Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Notes (updated all day)

News begins to trickle in.

Great news out of Colorado. At the end of "early voting" the number of Republican and Democrat voters are almost perfectly identical. This despite the supposed advantage in voter registration the leftist media attempted to sell us on and the vaunted "ground game" that Obama was claimed -- by these same corrupt leftists -- to have.

Since the parties are equal in votes delivered, we can easily surmise that this translates into a big McCain lead as there are far more Democrats who are going to vote for McCain out of rightful fear of Obama and anger at his having stolen the nomination from Hillary Clinton than there are Republicans who are going to reject the center/right war hero in favor of the unknown Marxist with the long trail of terrorists, hate-mongers, communists and mobsters on his speed dial.

Colorado, obviously, would be an important get.

Now the bad news. The thug-like tactics that Obama and ACORN and Tony Rezko and the rest of Obama's team has long exhibited has started already, with reports that Republican poll watchers are being kicked out of Philadelphia polling stations. In Europe years ago, it was the flu that saw people calling "bring out your dead." In Philadelphia, it's the Democrats' GOTV mantra.

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Anonymous said...

The polls should be open late in all the east coast inner cities tonight as ACORN volunteers fill out ballots for the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voters their volunteers registered over the previous two years.