Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Thoughts Re: Convention

New polls are out and the Democrats have every reason to be terrified. The Obama bounce from his Greek Temple, I am Zeus, lecture has already been cut in half according to Gallup, is down to a single point according to Rasmussen and is exactly ZERO according to CBS. And this is BEFORE the full force of the Palin grand slam
was factored in and with none of the bounce that McCain's commanding speech -- his two on, two out, walk-off double, will surely garner.

This convention was HUGELY successful in every way. Starting with the lead-up when McCain announced his selection of the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to the closing talk of the commanding next Commander-in-Chief, EVERYTHING of importance that the America-lovers could want we got.

So much to learn from the very different selections for running mate made by the men at the top of their respective ticket. Barack Obama, the guy who, due to his lack of experience, is running on bromides like "Hope" and "Change" (without ever once telling us what he hopes to do to us or what he plans to change us into) makes the cowardly choice of the stale Joseph Robinette Biden -- the quintessential prep school raised, lawyer-turned-career-politician who, since he was about the age of Britney Spears has been a non-nondescript member of what is known as "the world's most exclusive debating society."

Compare and contrast this cowardly choice by The Anointed One and the bold, forward-looking sure-handed and confident decision of the commanding John McCain. Once again we see one of the recurring themes of political life -- Democrats talk, Republicans do. Democrats are lawyers and academics, Republicans are war heroes and PTA moms. Obama TALKS about change, McCain brings it about.

Another difference is that Republicans are humble, Democrats arrogant. Could you even imagine McCain giving an "I Am Zeus" speech standing amongst giant fake Greek Columns?
Nope, rather than being far from "the little people" as Zeus was in Denver, McCain had a simple stage, a small lectern while he stood WITH the people. That says it all.

From the time we first met The Anointed One, one thing has been consistent (and that's NOT his policies). It's that whenever he is on the teleprompter he's a great
"speaker", whenever he is off the teleprompter -- from the Democrat debates to his fiasco at the Saddleback Forum -- he hems and he haws and he ums and he urs and then says something that means nothing ("that's above my pay grade..."). There is ONE exception, however, a single time when not reading someone else's words (albeit nicely) off of a machine, when he spoke clearly, unhaltingly and with conviction -- and that was when he was speaking "off the record" to the leftist money-elite in San Francisco.

This was the talk where he said what he believes about people with jobs in America -- that they are stupid and bigoted and that they "cling" to their Christian values out of bitterness and economic desperation. Why suddenly so eloquent? It was because, thinking he was off-the-record and surrounded by other hate-America-always rich leftists, he could say what he truly believes. The other times he wasn't hiding behind closed doors so he had to quickly make up responses that wouldn't reveal what he truly believes about Americans. The hemming and the hawing and the um-ing and the ur-ing all bought time for him to fabricate acceptable responses that would SOUND "thoughtful" but meant absolutely nothing.

More great news for the folks who love America, the television ratings are in for both Governor Palin's and Senator McCain's talks and they were through the roof. Why is this important? Because numbers like these means that people who wouldn't ordinarily watch a convention are doing so because they're still shopping. Not good for the Democrats as if Barry's act was going to work it would have worked by now. People are giving the Republicans a second look and seeing Governor Palin for the first time and listening to McCain with an open mind. Bad news for the leftists...after a brief flirtation with the "new kid in town," the people are tired of his game playing and moving on.

...And what these people saw was spectacular. Why? Because it was real people offering real solutions not gods offering miracles with the wave of their hand. And it was real people who had done real things, not magical superhumans whose every command we will now follow.

During John McCain's talk I couldn't help envisioning him in that prisoner of war camp, beaten, mangled and...hopeful! And I couldn't help comparing that to Michelle at the same age...sitting on the lush lawns of Princeton, writing deep intellectual papers about how horrible is America, how everyone is out to get her and how the world owes her even more.

Simple question for you. Having met the Palins, could you imagine for even one second Sarah and Todd taking their wedding vows in front of Jeremiah Wright? Could you imagine them allowing a hatemonger to baptize their children?

And man did McCain look good. I don't mean pretty-boy, John Edwards/Barry Obama/Bill Clinton, hair-dresser looks, effeminate looks of the Democrat. I mean a healthy, strong, vigorous man. The guy didn't even break a sweat in this long, impassioned talk in the middle of a throng of people, under hot lights. Man that guy is COOL under fire. But, then again, he's BEEN under fire as opposed Obama who thinks he is


John said...

The writing's on the wall and the meltdown has begun. And you know what they say about cornered animals.

Anonymous said...

Hope and Change lemmings in 3...2...1..

Anonymous said...

