Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Quality of WHOSE Life?

The key to understanding the "quality of life" issue and how it affects the "thinking" of the left is to get that the "quality" they are referring to is the ability to have fun and the "life" they are referring to is their own.

This is why the Democrats -- with some notable exceptions -- didn't feel the need for Terri Schiavo to have even the simplest of diagnostic tests to determine her actual mental state. Terri's actual condition was irrelevant to their calculus. The question was simply is MICHAEL'S quality of life being impinged upon and the answer was clearly yes.

The left saw in the Terri Schiavo case the possibility that if and when the time comes where their mother, father or ex-spouse gets in the way of their fun they might not be able to easily off them and get back to their parties.


This is the same way the Democrats see abortion. What is of concern to them is not the quality of life -- in fact it is not the life at all -- of the child but rather how that child would affect the quality of the lives of the mother and father.

If the child is expected to improve the quality of life then the child shall be allowed to live. If the child might infringe upon the opportunities for fun and frolic then the baby should be offed without any guilt or concern.


Also of no concern should be the suffering of the inconvenient. If Terri has to die a slow and painful death so that Michael can improve his "quality of life" or if it takes the cramming of a sharp syringe into the skull of a soon-to-be-born baby then so be it. It makes no difference to the "right-to-(someone else's)- death" people.


Tammy Bruce, the lifelong Democrat and feminist leader who has come to recognize that the real threat to her values comes not from the hateful caricature of the Republican drawn by the forged-document using Mainstream Media but rather from the people who now control her own Democratic party, identifies this utter self-centeredness as the mental illness "malignant Narcissism."

And what could be more malignant than the slow and painful death, or the violent and horrific killing of the inconveniently infirm or the conveniently defenseless all for personal gain?


To get just how this equation works in the minds of the left just consider that the Democrats' ideological brethren in France wouldn't even get up from their Chablis to check on their parents as the old folks slowly roasted to death by the tens of thousands in a heatwave two summers ago. Sure their own mothers and fathers were slowly dying an horrific death but actually get up from the cafe to check on them? Puh-lease! They'd only first started to get a decent buzz on.


If this is the choice they make with regard to their own mothers and fathers is it any wonder that they'd kill their own babies for no other reason than that the morning sickness is such a bother and the filling out of some adoption papers is a real drag?

The notion that abortion is the only option is a lie. We're talking about less than a nine months of being "uncomfortable" and filling out a couple pages of (adoption) paperwork in order to allow the child to live, love, laugh and be happy.

And in some places they've made it even easier. Now, instead of throwing the newly born kid in the dumpster all the woman has to do is drop him or her off at a firestation -- no questions asked. How utterly narcissistic -- what malignant narcissism -- to prevent the life that you yourself have created because it's "annoying" to be pregnant for six more months.


To understand how depraved this pro-death mentality is just consider that Planned Parenthood -- portrayed in the leftist press as "the voice of reason" with regard to "family planning" -- was actually selling t-shirts in their GIFT SHOP that proclaimed "I Had An Abortion" as if the snuffing out of a nascent human life is to be as proudly declared on a line of clothing the way one would declare their affection for the Chicago Cubs or let it be known they are fans of Bruce Springsteen.


It gives me no pleasure to recognize -- but recognize I do -- that the Democrats have become the party of death. From their support for the continued murders -- as well as rapes and tortures -- of Saddam Hussein to their championing of terrorism to abortion on demand and now unquestioned euthanasia on the whim and the will of even a long-estranged husband there is not a position the left takes that isn't pro-death.


Some might argue that the left's one and only "pro-life" position -- the continued existence of those convicted of murder -- disproves my last assertion. But the Democrats' desire to see murderers saved from the ultimate penalty is, yet again, a pro-death position in that it argues that raping, torturing and killing others -- even five year old babies -- just isn't so bad that it deserves any special punishment.


Democrats come to their pro-death positions because they don't believe that anything is of particular value. Freedom isn't -- that's why they adore the United Nations where the dictatorships and democratic governments are afforded exactly the same rights, privileges and powers. Marriage isn't, that's why they wished first to destroy it by making "shacking up" acceptable and now seek to destroy it by making the word marriage meaningless. Education isn't. That's why they are working to remove merit as a component of the Merit Scholarship and why they seek to reward failed students with the same promotion as those who worked hard, studied and learned the lessons.

To the Modern Liberal human life is just an accidental combination of atoms, no better -- in fact of less intrinsic value -- than the couch, the TV and the TiVo. After all, the couch, TV and TiVo were thoughtfully and logically created by the scientific hand of man whereas life is inexplicable by their god of science.

In fact, there is little difference between bragging to a friend about how you chucked the old TV for that new HDTV and wearing a t-shirt that brags how they've just thrown out their old child or infirm wife.


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