Sunday, November 02, 2008


Please understand before you cast your vote that Barack Obama's plan calls for BANKRUPTING the coal industry. That's not me saying this, it is OBAMA HIMSELF. Go to youtube and see for yourself. If you work in the coal industry, if you use coal, if your customers do, you will be DEVASTATED by a man who you already know thinks of you as "bitter" and bigoted and believes your Christianity is something you "cling to" and that he'll help you lose through legislation and intimidation.


Mats said...

Oh no!! Obango plans in attacking more americans?!! Say it isn't soooooo!

What did you expect from this marxist president wannabe? If you are rich, it must be bacause you robbed someone, right?

trini said...

You may be astounded to learn he actually reached ONE person from

I and many other enlightened P'vanians are elated to hear someone is going to do something about the vile, filthy, coal industry.

High acid coal is killing the planet...but of course the way the wingbats think, a few jobs are more important than that.

Exactly why these vermin MUST GO.

i'm so grateful, she said...

haha...check this out:

"...early indications are that the GOP claim of a 'tightening race' is sending more Democrats to the polls to overcome that 'tightening' than it is Republicans."

Without their help, where would we be? First they help us with those redistribution ads, now this.

great idea, he said...

Stick It To The Right----Buy Rashid Khalidi's Book Here

Ezra Klein and some other progressive blockers are suggesting that we all stick it to the rightwing haters by buying Rashid Khalidi's book, "The Iron Cage," about the occupation.

I just did, and I have two copies already. According to Klein, it's already climbed to #1 on Amazon in the categories of books about Israel, Palestine and the World. Getting it to the #1 nonfiction book on Amazon is a nice way to tell the right that their efforts to demonize writers they don't like will backfire. Especially when the issue against the author is his ethnicity.

Buy it here:

Evan Sayet said...

Let's be clear -- in order to "get" their fellow Americans these leftists are going to buy an Arab terrorist's book.

Do you know that Saul Alinsky, the fascist whose training manual for "radicals" is the bible of the terrorist William Ayers and the "community organizer" Barack Obama, dedicated his book to THE DEVIL. That's right. Oh, and Ayers? He dedicated his book to the Arab murderer of American hero Robert Kennedy!

That's what these people are and why they MUST be defeated.

jews for obama said...

So, if they're not defeated?

Then what?

Because you better get used to being defeated yourself.

Now, just for laughs, tell us why almost 75% of Jews are voting for the terror sympathizer.

Here's some help.

It's because they're not insane liars like you are.

Go Khalidi. You are doing a great job.

jews for obama said...

Let's be clear:

Klein is a Jew, himself...a SANE one.

trini said...

These fools are still putting out their childish, lying poison about Ayers and Khalidi while Americans are flushing them away precisely because lying, irrelevant poison of that kind is all they've ever got.

Thank god they never learn and defeat themselves.

A former republican't said...

You say the polls are inaccurate and that McCain's poised to win, yet every one of your recent blogs exudes clutching-at-straws desperation.

Anonymous said...

You know who I'd like to hear on this issue? The virulent racist who posts on this blog because he's attracted to Evan's point of view.

backfire!! said...

Haha...these poor wingbats...they can't do anything that isn't immediately found to be a lie and be exposed:

Ohio's GOP Senator: McCain "Will Put Coal Out Of Business"

Mon Nov 03, 2008
On Sunday, John McCain launched the final attack of his campaign, a fraudulent assault on Barack Obama that serves as a fitting reminder of the fundamental dishonesty not only of his own campaign, but also of the dishonesty of his allies in the right-wing propaganda establishment: Matt Drudge and FOX News. and foolish, irrelevant, little lick ass parrots like Sayet

All you need to know to understand the video is that the Drudge, FOX, and the McCain campaign joined forces with Newsbusters to push a story that the San Francisco Chronicle had concealed an eleven month old recording that supposedly contained devastating audio of Barack Obama proposing to bankrupt the entire coal industry.

