Saturday, September 06, 2008

And so it begins...

Zogby's new poll, the first I'm aware of that reflects the entire Republican convention is out and it has the Good Guys up by four! That is about an eight-point turn around from Obama's Greek God performance to today.

The excitement for McCain/Palin is palpable while the Obamamaniacs are literally in shock. The same people who were fainting at the sight of The Anointed One, cheering him blowing his nose (literally, they cheered when The One successfully blew his nose at one event) and admitting to getting sexual thrills -- tingles running up their legs -- just by looking at him are now morose.

Once again the radical leftist can't understand how spewing hate and lies about America, multi-millionaires whining about how the people owe them more and who take the enemy's side on every issue isn't a winning strategy.


Dana said...

I'm sure many people are going to comment on Obama's interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” and his possible slip of the tongue "My Muslim Faith" remark.
I would like to point out something else that struck me about the interview.
He claimed he was required to register for the Selective Service when he graduated from high school in 1979.
However, I'd like to point out that the compulsory registration was ended in 1975 according to Wikipedia which says, "On March 25, 1975, Pres. Gerald Ford signed Proclamation 4360, Terminating Registration Procedures Under Military Selective Service Act, eliminating the registration requirement for all 18-25 year old male citizens".
How can he claim he was compelled to register, when no one else in the country had to do so, until the draft was reenacted by Carter in 1980?

devon said...

Dana, a g-dless man can make any claims because he does not fear the lord's rath. Obama is a radcal muslim and that is the sam as being g-dless

devon said...

My goodness my failure to capitolize G-d is weighing on me and was caused by a sleepless night worrying about severe things like Mrs. Sarah Palin being destroyed by G-dless entities. Thank G-d she is emerging stronger as the lady who can lead this nation to Heaven when Mr. John McCain is taken as will happen soon after the electoin as he is stalking horse for the Lord G-d.

Evan Sayet said...

Has everyone seen The Anointed One's townhall talk when his teleprompter went out? He's a MORON. He's like the Wizard of Oz...when the machinery is working he's The Great and Mighty Oz...but pay no attention to the little nothing hiding behind the curtain!!! Look it up on youtube, type in Obama teleprompter goes out.

He's a MORON.

John said...

Geez, can you imagine if Bush did that?

Did you also notice--by contrast-- the composure Mac and Palin kept after their own teleprompters malfunctioned? They missed a beat, but that's it. They didn't start spouting nonsense and blame a "lack of sleep" (which means we really can't count on him to answer that 3:00 AM telephone call with any coherence?).

impersonator par excellence said...


Nice attempt at parody, but the "L" in 'L'ord requires capitalization, too.

A "religious" person would know that. A pathetic left-wing parodist who deliberately misspells words, would likely not.

G_d Bless You. Have a Nice Day!

Anonymous said...

Is this where all the white women hang out?

John said...


Cut devon some slack. He/she can't even spell "capitalize," or "wrath."

I'll generously assume that the rendering of "radcal" and "sam" are typos.

"Electoin," too, I'll chalk up to a typo-- though it suspiciously invokes dear Dora's characteristic dyslexic hiccup of "teh"--albeit I don't think that the Dorable one would nitpick on registration dates at the expense of Obama's veracity.