Monday, August 15, 2005

So now Cindy Sheehan has become "the face of the anti-war movement." What a surprise. This clearly disturbed leftist using her son's death for personal advancement -- repudiated by everyone who knows her well including her own parents, husband and children and even her own words -- is your typical Democrat Party icon.

After all, how much different is she than Howard Dean, another loudmouth anti-American willing to spew any lie so long as it advances his career? No wonder he's the very voice of the entire Democrat party.

And how much different is she than the pathetic, Michael Moore willing to spread outright propaganda against America even as he maintains citizenship here in order to not have to pay taxes in socialist nations.

And how much different is she, really, than John Kerry who, after using a self-inflicted wound to invoke an obscure clause in military law and aborting, after only four short months, his tour of "duty" in Vietnam, returned to America to slander one million of his "band of brothers" as a means to jump start his lifelong ambition of becoming President someday?

And how much different is she than Dan Rather who would use forged documents and try and pawn off a mentally disturbed Democrat partisan with multiple direct contacts to the highest levels of the Kerry campaign as "an unimpeachable source" in order to "scoop" his betters at the other networks and help the far-leftist Kerry win the election?

And how much different is she, really, than the folks at CNN who engaged in a decade-long defrauding of the public in a quid pro quo with Saddam Hussein to cover up that murderer's atrocities in exchange for personal and political favors?

And how much different is she, really, than Democrat Dick Durbin who sells out his country and calls our troops "Nazis" in an effort to bolster the Democrats' sagging fortunes?

And how much different is she than the face of the pro-abortionists at NARAL who would slander a good and decent man with ads "linking" him to events that didn't happen for almost a full decade after these liars implied they did?

Welcome to the Democrats, Cin -- you fit right in.


Alva Goldbook said...

Yes, the morality of attacking anyone, no matter who they are or what their circumstances, if they happen to challenge the Bush administration. You attacked Moore, fine. You attacked Republican John McCain, fine. You attacked Republican Richard Clarke, fine. You attacked Republican Joe Wilson, fine. You outted his wife to commit treason, that is NOT fine. And then you attack a GRIEVING MOTHER who lost her SON in a war started with A LIE. NOTHING is sacred to Reich wingers. They have the morals of COCKROACHES, and that's an insult to cockroaches.

Republicans do not value human life. They do not value right and wrong. They do not value ANYTHING except POWER and MONEY. That is not a set of moral values, it is the values of a child who has yet to learn any better, only you people are grown adults behaving like children. It is a set of moral values that completely devoid of love, empathy, and understanding. You people can not recognize that another human being is suffering, you'd rather kick them to see if they suffer more. You cannot recognize human trauma, sadness, or misery, unless it happens to YOU personally, and only then can you understand it relates to YOU.

Mike Savage has been saying that liberalism is a mental disorder, but all those characteristics described above conservatives show all the time, in nearly everything they do. ACTUAL psychologists HAVE recognized (under DSM-IV classifications) these characteristics as Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD). Traditionally, someone with this kind of mental disorder would be known as a PSYCHOPATH.

Evan Sayet said...

Alva, is there nothing that you question so long as it comes from the radical left?

Do you not know that Ms. Sheehan had already met with the President? Or do facts just not matter to you?

Do you not know that she was quoted as praising the president after that meeting and that she's completely changing her story now?

Do you not know that every member of her family has repudiated her and that her husband has filed for divorce.

So there's a woman you KNOW is lying. EVERYONE who knows her personally has rejected her but ALVA won't question this woman why? Because Democrats don't care about fact and evidence. SHe hates America, Democrats hate America therefore she is good no matter what.

That's what a Democrat is it is someone who rejects all fact and evidence in order to side ALWAYS with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. George Bush loves America so he must be attacked even if it takes Howard "Yeeee-ha" Dean, Dick "Our troops are Nazis" Durbin and this clearly mentally ill woman in Texas.

Anonymous said...

How dare sheehan use her deceased son to spew her hate of America. She is a bigot. She's anti semetic. She's a liar. I have no sympathy for her-none. I do repect and salute her son. Rawriter

Alva Goldbook said...

Yes, Mrs. Sheehan did meet with Bush, 1) before the Downing Street Memo came to light 2) before David Kay’s report came out, and 3) before Bush politicized his meeting with families like Cindy’s at the Republican National Convention. She does not wish to meet with Bush just to meet with him. She wishes to ask him face to face “WHAT was the noble cause that her son died for?” and if that cause is so noble “why aren’t any of your family going to fight it?”

Yes, a mother who was in complete shock from the loss of her son was LIED to by George Bush, when he told her that meeting with her was NOT about politics. Then at the RNC convention he POLITICIZED it. The entire country was fooled by this liar, because the American People accepted a basic principal. That is, we should be able to believe our President. Cindy, in the shock of loosing a loved one feel into that trap too. And you’re blaming her for this?

