Saturday, November 01, 2008

McCain is WINNING....part II (sort of)

John McCain is ahead in this election. Perhaps by a significant margin. So why aren't the polls reflecting this? A number of reasons.

1) The leftist media that has worked to cover-up Obama's ties to hate groups, his being the protege of hatemongers, his long-standing work on behalf of terrorists' agendas, etc. are intentionally manipulating many of these polls. The folks at CBS News who, just four years ago, intentionally employed forged documents in an attempt to steal the election for the less loved John Kerry are going all out and doing so without even the pretense any longer of "journalistic standards" and this is reflected in polls like the ones from the networks that show the radical leftist with a 13-point lead in the basically conservative America.

2) The thugs that Obama has employed at ACORN are producing tons of fraudulent voter registrations. These registrations are then used even by the more honest pollsters to create their "party affiliation" models. Because of these bogus registrations people like Rasmussen are calling significantly more Democrats to get their opinions than actually exist.

3) Not factored into the poll numbers are the vast numbers of those who "declined to participate" in the polls. It is reasonable to assume that this group -- as many as eight out of ten tries according to one knowledgeable Obama Staffer -- overwhelmingly support John McCain and Sarah Palin. Republicans are far more likely to "decline" the opportunity for three reasons. First, we are more likely to have lives -- to have families, jobs, church and community obligations and the like -- than are the eighteen year old children who spend their lives binge drinking, projectile vomiting and "going wild" and the welfare recipients who make up such a large part of today's Democrat Party. Second, a Republican getting a phone call from someone identifying themselves as a member of the leftist media or someone in their employ is far more likely to hang up the phone after screaming "up yours you corrupt bastards" than is an Obama supporter whose answer would more likely be "wow, man, how can I help, after all, we owe you EVERYTHING..." Finally, given the thuggish nature of the Obama campaign and the people who work on its behalf, one can never be sure just who is really on the other end of the phone. All you know is that they know your name, they know your party affiliation, they may well know your home address and even where you work. It is simply self-preservation to tell the stranger on the phone (or the person who accosts you in the mall) that you're voting for The Anointed One and be safe than to tell them that you're voting for McCain only to discover your car vandalized, your home shot up, your job on the line (because the caller was really your union organizer making sure you were being "kept in line") etc.

Meanwhile, Obama's in big trouble because his "victory" could only come with the near unanimous support of groups which he's not going to win with anywhere near the numbers he presupposes. These groups include:

1) Blacks. As much as the Barack Obamas and the Jeremiah Wrights and the Al Sharptons and Louis Farrakhans along with their co-ideologists in the entertainment and news industries try to sell the angry, entitled and perpertually aggreived black as the average black person in America this is far from the truth. The vast majority of blacks in America are Christian, middle class and happy. Many are small business owners, many others will soon be. As such, they may TELL pollsters that they are supporting Obama but, when they get into the privacy of the voting booth, they are going to vote as Americans, as Christians, as business owners and middle class people with middle class values and not for the guy who seeks to destroy all of these things but who happens to share similar skin pigmentation.

2) Jews. Jews have always felt an affinity for the black community. It's because, while we are not an "oppressed minority," the DNA of the Jew reminds us constantly that we are just one generation removed from the Holocaust and just one turn of events from the next pogrom. Many Jews will PUBLICLY state their support for the black candidate as a political statement of support for the black community but, in the privacy of the voting booth, they're not going to help elevate to power Jeremiah Wright's protege, Louis Farrakhan's "messiah" and Rashid Khalidi's co-ideologist.

3) The Young. It has always been true that Liberalism is most attractive to the children who have had little to no real world experience. Meaningless phrases like "Hope" and "Change" resonate with kids who live on lush and well-manicured lawns, sleep in hundred year old tudor mansions and who, after a night of binge drinking and projectile vomiting stumble into the cafeteria where food has been purchased on their behalf, prepared for them by others and, after they've finished their third or fourth helping, leave the dishes for someone else to do. But the America that the leftists attempt to sell to these kids, some evil place where racism and sexism and xenophobia, etc. are the roots of all evils just doesn't resonate as well as it once did. After all, it's hard for the leftists to sell the notion of America as a "racist" nation when they had to go to a lesser school because some black kid with inferior grades took their spot at Harvard because of affirmative action. It's hard to get them to buy into "sexism" when their mom is the CEO of Hewlett Packard and concerns about Islamic fascism is more than mere "phobia" to people who watched human beings burned alive while working in the same towers that they themselves had hoped to work in.

Yes, the leftists are likely to get a majority of all of these folks -- after all, children are still children and being "brain-dead" is one of the attributes of the Modern Liberal. But Obama is not going to get 99 percent of the black vote, seventy percent of the Jewish vote or landslide support from the kids in college much less their only slightly older brothers and sisters who have begun to actually live and work in the real world.

There is one more group that is going to be devastating to the Obama's hopes of taking over the world and that is the Traditional Democrat. For personal and political reasons this group tells pollsters and others that they are voting for The Anointed One (after all, they have to work with Obamaniacs for other candidates and on other issues for years to come and the Obamaniacs are a vicious and vengeful lot). When alone in the voting booth however (and when they can be anonymous on the internet) their support is for the candidate who is closer to them ideologically -- the center/right McCain to their center/left Hillary versus the radical leftist Obama and whom they respect as decent as opposed to the corrupt and vicious Obama.

Facts on the ground support my take. As much as the leftist media is complying with Obama's game plan to spin the election as an Obama corronation, Obama's own internal polls show Pennsylvania as a dead heat. And this was BEFORE John Murtha parroted Obama's hatred for the people of PA by calling them "racists" and "rednecks." Pennsylvania is the more Democrat state among Ohio, Virginia and the like and if Obama is likely losing in PA then he's likely losing by even more in these other states (and the Obama Staffer I referred to earlier says Obama's own data shows this to be so).