Not only was that story false (more detail below), but it turns out that Barack Obama and John McCain have the same position on clean coal technology, and Ohio's Republican senator said McCain's plan to fight global warming would "put coal out of business." Here's the video:

::: :::

Here's the facts that the McCain-Drudge-FOX axis of weasel does not want you to know: The Chronicle had not concealed the recording, which had been on the newspaper's website all along. And rather than reveal some sinister scheme, what it actually demonstrated was that Barack Obama supported clean coal technology -- a position he shares with none other than John McCain.

Despite the fact that both candidates support clean coal technology, the McCain campaign tried to make the case that Barack Obama wanted to take away jobs from coal country in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and both Drudge and FOX were happy to oblige.

But just three years ago on the floor of the United States Senate, John McCain's Republican colleague George Voinovich of Ohio took to the floor to argue against a proposal by McCain to curb greenhouse gas emissions. McCain's proposal, Voinovich said, would "put coal out of business" and cost thousands of jobs, an argument that McCain did not contest.

In fact, McCain agreed that his plan would require sacrifice, but he also argued (correctly) that in the long-run, America would be better off. In other words, he made the exact same arguments as Barack Obama -- and as you can see above, it was all on video.

They aren't dealing with reality, they are trying to construct a new reality. For years, they've been able to maintain political power by doing just that, but now that the reality of their disastrous governance has caught up to them, their ability to lie their way to victory has been severely damaged.

suze said...

grumpy old gramps, take notice:

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

By ALAN FRAM and TREVOR TOMPSON, Associated Press Writers

Saturday, November 1, 2008

(11-01) 08:37 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) --

That smiling guy walking down the street? Odds are he's a Barack Obama backer. The grouchy looking one? Don't ask, and don't necessarily count on him to vote next week, either.

Supporters of John McCain, long less enthusiastic than Obama's, have become increasingly glum about the presidential campaign in recent weeks, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Saturday. Their feelings have turned more negative during a period that has seen Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois, take a firm lead in many polls.

Obama's backers have retained a higher level of excitement. One expert says the contrasting moods could affect how likely the two candidates' supporters are to vote on Election Day, possibly dampening McCain's turnout while boosting Obama's.

While 43 percent of Obama's backers said they are excited over the campaign, just 13 percent of McCain's said so, according to the survey of adults, conducted by Knowledge Networks. Six in 10 Obama supporters said the race interests them, compared to four in 10 backing McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona.

On the flip side, 52 percent of McCain supporters said the campaign has left them frustrated, compared to 30 percent of Obama's. A quarter of McCain backers say they feel helpless, double the rate of those preferring Obama.

More McCain supporters also feel angry and bored, while Obama's are likelier to say they are proud and hopeful.

All of this is a bad sign for McCain, according to George E. Marcus, a political scientist from Williams College who has studied the role emotion plays in politics. Negative feelings about a campaign can discourage voters by making them less likely to go through what can be a painful process: Voting for someone who will lose.

"If I'm getting my head handed to me by a tennis player, my brain is saying, 'Do I want a second match? No,'" Marcus said. "Why do something that's going to lead to failure?"

Marcus said such emotions can be overcome by outside events, such as a campaign or neighbor urging a person to vote. There's also the danger exuberant Obama backers might decide not to vote because of overconfidence. The Obama and McCain organizations combined have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for those very reasons.

Obama leads McCain among likely voters in the AP-Yahoo News poll, 51 percent to 43 percent.

Supporters of McCain cite a dislike for Obama, dissatisfaction with the campaign's tone and frustration with how news organizations have treated their candidate.

"Flat disgusted, how's that?" said Billie Hart, 80, a Houston Republican backing McCain. "Because that's the way I feel about it. I don't like the individual. I just don't think the United States will be going in the right direction."

Many Democrats say they're energized by a candidate they perceive as different from most politicians and who can make a real difference.

