Monday, November 03, 2008

One Last Plea To Those Supporting Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a little known quantity. What we do know should scare us all. His associations range from twenty years in a virulently racist church where his mentor -- Obama's word -- preached hatred and lies against America, against Jews and against all other white people. Obama's never denied any of this -- in fact proclaimed that this sort of hate was not in the least bit "controversial." After making an eloquent speech in which he defended his mentor -- selling out his own "beloved" grandmother in the process -- when they polls showed that his efforts had failed, Obama threw his mentor and friend under the bus as quickly as he threw that, in his own words, "typical white woman," his grandmother under it.

Obama had a long and deep relationship with the admitted and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. He was introduced to the political elite of corrupt, leftist Chicago politics at a party in the terrorist's home. Ayers selected Obama to administer one hundred million dollars to advance the terrorists' agenda. Asked about Ayers Obama repeatedly lied, calling him first just a "neighbor" then just an "English professor" he knew. Finally, Obama admitted he knew Ayers was a terrorist all along but thought he had been "reformed."

Obama owns a multi-million dollar mansion. He and his wife could not afford this mansion. But they could with the help of mobster "Tony" Rezko. Rezko helped the Obamas buy the mansion, Obama did Rezko favors. That's the way it works when mobsters buy you a house.

Obama attended a dinner to honor long-time friend and associate Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi was Yaser Arafat's spokesman when Arafat headed up the terror group, the PLO. At this viciously anti-semitic gathering (attended not only by Obama but by his friend and colleague, the terrorist Ayers) Obama cheered the hate speeches of the terrorist and his supporters and then took the podium to toast the terrorist and to join in the Jew-bashing. Obama offered as part of his speech blood libels against the Jews. Really not surprising from a man that Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam calls "The Messiah" and who has earned the endorsement of the terror group Hamas.

We know very little about Obama's voting record as he was in the Senate less than a year when he began running to become the most powerful person in the world. We DO know, however, that he's NOT a socialist as some claim. There is a socialist in the Senate. His name is Bernie Sanders and he represents the Socialist Party. Barack Obama's voting record is to the LEFT of Sanders. Obama is WORSE than a socialist.

We do know that Obama, when a state legislator, voted "present" over 125 times. Two issues he championed, however, was comprehensive sex education for five-year-olds, and for use of infanticide -- the killing of live children -- as a means of birth control. When confronted with the latter, Obama simply accused his accuser of being a liar. When "the liars" produced the actual vote, Obama agreed that it was true, but that he had altruistic reasons for the vote -- a desire to protect Roe V. Wade. Those reasons were again proved to be lies when a second bill supported by Obama was produced which fully protected Roe V. Wade.

Few had ever heard of Barack Obama prior to a speech he gave at the 2004 Democrat convention. From that moment on he's been running for President, reading other peoples' words off of teleprompters. In the handful of unscripted moments Obama has repeatedly given clues as to his real beliefs and his real agenda, from a talk in San Francisco when he thought he was off-the-record and speaking only to other like-minded leftists where he portrayed the hardworking, good people of Pennsylvania as bitter, stupid and bigoted and another time when he let slip that his plan is to ruin these people financially by bankrupting one of the major industries in Pennsylvania and similar states. In his talk to the Saddleback Forum, Obama admitted to never once having given a moment's thought as to when life begins (which is why he can support infanticide), and, asked about the existence of good and evil did not once mention al Qaeda or Hamas or Hezbolleh, but, instead, attacked the American family and made a plea for not fighting evil.

Obama has stated that he is AGAINST NAFTA and then claimed he only said that "in the heat of the campaign" and that he's really FOR NAFTA. He said in front of a room of Jews that he supports an undivided Jerusalem, only to change his position almost the moment he left the room. Below you'll find a video that makes clear Obama's duplicity on the campaign trail. You already know about his ties to terrorists both foreign and domestic, his deals with mobsters and his affiliation with a "church" whose doctrine is nothing other than the Ku Klan in reverse. Everyone needs to ask themselves if this is a risk one wishes to take, in making Barack Obama the most powerful man on earth.


It's over for you said...

Behold, what's left of the right in this country. Not pleas for their guy, but lies, mischaracterizations and half-truths against the other guy. This is why you people are about to be kicked out of office across the entire country. If you can't see that, can't see why the American people have so thoroughly rejected you, can't come to terms with the poisonous legacy of the Karl Rove brand of politics and make changes to fix it, then you will be wandering in the wilderness for a long time. And quite frankly, good riddance.

the jig is up for DNC said...

Obama crossed party lines and campaigned for the Socialist, Bernie Sanders in VT last election. That's because Obama is a DINO, "Democrat in Name Only". He's actually a member of the Democratic Socialist's of America's "New Party", that runs under the Democratic banner, but is really a front for the US Communist and Socialist parties.

karin said...

Yes, you're reaching at least a dozen of us...and we're only here in the first place to read grotesque, wingbat idiocy like this.

The country really needs four more years of picking wars where there is no need for them, environmental degradation, moral degradation, hypocritical "moral" leaders with their wide stance on the issues, congressmen going to jail, Hoover economics, religious lunatics seeking power over the rest of us.
Government consciously degraded and the resulting Katrina syndrome spread throughout the realm like a plague, climate change ignored, the pharmaceuticals serviced at the public trough, the new energy sacrificed for the foul oil pigs,health care ignored, wealth redistributed into the hands of a few at the top, and the worst, literally the worst, government in the history of this nation. All the natural culmination of the Reagan revolution and the turning over of our republic to the wealthy sociopaths on the one hand and the lowest form of authoritarian/religious bigots and backward weirdos on the other.

spandau said...

The problem with O is that he's too pro biz and middle of the road. I hope he turns out to be even ten percent of the socialist you dingbats say he is.

Fifty percent would be better. Capitalism failed long before socialism the twenties with the depression -- and with all the disastrous, periodic crashes and panics which preceded that one -- and was saved only by the mixed system put in place by FDR.

stumps have bigger brains than democrats said...


And manna fell from heaven, as a result of FDR's wonderful policies. LOL!