Do you not know that virtually every member of every family has disagreements amongst themselves? Are you going to tell me Evan, that there is not a single lefty in YOUR family who disagrees with your standup? Considering the divorce rate in this country, don’t you think that the loss of a child would put considerable strain on ANY marriage? Or do you prefer to kick people when they’re down?

Everyone who knows her knows she’s lying? Is that why she has so many close friends with her camping down in Crawford? She hates America? PLEASE explain to me how the hell this woman hates America? Is ANYONE who practices their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to PEACEFULLY PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES someone who HATES AMERICA? What kind of bullshit is this Evan? You practice YOUR first amendment right to speak during your standup. Should I then say you HATE America? Should anyone practicing their Second Amendment right to bear arms, do they HATE America? This is the kind of DEMENTED mindset of conservatives today. What it REALLY is, if YOU disagree with the REICH WING you HATE AMERICA, and therefore are “no good no matter what.”

I’m sorry, this country was FOUNDED upon DISSENT. And everyone is born with the INALIENABLE right to DISSENT. We are ALL endowed by our Creator with the RIGHT to PETITION OUR GOVERNMENT for a REDRESS of GRIEVANCES. And if you would prefer not to live in such a fashion, then LEAVE. I hear Uzbekistan does not favor the dissent you dislike so much. Perhaps you can cheer their Talliban-style government there when they boil people alive. Just hope that they don’t boil you alive as well.

Alva Goldbook said...

For the record, my understanding is that it is spelled Abu Ghraib. It is pronounced “ah-boo Gah-reb” Not “ah-boo Gah-reif” (as in grief) as the squatter in the White House might have you believe.

Alva Goldbook said...

If you don’t like living in a country that permits dissent, try leaving. Uzbekistan is just a plane ticket away.

Alva Goldbook said...

since Cindy "HATES America" for trying to end the suffering of an unjust war, why don't YOU Evan SUPPORT our troops? There is ONLY TWO WAYS you can support our troops. 1) you can work to bring them HOME and out of harm's way. or 2) you can SIGN UP and go HELP THEM OUT.

Feel free to sign up to the military branch of your choosing here

I know you support the troops Evan. But let us know HOW you will support them. And remember, they always need bodies.

Alva Goldbook said...

I guess Celeste Zappala, whose son was serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard, HATES America too? She wrote:

A week after my son, Sgt. Sherwood Baker, arrived in Baghdad last year, President Bush held court for journalists at the 60th annual Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington. Part of the show that night was to pretend to look for WMD under the lectern. There were staged pictures of Mr. Bush looking for them under the rug in the Oval Office. Everyone present got a great laugh.

With a crucial election looming last year, the President thought it politically prudent to simultaneously indulge in self-deprecating humor about not finding WMD while he kept American soldiers in the dangerous search for those weapons.

I talked to Sherwood shortly after the President's circus show. He wasn’t finding anything funny about his mission in Iraq. Sherwood was knee deep in the real search for WMD. He was providing security for the Iraq Survey Group, which was still looking for those weapons well beyond the admission by David Kay that they didn’t exist.

The days were long and hot. They began to ration his food and water. On April 26, 2004, a month after Mr. Bush’s standup routine, Sherwood’s unit was in Baghdad inspecting buildings. That building exploded. Sherwood was killed.

Sher’s death brings me on an unlikely journey to Crawford, Tex. I join Cindy Sheehan, who has established a camp here.

My family is gathering with me as we hold our own vigil. We believe that we finally deserve a meeting with the President, one that has been denied us for the last 16 months.

We bring with us here the desire to share our humble story. We want the President to hear us talk about Sherwood. Perhaps he can answer some questions for us. We want to know why Sher, a case worker for the mentally handicapped, had to say goodbye to his wife and 10-year-old son to participate in the negligent endeavor that is the Iraq War.

We’d like to know what he finds noble about instigating and maintaining a war with a country that posed no threat to our country.

We’d like to know if he still finds humor in the fabrications that justified the war that killed my son.

I have a good feeling that we’re going to finally have our face-to-face. We’re a Christian family, and we believe in miracles. We share that faith with the President. Therefore, I need to believe that he has the humility to hear our story. I need to believe he has the courage to embrace our grief. I want to believe he has the capacity to talk to us like human beings without injecting his party-line rhetoric.

I want to believe all of these things. For I am witness to a truth shared by too many families in this country. As a Gold Star mother and as a citizen of this country, I believe our vacationing President has the time to hear that truth.

Wow, what an anti-Christian America-hating bitch, right? Now explain to me again the difference between conservatives and cockroaches?

Alva Goldbook said...