Further evidence of PA -- a bellwether state -- being in McCain's camp is the savvy governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell's panicked plea to The Anointed One to spend the dwindling resource of time in his state to "close the deal." Rendell calculated that Obama needs not one, not two, but THREE days of campaigning in Pennsylvania to even have a shot.

Obama is campaigning in IOWA. This is yet another one of those states that the leftist media told us was locked up long ago by The Messiah. Candidates on their way to a "landslide" aren't campaigning in states they long ago locked up.

Meanwhile, the latest spin that Obama quite literally bought is that Obama is so sure of a landslide he's "investing" in Republican states like North Dakota and even McCain's home state of Arizona. This is meaningless. Obama has tons of money -- money he's gotten by lying to the people and going outside federal campaign financing as he promised he wouldn't. Throwing a few bucks into these states bought him headlines that could be used to replace the fact that he's CAMPAIGNING in Pennsylvania and Iowa.

As the Obama Staffer makes clear, the hope of the Obama camp is to dispirit Republicans so that they can depress the vote and slow contributions (who sends their hard earned money to a campaign that's already lost?). The leftist media is in the bag for them. The polls are wrong -- sometimes through outright deception at other times because of the thuggery of Obama's team at ACORN...the FACTS are undeniable. McCain/Palin are in a tight race, but we are winning. The ONLY thing that can stop us is if we let the leftists depress our efforts.


Mats said...

GO John!

John said...

Go Mac!

Anonymous said...

President Obama. Get used to it, wingnuts.

crow magnum said...

Go, Satan.

plunder the g-dle-s said...

Shocking! Global Leader of Movement Closely Tied To Palin Urges 'Godly' To 'Plunder' Wealth of 'Godless.' It gets worse. This is abhorrent, ghastly religious fanaticism.

The Witty Patriot said...

I needed this after spending all day buried in politics that effect the church. I am a Christian conservative and every four years I see my religious liberties on the line. I am not asking for special treatment. I am asking to keep the liberties I already have. McCain will not try to snuff out my rights as a Christian, but I know a Democrat controlled house, Senate, and Supreme Court will.

Whoever the next president is will have an opportunity to choose up to 3 new Supreme court justices. I trust that McCain will pick intelligent middle-ground justices. I have no doubt that Obama will pick far-left justices who will attempt to wipe out my religious freedoms.

I have been buried all day in politics that effect the church because I am working on a submission to my denomination's national publication. I am pointing out the 1954 decision by the Lyndon Johnson congress to deny non-profit tax-exempt congregations from publicly endorsing or denouncing a candidate or his policies was an effort to silence the church. This current race has shown us that we need to worry less about tax-exempt status and more about our religious liberties that are on the line. I greatly fear an Obama presidency combined with a Pelosi house, Reid Senate and liberal Supreme Court.

I think you are right and I'm still optimistic. McCain/Palin 08. Palin 2012.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad we aren't electing a black guy as President. I mean REALLY. Could someone like that really represent the majority of americans?

Beamish said...

Democrats are good at voter registration.

Republicans are good at voter turn out.

Advantage McCain.

devon said...

The son om Ham shall never lead the white race.

It would be a reversal of G-d's will and the harasy would mean the end of are naition as G-d would have bring the deluge upon us as he did in the time of Noah.

So take heart as He will not let the G-dless win this election and Sarah Palin will become Qu--n off Heaven on Earth as lately they have b come brazen and sold many athest books in the openmarket place which is mind bobbling to us who have grown up in a more G-dly socitey.

the witless pseudo-patriot said...

I have been buried all day with my head up my ass trying to undo the separation of church and state which makes religious freedom -- and the freedom from religion -- possible.

crow magnum said...

Didn't you love the prank phone call to Sarah Palin from the radio dj posing as Nicholas Sarkozy. He said in France they have an equivalent to Joe the Plumber called Marcel the guy with bread under his armpits … she still didn't catch on. He used the name of a popular singer as the prime minister of Canada, she still didn't catch on (she doesn't even know who the prime minister of Canada is???). He talked about an xxx video as being a documentary on Sarah Palin, she still didn't catch on. The list goes on and on. She was so unprofessional throughout, calling him Nicholas was an utter lack of respect. No wonder red states are turning blue … even the most ardent republican supporters are scared of the idea that she could become president if McCain is elected. Bad decision Johnny, it cost you the election.

PiltdownMan said...

Evan, I assume you've already seen the post on from a supposed Obama campaign worker. I think this is a different comment than the one you referred to in a prior post.

If it's the same, I apologize for posting the link to this this blog post.

Anonymous said...

The son om Ham shall never lead the white race.

This is the sort of person that your blog attracts, Evan. Congratulations.

i'm so grateful, she said...

haha...check this out:

"...early indications are that the GOP claim of a 'tightening race' is sending more Democrats to the polls to overcome that 'tightening' than it is Republicans."

Without their help, where would we be? First they help us with those redistribution ads, now this.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole premise by MSM pushing Obama is a farce. Hes not going to win and NEVER WAS going to win.

They simply want to claim RACCCIIISSSMMM spoiled what was otherwise obvious and inevitable.

I consider these media whores are officially disgraced for all time.

impersonations 'r us said...

This is the sort of person that your blog attracts, Evan. Congratulations.

Especially since you're the troll asshole that posted it.

snuff said...

So, we get two posts in a row from the racist, himself, claiming any racist must be an impersonator.

Sick and twisted...that's what we're here to see.