"Elections have always been so ho-hum," said Kathleen Rockwell, 61, an Obama supporter from Redmond, Wash. This time, "I feel connected. And that feels good."

The AP-Yahoo News poll, which has followed the same group of 2,000 people since last November, underscores how individuals have reacted to the campaign's currents. For many McCain supporters, it's not been a happy period.

Three in 10 McCain backers who report being frustrated now said in September they weren't. That is quadruple the number who became less frustrated.

At the same time, one in five McCain supporters are not interested in the campaign now who said they were in September. Half that number gained interest. By similar margins, McCain backers report becoming more angry, bored, overwhelmed and helpless and have become less excited, proud and hopeful.

"I'm real interested in having it over," said Michele Roos, 64, a McCain supporter from Newport News, Va.

Enthusiasm by Obama backers has largely stayed steady since September, though slightly more of them — 31 percent — now say the campaign makes them feel proud.

"I didn't like the candidates before," said Angelique Sims, 38, an Obama supporter from Shawnee, Okla. "I like his character. I like the things he represents. He represents my views."

A closer look at the numbers show how that emotions are playing out to Obama's advantage in several pivotal groups of voters.

Forty-eight percent of those under age 30 who support Obama say they are excited over the race, compared to just 21 percent of those young voters who back McCain. That age group has been a reservoir of strong support for the Democrat.

Just 44 percent of whites supporting the Republican say the campaign interests them, compared to 58 percent of whites and 72 percent of blacks supporting Obama.

At the same time, half of McCain supporters age 65 and up say they're frustrated, compared to three in 10 of Obama's older voters. Also saying they're frustrated are 53 percent of whites backing McCain — compared to 40 percent of whites and 12 percent of blacks behind Obama.

The AP-Yahoo News poll of 1,753 adults was conducted Oct. 17-27 and had an overall margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.3 percentage points. Included were interviews with 803 Obama supporters and 703 McCain supporters, with error margins of plus or minus 3.5 and 3.7 points respectively.

The poll was conducted over the Internet by Knowledge Networks, which initially contacted people using traditional telephone polling methods and followed with online interviews. People chosen for the study who had no Internet access were given it for free.


AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius and AP writer Christine Simmons contributed to this report.

p.s. thanks, great idea, i'll be buying that book, too!

p.s.s. backfire, most of us readers(including you)already knew obama's position on coal. evan, that dumbass, publishes something that even he knows is a lie out of sheer desperation.

Anonymous said...

The Truth

npetreley said...

People are spinning this Coal issue every which way. At this point Obama can get away with saying just about anything. His fans will believe any explanation.

I also just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your work. I love your heritage foundation talk, "How Modern Liberals Think." Excellent reasoning, and very inspiring.

I don't know if you're right about McCain actually leading. I worry that you're wrong. I'm not a big fan of McCain (I prefer Alan Keyes), but almost anyone would be preferable to Obama.

the gift that keeps on giving said...

Bimbo Alert:

Chicago hairdresser claims Barack Obama is the father of their 3 month old love child. I have to admit, the resemblance is remarkable!

suze said...

npetreley said...

evan, you're making up bloggers who agree with you. you're such a fool.

rentboy said...

Her name isn't Paula Jones, is it?

Hey, branded yourself as a fringe nutcase when you spoke the name Alan Keyes.

midnite in the holding cell said...

hardehar, yas...nopeter is an apt appelation for Sayet...and note how his imaginary bloggers always tell him how much they admire his work.

That's a dead giveaway since no one has noted his fucking work since he got thrown off his last tv show.

I've heard they remember him in the drunk tank, though.

Anonymous said...

Obama's grandmother just died. Should we expect a blog from you detailing Obama's orchestration of his grandmother's death in order to gain sympathy votes?

I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

PS That was sarcasm, by the way.

classy like a democrat said...

Obama's grandmother gives birth to Barack's love child before expiring...