You guys should enjoy my latest blog entry: it's entitled Is George W. Bush A Pychopath? Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

No, Alva, it's not if you "disagree" with the "reich wing" (just another leftist calling everyone who disagrees with them "Nazis". You know, according to Dick Durbin our soldiers at Nazis, according to Ward Churchill the victims of 9/11 were all "little Eichmanns," etc)

It's that when you are willing to accept any lie, any hate any slander and continually attack America that one concludes you hate America.

The Downing street memo has been completely debunked (yet another example of a leftist like Dan Rather forging documents to help the Islamic terrorists defeat the "little Eichmanns".)

But you use it here. Why. Because it's anti-American. The same reason you rush to the side of a clearly mentally ill woman who is screaming the most moronic attacks on the President and, of course, because it is the Democrats, pure anti-semitism.

The ravings of leftists -- rebuked by the people who knew her best -- means nothing to the leftist because the only "truth" they care about is whatever lies and slanders they can through at the "Nazis" (e.g. America).

EPorvaznik said...

Amidst all the others so eloquently cited above, yet another reason to stay as far away from and/or question the flip-flopping mindset/opinion of Mrs. Sheehan: Michael Moore stands behind her. The man is a loser, a man who has never once supported a winner in the political realm. Moore is in your corner of thought, usually best to run the other way.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious...keep it up! This is exactly the kind of drivel Democrats need...

Anonymous said...

"drivel that democrats need"??

newsflash, democrats have cornered the market on drivel for years.
liderals are funny,they used to scare me with their hate filled ranting,now I just laugh.

Anonymous said...

Why do DemoNuts hate our country so? Can we create a state for them alone; so we can just ignore them? I say we give them Hawaii; they'll be nice and warm and too far away to be such a bother.

Alva Goldbook said...

Bill O’Reilly: “Sheehan’s actions borders on being treasonous.”

Since when was it TREASON to use your first amendment rights? The REICH wing message is simply this: if you disagree with me you’re scum and should be killed. That is the raving propaganda of extremist ideologs who do not believe in freedom or democracy, but believe that MIGHT makes right.

Evan, you will NOT see me call Eisenhower, McCain, G. Gordon Liddy, and a host of other conservatives “Nazis”, much less anyone in the Republican party. However, I WILL call a spade a spade, and I will call a FASCIST a FASCIST.

Now I hate America? Since when? This great nation did not become free from waving a British flag, it became free by RADICAL LEFTISTS proclaiming “give me liberty or give me death.” Until you are willing to look into the mirror and see the blood on your hands, then you are nothing more than a murderer.

The Downing Street memo has been debunked? By who? By what? By the dozens of other memos that have come to light that have VERIFIED everything the memo says?

Again, Evan, how is ANYTHING anti-American? Is the Downing Street Memo is “Anti-American”, then is it “Anti-British” too? Could it possibly be “Anti-Italian”? And by what diagnosis is Doctor Sayet suggesting that Mrs. Sheehan is mentally ill? And now she’s “anti-Semitic” too for criticizing US foreign policy in the case of Israel? Not only is this the farthest thing from the truth, but it is insane troll logic.

Yes, I suppose over 100,000 leftists held 1,627 candlelight vigils for our troops two days ago because “they hate America”.

It’s clear why you people would attack this woman. 1) you Reich wingers have absolutely no morals whatsoever, 2) it threatens your FASCIST fuehrer who is squatting in the White House. One would have to wonder if they saw Dubya beating Evan’s mother with a night stick if he would defend it.

The reality is that this war is lost. It is over. Bush’s plan to turn Iraq into a US puppet regime has failed. It has failed because the only thing stronger than the strongest military machine the world has ever seen, is the desire for all people to be free. And the Iraqis will never stop killing our troops, that Bush has foolishly sent in harms way, until the boot is off their throats. The insurgents are not in their “last throws” they are more determined and vigilant. In the words of Sharon, the war in Iraq is lost, it is over, the only question now is “the level of humiliation in your defeat.”

Alva Goldbook said...

What the hell makes you think I don’t talk to troops whose been in Iraq? I dunno how many of them you talk to over where you live in….in….where exactly do you live JB? Export, Pennsylvania? Well, in any case, I’ll tell ya a little secret. I live in lovely Woodbridge, Virginia. We’re just 20 minutes down I-95 from the Pentagon and just 5 minutes north from the Quantico Marine Corp base. I talk to Marines almost everyday, whenever I go to get gas, go to the grocery store, or go to the local hardware store. Not only that, but one of my best friends, Jon, is a Marine, and he plays drums in my band. We frequently have beers with many of his Marine buddies. There ain’t much that’s liberal about that Iowa boy, but he was telling me over a year ago that we should get our asses out of Iraq NOW. Not only that, but my former room mate, Charlie, was a Navy man. Wanna know what he thinks? He’s said the only Americans that should be in Iraq is Rummy, Dick, and Bush, airdropped into Baghdad with nothing to protect themselves except those same lousy armorless Humvees that the Army rank and file has. My boss at work, Matt, was an Army Ranger, and he is the OPPOSITE of a “liberal”. He hates “peaceniks and cats” and wishes he could take them all out with a shotgun. Guess how he feels about the war? He would prefer the Iraqis kill each other instead of us. Hell, my brother-in-law, Ken, is stationed in Kuwait at this moment, and is a Bush supporter. You know how he feels about it? Last time I saw him, he said, “this shit is getting ridiculous.”

