Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why the Democrats Accept Lies

Those of you who know my writings and lectures know that I argue that fact, reason, evidence, logic, morality, decency and justice play no part in how Modern Liberals "think." These concepts are seen by the left as inherently bigoted, so fatally flawed by one's prejudices as to make rational, moral and intellectual thought nothing less than an act of evil.

The bottomline conclusion of those I call "Modern Liberals" but who can often best be understood as "multiculturalists" is that, as Victor Davis Hanson wrote, "all cultures (must be seen as) equally good and equally valid" and to which I add only that, then, all behaviors stemming from these cultures must, too, be recognized as equally good and equally valid.

Since all cultures and behaviors are to be thought equally good and equally valid, the Modern Liberal believes that the outcomes of all behaviors must, too, be equally good. When in the real world different behaviors lead to different outcomes, the Modern Liberal simply must believe that some sort of injustice (likely due to bigotry and oppression) has been done.

The goal of the Modern Liberal, then, isn't to apply fact, reason, logic, evidence, morality, decency and justice in an effort to find the best of all possible explanations and policies but rather to manipulate these things in order to uphold their preordained conclusion that all things are the same.

For this reason the enemy of the Modern Liberal (or "multiculturalist") isn't war (after all, the leftists weren't marching down the streets screaming "no blood for sex" or "Clinton is Hitler" when the previous Commander in Chief waged war on the Christians of Europe on behalf of the Moslems), nor is it poverty, crime or injustice. The one and only enemy of the Modern Liberal is exceptionalism.

Exceptionalism debunks multiculturalism and thus it is, in the words of Professor Allan Bloom, a "moral imperative" for the Modern Liberal to base their policies on but a single criterian: the tearing down of that which is good, moral, just, right and successful and the concurrent elevating of all that is evil, failed, wrong and unjust.

It is for this reason -- and, in fact, devoid of any other consideration such as fact and evidence -- that the Modern Liberal so desperately champions such things as "global warming" and "evolution." Neither one of these things is scientifically sound and is so recognized by Liberals who have to shout "case closed" to cut off debate and discussion. People who believe themselves to be in the right -- and who desire to be in the right -- do not shout "case closed" but rather, in the words of Bill O'Reilly, turn to experts from the other side and say " where am I going wrong?"

Add to these the left's single-minded hysteria in their pro-abortion (not pro-choice) stances that prevent honest information from being imparted even to children (as they are being whisked away to other states by the very same teacher or other who likely impregnated them without so much as a notification to the parents that their child is having a complex and dangerous medical procedure performed on them for profit) and the blind hatred of the United States and Israel by the folks who march down the street cheering on terror groups like Hezbellah and who tip off the terrorists to our military secrets as they've done repeatedly in the New York Times and elsewhere and one should recognize the pattern. The Modern Liberal -- the dominant force in today's Democratic Party has but a single criterian for their policies: the objective of tearing down that which is exceptionally good, right and successful while champion all that is evil, wrong and failed.

Consider what are arguably the four most exceptional things in history: The Jews, America, the human animal and God. Now recognize that the campaigns that the Modern Liberal takes on are all designed to undermine the excpetionalness of these things.

That is, the Modern Liberal marches down the streets of San Francisco cheering on Hezbellah not because they're rationally, morally and intellectually thought through the terrorist group's motives and actions but simply because it is an opportunity to attack the Jews. If the success of the Jewish state is recognized as a function of their superior culture with its freedoms and opportunities then multiculturalism ends up in the wastebin of bad ideas. Only by riling up hatred for the Jews can the dominant force in today's Democrat party continue to teach its founding religion: multiculturalism.

This, of course, is also what is behind their hatred of America. Since all cultures are equally good and equally valid then the only explanation that will service their religion as to why we are so prosperous, strong and creative is that we stole the land from the Mexicans or that we are somehow imperialists and the like. Of course none of this is true or meaningful (would Mexico really have been created San Diego and Los Angeles and thus been wealthier or would we simply have had millions more people leaving in Tiajuanas and digging their way into Utah?). But truth, fact, logic, evidence, morality, decency and justice play no part in the Modern Liberals' "thinking."

This is why the Modern Liberal pretends that "global warming" is a fact. After all, if the most productive and creative nation in human history -- the one that creates virtually all of the medicines and technologies that feed the world -- can be shown to be the cause of the world's destruction, America is instantly transported from the greatest nation to the world's most evil and dangerous.

Modern Liberals are, in fact, hoping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, by shackling the greatest nation in the history of the world with all kinds of onerous rules, laws and regulations in what they see as just another welfare program by which the most productive are punished (under the Kyoto treaty and other proposed remedies) while the most failed nations can continue to pollute unabated. Thus the outcome of our culture and the outcome of the behaviors of the third world nations will be one and the same -- "proving" that multiculturalism was right all along.

The third of the four undeniably exceptional things is human life. After all, it is hard to argue that the species that can travel to the moon, build skyscrappers and cultivate the fields is not an exceptional form of life.

It is for this reason (and this reason only) that the Modern Liberal is so desperate to have the government fund the creating, growing and then destroying of human life just as this and nothing else drives the Democrats' pro-abortion stances. In fact, if one is unsure of where the Democrats stand on an issue involving the sanctity of human life -- from abortion to the death penalty where they argue that murdering a human being should have no special consequence -- one need only ask themselves which position most devalues the human being and they'll arrive at the Democrats' position.

And, finally, there is the most exceptional of all things -- and thus the most hated of all enemies by the Democrats -- and that is the good, moral and just God of the Jews and the Christians and the foundational values of the most exceptional nation in human history. It is for this reason that the folly of "evolution" is held so dear by the left. Fact, reason, logic, evidence and example have all debunked this "science" long ago. But fact, reason, logic, evidence and example (not to mention morality, decency and justice) play no part in what the Modern Liberal -- the dominant force in today's Democrat party believes or preaches. The Democrat insists that evolution is a fact ("case closed!!!") because it helps them to sell the notion that God, the most exceptional force in the universe, doesn't exist.


Robert said...

I can't believe nobody has commented on this unrelenting invective yet. I haven't seen such overblown rhetoric since the sophists of ancient Greece.

Mr. Sayet, I would tell you exactly where you're "going wrong" but I'm afraid that I don't know where to start and that it would fall on deaf ears anyways.

Anonymous said...

There's absolutely no reason why evolution and God can't co-exist. Why is it so hard to imagine, that if you believe God created the universe, then why couldn't God have "created" evolution as a process, too?

There's absolutely nothing about evolution that tries to disprove the existence of God. It cannot. It is not even addressing that question, much less answering it. As for the origin of life, evolution doesn't address that either. It ONLY describes a process upon which existing life has changed over time, for which there is TONS of evidence. None of it flimsy.

I'm not saying this because I'm parroting partisan dogma. I wasn't sure what evidence there even was a few years ago (and was hearing alot about how flimsy it was) so I read up about it over about 6 months. Evolution is extremely well supported. Amazingly so. It's not a house of cards about to fall down. Not even close.

Other than that, you rock, Mr. Sayet!