Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael J. Fox, the much-beloved child actor of "Family Ties" and the "Back to the Future" series of movies, is back in the news after all these years attempting to use his sad case of Parkinson's disease for political end. I cannot condemn him for this. Nor do I give him any special credence for either having once done convincing work as a time-traveler nor for his having had the bad luck of having contracted a sad disease. Neither one qualifies as intellect, insight or knowledge.

These are the things that I turn to when coming to my positions on issues. Not emotionalism so that fact, reason and evidence are all chucked because some shopping bag lady like Cindy Sheehan happened to have birthed a son who later died while freeing the world of terrorists. Cindy's bad luck (or, more accurately, her estranged son's) in no way qualifies as intellect or insight. I would no more change my take on the Iraq war because Cindy Sheehan said so than I would change my accounting practices if Sheehan were to be mumbling that two-and-two is 97 and my "compassion" for her loss dictated following her every command.

In both these cases (not to mention the emotionally-charged trotting out of Max Cleland from time to time) bad luck (or good acting skills) is no substitute for rational, intelligent debate. And in both these cases what the poor-poor-pitiful-mesters are selling is factually, morally and intellectually wrong.

First, it is sad but enlightening to know that Fox has admitted to intentionally not taking the medicine for his illness that controls the discomforting-looking movements he seemingly cannot help. Clearly Fox recognized that unless he intentionally did damage to himself, it would be more difficult to sell to the population that the growing and then destroying of human embryos was so vital that only the hard-hearted and the evil could possibly object.

It is also telling that Fox -- along with virtually every other leftists and Democrat trying to sell the notion of embryonic stem cell research -- repeatedly mistates the facts of the debate. Just as his choosing not to take the medicine that renders him far less a "victim", this disengenuousness of the argument argues to me in favor of the no embryonic stem cell research side. After all, if one has to lie and deceive to "prove" their point then that point is most likely not a good one.

While the left tries to demogogue the issue, the reality is that everyone -- including Fox -- knows that embryonic stem cell research is an utter failure. In nearly half a centurty -- while other forms of stem cell research have created real cures and truly ameliorated illnesses, embryonic stem cells have yielded nothing.

This, in fact, is why the government is being asked to fund what private industry will not. Private industry, recognizing the embryonic stem cell research is a costly failure, have, instead, focused on those treatments that truly are promising as that's what happens in private industry: that which works is championed while that which fails is rejected.

So why, then, are folks like Michael J. Fox and others in the Hollywood and Washington (leftist) community so desperate to have monies taken from individuals with which they can seek their own best health and diverted to government sponsored embryonic stem cell research programs that are so sure to fail even the grubby, money-mongering, evil pharmacuetical companies won't invest?

The answer is the same as to why the left is so desperate to "prove" global warming's existence that they make lie-filled progaganda movies (funded by Hollywood leftists) and then scream "case closed" so that their arguments cannot be challenged. It's the same reason they side invariably with America's enemies, give away our military secrets through their newspapers and TV shows and march down the streets of San Francisco cheering on Hezbellah. It's because the enemy of the Modern Liberal isn't Parkinson's Disease or climate change or Islamic fascism or the loss of our freedoms. The enemy of the Modern Liberal -- the dominant force in Western Europe and the controlling force in today's Democrat party -- is exceptionalism.

It is helpful to think of the Modern Liberal as a "multiculturalist" who, according to Victor Davis Hanson is best described as someone who believes "all cultures are equally good and equally valid" (and to which I would add only that, therefore, all behaviors eminating from these different cultures are similarly equally good and equally valid).

The enemy of the multiculturalist, then, is exceptionalism. That which is exceptionally good and successful must be torn down and that which is exceptionally evil and failed must be justified and championed. If one looks at the positions the Democrats take on the issues truth, fact, morality, decency and logic play no part in them. The case is NOT closed on global warming (far from it) and Michael J. Fox didn't think he could make his point without intentionally making himself look sicker and more pathetic. Cindy Sheehan's ramblings are often utterly incoherent while Max Cleland is trotted out not for what he says but rather how he looks.

The one thing these policies all have in common is that they seek to attack that which is exceptionally good and successful while, concurrently, championing that which is exceptionally evil and failed.

So it is that is that the folks in San Francisco march down the street cheering on the terror group Hezbellah while, at the same time, the Liberals in the education system seek to choke to death the state of Israel by "divesting" from that great and successful nation. Since the Jews are undeniably an exceptional people (just look at how many prizes they've won for science and technology, art and literature, philosphy and more and compare it to the Moslem world), the Modern Liberal needs to tear them down or else give up their core religion of multiculturalism.

Similarly, the Modern Liberal has little scientific basis for believing in global warming. If they did they wouldn't have had to have created a lie-filled, propaganda movie (funded by Hollywood leftists) in which the man who claimed to have invented the internet shouts that he will not hear of any evidence that refutes him because the "case (is) closed." Instead, the Modern Liberal cherishes the notion of global warming as a way of shackling and chastizing the most exceptional of all nations -- the United States. If the leftists succeed in pinning the mythical "global warming" on the advances in science, medicine and technology of the past fifty or one hundred years than who would be most to blame but the nation that has led the way in these discoveries and inventions, America.

And it is the same "thinking" that sees the Democrats so desperate to champion an utterly failed line of medical experimentation. It is not that the leftist believes the creation and then destruction of human embryos has any real medical use but rather it is that the creation and destuction of human life (and this is the same "thinking" behind their desire to encourage abortions) denegrates the most exception form of life on the planet -- and perhaps in the entire universe.

And this is the entire reason that the leftists insist that the "case is closed" about the now debunked "science" of evolution. Fact, reason, logic and evidence play no part in their acceptance of that silly theory. The Modern Liberals simply insist that it be taught to our children because it undermines the most exceptional of all things...God.

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