The only thing that is more sickening than an unjust war, is a bunch of chickenshit hawks who are too cowardly to ACTUALLY sign up and go and give our troops a hand. You’re just fine with the mass suffering involved, just as long as you don’t have to be a part of it. In the words of a US Marine who came down to Camp Casey yesterday, “we don’t need yellow ribbons, we need a hand”. I’m sure you’re perfectly capable of helping out Jb. All you have to do is SIGN UP.

Oh, I see. If you oppose making another nation your slave state, then you’re anti-American! Gee, didn’t we go to war with Iraq the first time because that’s exactly what they were doing to Kuwait? Now I’m not even a US citizen! I guess in your mind there are two kinds of people, Bush supporters and Europeans! I’m afraid you got it a bit mixed up JB. You are right that there are two kinds of people: 1) brain dead nitwits who spend half the day drooling on their feet, and 2) everyone else who opposes Bush. : )

I’ve noticed that conservatives are now so brainwashed that they are incapable of viewing the world in anything other than black and white terms. If you oppose what Israel does to Palestinians then you’re an anti-Semite. If you oppose Bush you hate America. If you don’t think the government should be in every woman’s uterus then you want to kill babies. What if liberals tried this inane troll logic? If you oppose affirmative action you’re a member of the Klan. If you support the NRA you must be a murderer. Pro life? You must hate women. The most ridiculous of all is that if you oppose Bush you must support Saddam, and vice versa. Just last week Iraqis protesters chanted “Down with Bush! Down with Saddam!” Remember JB, choosing between pig shit and horse shit isn’t much of a choice. Either way you pick you still get stuck with shit. And getting stuck with shit is not the same thing as FREEDOM.

Alva Goldbook said...

Let’s look at what the MAJORITY of Americans REALLY think. Only 43% approve of Bush’s job performance. Only 38% approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq (with red state Midwesterners being the most prone to abandon Dubya). Congressional approval is even more dismal last I checked, in the low 30 percentile. Paul Hackett barely lost his election in a district so red that it hasn’t sent a Dem to Washington in FOURTY YEARS, and has rarely ever gone anything less than 70% solidly Republican. A few weeks ago that same district only went 52% Republican, and that math is looking fuzzier everyday, as some last minute votes from nowhere appeared in the very same district that was closed off to the public in the 2004 election because of a “terrorist threat issued by the FBI” (As it turned out the FBI issued no such warning, and the Republican county officials could not produce the name of any agents). Additionally, the Republicans in Ohio are so corrupt that even the governor is a criminal. At this rate, you cons have two hopes. Either pray for a miracle to change public opinion, or make sure you rig those voting machines DAMN good and plenty. Otherwise, you will see some BIG changes in 2006.

Since when have I defamed ANY of our troops? You know, Miami, it’s rather convenient at times to live just 30 minutes away from DC. I can go up to the Capital Building any time I want. Usually though, I instead go across the street where most of the congressional offices are. They’re usually quite friendly, and you run into all kinds of interesting people all the time. I’ll tell you guys a little secret. If you ever visit our great Capital, don’t forget to go down into the basement. There’s a long tunnel that leads out across the street and on to the subway, but more importantly there’s one of the finest cafeterias you’ll find anywhere in the city. Oh, and by the way Miami, I don’t drink coffee. And I’m sure they would have no issue with you reenlisting now. Why don’t you find out? Get back to me when you do.

Anonymous said...

Miami, alva is just the typical lost democrat. He/she is just so mad because the rest of the country has figured out the demorat party for what it is. It is the same party that lost vietnam for us and they are trying to do the same thing with Iraq no matter how many of our troops get killed by their actions.

They say "We support the troops; but we dont support the war". That is impossible; since the troops support the war and them not supporting the war means they are fighting against the troops. Organizing against our troops efforts in a life and death situation is sedition in its clearest form. Oh my God, did he just say sedition? Yes Alva it is sedition just like one of your heros, Jane Fonda, was seditious. Just like DICK Durbin calling our troops Nazis is seditious and just like the mealy mouth liberal 501C3 groups like calling our commander in chief the greatest terrorist in the world are seditious.

Democrats can never be in power ever again!

Anonymous said...

Evan, I'm on your side. You are so correct and this troll 'alva' should be blocked from spewing here, IMO.