Saturday, September 06, 2008

Democrats are clearly sexists

Ever since John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate the angry leftist punditry has had their panties in a ball. Their standard attack is to accuse Republicans of being so cynical that they think that Democrat-voters are going to mindlessly jump to the McCain side simply because, in the delicate words of one bitter feminist (is there any other kind?) "they both have vaginas."

Yet, it seems to me that the insult to women comes not from the Republicans who, at worst, if the leftists' claims about their opponents' motives are true, be called "cynical," but from these angry leftists themselves who are clearly so concerned that their followers might be confused into accidentally voting for the wrong vagina.

That these articles and talking points from the leftist talking heads on CNN and MSNBC are such a steady drumbeat the Democrats must think their followers are VERY stupid indeed. I can't imagine a single Sarah Palin fan accidentally voting for Hillary because they couldn't tell them apart. I guess Republicans are just smarter than Democrats.

The sexism endemic to the Democrat Party is on display in the Obama camp's response to the choice of Governor Palin as well. Why would Obama specifically choose one sex over another in taking on Sarah Palin unless they thought that women can't understand what men are saying? Obviously that's sexism. I guess he needed to get those women out there to remind the Democrats what the right vagina looks like.

And of course it is hard to deny the sexism behind Barack Obama's passing over the most accomplished candidate in the field -- the person, Hillary Clinton, who garnered even more votes than Obama himself -- in order to give the job to an also-ran in the primaries, just another stale member of "the old boys' club," Joseph Biden, Jr.

Now Obama is turning to Senator Clinton to take on the opposing vice presidential nominee. Traditionally that's the job of the candidate's running mate. In essence, then, she's being asked to do the work of a man (Joe Biden) but not get paid like a man (being made Obama's running mate.)


FJ said...

Speaking of getting "paid like a man", the move to create "equal pay for equal work" has now been pushed to the front of the Democrat's agenda.

They respect women in much the same way they respect prostitutes... they offer to "pay them" for their votes.

FJ said...

Barack in New PA, Ohio, on Sept 3...of course it comes at the end of this clip.