Thursday, October 19, 2006

Political Ad Idea

If I were head of the RNC I'd put out the following ad (or something very much like it):

ANNOUNCER: You know that the leftist media isn't always fair or honest...

(Pictures of Dan Rather, headlines of Reuter's photoshopped pictures fly in).

ANNOUNCER: So they've told you that the economy isn't good. Well, by ALL reasonable and historic measures the economy is BOOMING.

(Fly in stats to support each claim)

ANNOUNCER: The stock market -- the professional's view of the present and future business climate is unprecedentedly high...

...while unemployment is so low it is technically known as "full employment."

...home ownership -- sometimes known as "the American dream" -- is simply the highest it's been in all of human history... no small part because INTEREST RATES remain at or near historic lows.

...even the deficit, necessary to stimulate the economy after the human and economic disaster of 9/11, are now down to but 1.4 percent of the GNP -- lower than twenty of the past twenty-five years and, just as the President promised, heading downwards at a rapid rate.

...oh, and while the leftist media and the Democrats try to convince you that fighting back against Islamic fascist terror has somehow made America "less safe, not more safe" consider that, during the previous administrations our buildings were bombed, our embassies blown up two at a time and our ships at sea attacked, there has not been a single successful terrorist attack in America or on an American interest anywhere in the world outside the Middle East. "Less safe?" There is no number lower the NONE.


Thomas Gagne said...

It's too bad they didn't run that ad. In fact, I'm disappointed with most of their ads, and disappointed the party mechanics only ask the grass roots' opinions on the inside of an RNC donation envelope.

It's not enough for Republicans to wait for Democrats to screw up, because it's not enough for them to screw up, the voting public has to recognize it. As you pointed out in your ad copy, the economy is improved, and Americans are safer under the Bush administration than under Clinton's, but too many voters don't recognize it.

I remember Reagan's presidency, and more importantly his campaign, stressing a vision of America that gave American's something to vote for, and not against. Since then many elections have been votes against something rather than for something.

Proud to Be an American said...

So glad I found your blog. You have an amazing way with words!

I particularly liked this statement: "Pictures of Dan Rather, headlines of Reuter's photoshopped pictures fly in"

Great stuff! I'll be back often to read more. Thanks!