

But on to Fahrenheit…um WHERE did it make our soldier look like villains? I know! I know! …it was when that soldier looked right in the camera and said “if Donald Rumsfeld was here right now, I’d ask him for his resignation.”

Like I said before Miami, I’ve read Kopel’s trash. Read THIS link:
FahrenCRAP 9/11

Miami, yes that movie sold theaters out near military bases. Forget the bases, Moore allowed bootleg copies to be sent to our troops in Iraq. Many of them over there have watched it. The reality is that Disney forced Miramax from releasing it. Why? Because the movie attacked members of the Saudi government. Guess what? Euro Disney has been running red ink for a long time, and those very same Saudis has been bailing them out.

Ah, no one is forced to be in Iraq? I guess our troops who are stationed there just LOVE getting shot at, right?

It’s called censorship. I guess Bush has a tremendous “respect for the dead” by not attending a single one of their funerals.

Wrong, Newsweek admitted that they got a SOURCE wrong. That story has been backed up by THOUSANDS of other articles, DATING BACK YEARS. That is why the US Army ADMITTED TO IT.

Bandar bin Sultan’s wife, Princess Haifa, has, and probably still writes personal checks to terrorist organizations. Bandar is a close personal friend to the Bush family, and is a former Saudi ambassador to the US. Bush also harbors Emmanuel Constant, who is wanted in various nations in Central America for multiple terrorist acts. He lives in NYC at taxpayer’s expense. In fact, the Marines were used to help a group of Haitian terrorists overthrow their democracy. But I’m sure you knew that. I’m sure Bill O’Reilly told you that in between ranting about Michael Jackson’s genitals and a dead white girl in Aruba.

Wrong…he couldn’t prove they were NOT forged.

I’m sure Bill O’Reilly has told all about the detainees who have died while in US custody. Shit, he didn’t did he? Instead he’s doing pieces about high school cheerleaders dressing too sexy.

Feel free to google “the Tipton Three”.

Miami, take a remedial course in psychology and maybe my words won’t fly right over your head.

see you guys later...i'm going to the beach!

Anonymous said...

Yes alva, it has backfired and we are so glad that the left wing media keeps putting this whacko on the front pages and the nightly news. The more normal Americans see her disgraceful use of her son's death, the more they will be turned off by the loony leftists like yourself.

the US is running a concentration camp down in Cuba now

You mean Club Gitmo? The place where the terrorists eat better than the troops guarding them? The place where the Koran must be handled with gloves? The place where the islamic fascist get 5 prayer breaks a day?

Oh yea; the ovens can only be days away from being heated up.

You're an idiot.

Evan Sayet said...

Democrats are quite literally idiots. They are incapable of rational thought having rejected the notion as being "bigoted."

In the words of the brilliant professor Allan Bloom in his essential "The Closing of the American Mind" (available through my website "indiscriminateness becomes a moral imperative to these people as its opposite is the (evil of) discrimination.

The object of Modern Liberal education and discourse, then, isn't to collect the facts and study the evidence to come to a thoughtful and logical conclusion -- that would be bigotry -- but rather to provide whatever lies, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda that is required to convince themselves (and, they hope, others) that whatever is good, right and successful must have cheated and whatever is evil, wrong and failed must have been victimized.

The Democrat doesn't need fact, evidence or logic since their conclusion is preordained and never changes. This is why they so despise America and do everything in their power to tear it down.

Did the folks at the NY Times really think on the 44th straight day of putting the misdeeds of a couple of pranksters at Abu Gharaib on their front page that in order to honestly, fairly and accurately tell the story of Iraq they needed to rerun that silly story one more time? Of course not. They just thought they had a little something with which they could attack America and since
America is so great that panties on terrorists' heads was the worst they could come up with they ran it and ran it and ran it on the front page every day for a full month and a half!

Missed along the way, of course, were truly important stories like the fact that 96 percent of all Iraqi children are now immunized against disease because that story makes America look good and their agenda is to always attack America.

Evan Sayet said...

The Old Media has long since past being just biased and gone all the way to being active participants in the far-leftist agenda. Their goal, then, is to advance the "truth" that America isn't great and that fascist terrorists aren't bad. To do this they will ignore all stories that prove yet again America's goodness and greatness (like the story of the solider who was shot and then, after wounding the terrorist who shot him, administered first aid to him) and run, instead, the story of four night guards who put panties on terrorists heads on their front page every single day for literally a month and a half.

The entire goal of the leftist "education" system, the reason the Old Media forges documents, the purpose behind Newsweeks bogus Koran story, etc. is to "prove" to the people who love America that America isn't that good and that our enemies aren't that bad. Period.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article Evan!!! We are thoroughly impressed with your work. It is funny how some liberals have attacked you and this article as being "untruthful". The fact is "the truth hurts" and you've got em feeling the pain! Keep up the great work, and never forget...Liberalism Breeds Terrorism!!! Dan & Dawn(