God bless you Dem husband is voting Rep for the first time. Sarah was the tipping point.

Anonymous said...

Yas, Mr. Sayet, g-d bless wingbat son is voting Obama after reading your sick, psycho filth.

John said...

RE: Cornered Animals

They do a lot of snarling, like: "...your sick, psycho filth."

John said...

Rasmussen Reports

"A week ago, most Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now, following a Vice Presidential acceptance speech viewed live by more than 40 million people, Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters.


Perhaps most stunning is the fact that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. As of Friday morning, Obama and McCain are each viewed favorably by 57% of voters. Biden is viewed favorably by 48%."

Have a nice day.

Evan Sayet said...

The angry left can do nothing but sputter. They are so used to talking with each other and patting each other on the back for being so smart that when it comes time to counter arguments with someone who has a different point of view all they can do is call names and spew invectives.

Again, we can go back to Obama who, when reading someone else's words off a teleprompter is smashingly eloquent (while saying nothing) but when he's actually asked a question, he hasn't got a clue.

John said...

How can anything you wrote, Evan-- objectively assessed, reasonably argued, and provided with proofs-- be characterized as "sick, psycho, filth"?

...unless the very act of discriminating, rational thinking is itself anathema?

Evan Sayet said...

Rational thought is a hate crime to the Democrat. They believe that anything that a person concludes is so tainted by their bigotries that all conclusions are bigoted. The only way not to be a bigot is to never think.

Those of us who think, then, are "evil discriminators" because we employ discriminating thought.

aghast said...

I see why this is a destination for freak show watchers...these nutcases, with their science hating, wolf murdering, creationist, anti-choice,pro-pollution, anti-earth, anti-creation creationist,torture loving, bigot,family values hypocrite, extreeeeeeeeeme extremist simpleton for a veep are as evil and freaky as they come.

The Dark Ages would have been too forward looking and enlightened for these ludicrous reactionaries.

And they imagine they're decent and good!!!!!

Truly EEEEEEEEvil people always do imagine themselves to be goodness personified because to them evil is good.

Sarah Palin, after an Obama defeat of HIllary in a primary race, said, "So, Sambo beat the bitch."

That says it all about these "sick, psycho filth" spouting deviants.

John said...

"Truly EEEEEEEEvil people always do imagine themselves to be goodness personified because to them evil is good."

That's right. Everything's inverted. Upside down. BACKWARDS.

John said...

"Those of us who think, then, are 'evil discriminators' because we employ discriminating thought."

At the same time, they themselves discriminate by hating alleged hatefulness, judging alleged judgmentalism, and not tolerating alleged intolerance.

That's the elitist. They want everyone else's discriminative faculties to be neutralized and entitle only themselves--as an oligarchal self-styled elite-- to discriminate, being truly "enlightened" and able to hate, not tolerate, and judge properly.

It's madness.

They don't even realize they prove your point every time they open their mouths and vomit their hateful bile.

They're brainwashed.

Evan Sayet said...

Everything's inverted with Democrats because, since rational thought is a hate crime they must see all things as equally good and equally right...

...but if everything is equally good and equally right then why do some things succeed and some things fail? Why do some people do good and other people do evil?

Since all things are equally right to those who don't think then success is, by its self, an injustice. Failure to these people is, de facto, the victim.

To the mindless, anyone who commits an evil act -- e.g. the Islamist flying airplanes into buildings burning three thousand human beings alive MUST have been provoked or perhaps they didn't do it (and it was the JOOOOOOOS who they hate because the Jews are good and successful.)

Dinesh D'Souza said about multiculturalism -- the Democrats' belief that all cultures must be seen as equally right and equally valid -- that it must, de facto, act as apologists for tyranny. The Democrat MUST de facto act as the champions of all that is evil, failed and wrong and work to destroy all that is good, right and successful.

Here's an example: Barack Obama cannot make a moral decision about when life begins. doesn't even give it any thought saying "that's above my pay grade..."

Since he must not think, his policy becomes to support the killing of the baby at ANY time, from conception to when it's partilly born to when the baby is already fully born and living on its own. Since Obama has no thoughts about when life begins, killing a live baby makes perfect sense to him.

Indiscriminateness of thought leads the Modern Liberal to INVARIABLY and INEVITABLY side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

John said...

On full display when they characterized Iraqi terrorists as "Freedom Fighters," and the American liberating force as "terrorists."

devon said...

Yes, liberals are G-dless men so they are punished for there deciscions by INEVITABLE failure.

We have attacked Iraq for the living G-d so that is why it is such a success though that success is mask by Satan as failure it will be seen in the fullness of G-d's time to be a righteous SUCCESS.