Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama -- Image and Reality

Obama's about "love" but he remains an active member, contributor and even protege of the Black Liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright.

Obama's about "charity" but he gives almost nothing out of a multimillion dollar income.

Obama's about being your brother's keeper, yet he has a brother. His brother lives in a slum in Africa. Obama has visited with him -- but never even offered the slightest help.

Obama's about "helping the downtrodden," yet his beloved aunt lives in squalor in a tennement slum and Obama takes money FROM HER! (Latest news: Obama is now promising to "return" the "donations" from his impoverished aunt.

Obama's about "change" yet he went back to the old style of campaign financing when it served his purposes.

Obama's about "tolerance" yet he pals around with domestic terrorists and toasts foreign terrorists at parties and fund raisers.

Obama's all about being a "citizen of the world," yet he's running for President of the United States.


John said...

Obama's all about peace, love, and diplomacy with our foreign enemies, but tells his supporters here to "get in their faces" and "bring a gun to a knife fight" against fellow Americans.

Evan Sayet said...

To Democrats "War is not the answer" and they'll kill any American who says it might be.

John said...

The Republican's "war room" is in the Pentagon.

The Democrats--with the Bill Clinton campaign--gave a new meaning to it, i.e. waging war against the domestic, political opposition.

What did James Carville say while bin Laden was running around bombing U.S. embassies and Saddam Hussein was kicking out weapons inspectors and violating one Un resolution after another (16 times)?

He barked: "It's WUH!"

...but against conservatives while Impeachment was building.

John said...

The "antiwar" contigent in this country craft offensive strategies and draft armies to march against the twice-Democratically elected government. They employ subversive tactics and engage in propaganda strategies that make Tokyo Rose sound like a catty high school chick who spreads rumours behind the backs about the crowd she hates.

Meanwhile, the Left tries to disarm the law-abiding citizenry.

the crow said...

Concentration camps for reicho sympathizers and bloggers.

caw caaaaaaaw said...

Reparations for their crimes, wars and depression.

Confiscation of their stolen gains as war profiteers, drug profiteers and of the loot from their financial and corporate thievery.