Monday, April 11, 2005

The Disease of Leftism

In a gloomy moment during the recent Presidential campaign I allowed myself to consider the possibility of a Kerry victory. I was convinced that, if that were to come to be, it would be the death of America. Not because Kerry or his mindless followers would blow up the Empire State building or because they would set off a nuclear bomb in Colorado or march into the White House and take over the government, but because, in their moral weakness, in their inability to discern right from wrong or even good from evil, they would allow others to do so while constantly spinning "nuanced" excuses for why the bombers were right and America deserved it.

Mind you, I never thought Kerry was going to win. I just couldn't imagine G-d allowing the greatest force for good on his Earth to go the way of France. But still, like a man whose doctors have given him a fifty-fifty chance of surviving, I did begin to think about America's mortality.

And then I got more clinical. I began to conduct a "postmortem" on America. I looked back to see exactly what the cause of death was -- Kerry's victory being merely a symptom of a body incapable of rejecting and too weak to defeat a fatal infection.

And it became clear that America had been infected by a deadly virus. It's called Modern Liberalism. And in its pathology the virus it most resembles is AIDS.

Just as it wouldn't have been a Modern Liberal who delivered the final death blow to America, nobody dies of AIDS. Instead the AIDS virus quietly infects the body, incubates in stealth for years and when it senses it's strong enough, it attempts to rewrite the body's very DNA in an effort to render the host incapable of recognizing right and wrong.

The Modern Liberal, sensing they are strong enough, are seeking to rewrite America's very DNA by attacking such institutions as marriage, religion and the constitution and its result, in the infected cells, is that the leftist cannot tell the difference between the healthy (the Boy Scouts) and the sick (NAMBLA).

AIDS confuses the body, telling it to treat the most beneficial and the most deadly as one in a way not dissimilar to the leftist cry that all differences are equally good and equally right and that the deadly and the healthful are to be equally celebrated as benign "diversity."

Like the AIDS virus Modern Liberalism is able to spread its sickness to other cells, communicating its own DNA and getting healthy cells to become like them. One such virus -- Ward Churchill -- operating in not the cardio-pulmonary system but the deeply infected organ known as the university system communicates the illness of Modern Liberalism to literally thousands of healthy cells -- his students -- every year.

The AIDS virus attacks the immune system -- homeland security if you will -- in a way not dissimilar to the mindless leftist attacks on the Patriot Act rendering the host body vulnerable to deadly invasions by others and, while the body still has the forces to defeat the deadly attackers the inability to recognize right from wrong -- good from evil -- sees the changed body not deploy the troops just as the leftists would not have sent the troops to defeat Saddam.


Unknown said...

Evan, an excellent metaphor for this disease.

Very well stated.

Jerry McClellan said...

Amazing analysis! You have it right on.

Anonymous said...

Once again, an excellent analysis of a complex issue by Mr. Sayet.
Linda Katz

Anonymous said...

Evan, You are accurate with your comments. Not to get to religious on you but the bible does say in the latter days good will be called evil and evil called good! Maybe this is prophesy happening before our eyes?

Anonymous said...

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