Monday, November 03, 2008

Outstanding News for the Good Guys

Fox News reports:

"In North Carolina, more than 2.5 million people participated in early and absentee voting -- and Democrats outnumbered Republicans by nearly 2-to-1.

In Florida, more than 4 million voters used those forms of voting -- 2.6 million people participated in early voting alone. Registered Democrats held about an 8-point advantage over registered Republicans in that turnout."

So what's the good news? The next line:

"However, polls from those states don't show Obama running away with the election."

In other words, Democrats are voting for McCain. Even better news? Exit polls virtually always favor Democrats by a significant margin (because Republicans tend to have other things to do than talk to strangers. Those without jobs, those without families, those without church obligations, they are among the Dem's strongest demographics.

Get out and vote tomorrow, this historic and essential election is very much within reach!!!


The Witty Patriot said...

I can't wait to vote tomorrow! I will stand for a long as I have too. I already have a babysitter lined up just in case. I took my personal day just so I could swing by the Republican headquarters to see if they need any help or if anyone needs a ride to the polls. I have never done that before, but this time I feel it's imperative!

I got together with some friends tonight simply to pray for our country.

I don't know what the outcome will be tomorrow, but I am optimistic. I live in Missouri and I know how important every vote here is.

Thanks for being such a light in the world Evan. You make me proud to be an American!

brettmcs said...

The attack of the dreaded PUMAS?

Anyway, Good Luck America, and Good Luck World.

If people want a vision is like without America (or with a diminished America), the great Tasmanian author John Birmingham has just released a cracker "Without Warning". Spoiler: It isn't quite as rosy a picture as the left (all around the world) would hope for.

brettmcs said...

...a vision of what the world would be like without America ...

Sorry, I was in a hurry and the brain got ahead of the fingers.

lorione said...

It must be seldom that your brain gets ahead of anything.

DMSlaughter said...

Hah hah. What I wouldn't give to see your face on Wednesday morning.

Stick your head in the sand much? Can't you see there's a tsunami coming Evan?

If this is all you can come up with on the eve of the election...actually, I do think you're cognizant of what's about to happen to your party's stranglehold on power. And you're in denial.

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brettmcs said...

Although this 08 election is very important, it's probable that the 04 election will be seen to be the more important. For example, Iraq is nearly stable enough to survive on its own two feet as a democracy, but if Kerry had won in 04 it would now be under Iranian control.