Monday, March 27, 2006

Rush the Mexican Border!

Just to show how sick America has become, in the land of "ebonics" and where it now depends on what each and every individual's definition of "is" is, a radio newscast framed the pro-dilution of America immigration "protesters" as being "against making illegal immigration a crime." Silly me, for years I thought that something that was illegal was already a crime. I guess maybe they mean only illegal illegal immigration should be a crime. Or perhaps only illegal, illegal, illegal immigration.

Here's my suggestion. Americans by the millions should amass on the Mexico border and rush into that country, demanding services, medicines, medical procedures, schooling, jobs, welfare payments and more. The Mexicans wouldn't allow this for even a second. My goodness, they already jail Americans simply to extort money.


dana said...

have you completely sttopped blogging? im so disappointed, your commentaries are brilliant :(

hoot said...


Why don't you just come out and say what you mean..

Mexico..ah of the aguave.. home of the Mexicans...

Take a look at Mexicos southern border..they shoot illigal aliens trying to get through get to the USA. Hmmm..I guess thats a good thing. Yeah..that's the ticket..Mexico is protecting us from Guatamalan farm laborers.


Dino said...

I think you are a little off the mark here Evan. Not everything that is illegal is a crime. Being illegal only means that something is prohibited by the law. There are many things that are prohibited by the law, for example speeding, that are not crimes.

Despite the confusion, I'm totally on your side on this one (just like on every other issue). If entering into the United States illegally is not going to be considered a crime, then what would?

yonason said...

Dino said "There are many things that are prohibited by the law, for example speeding, that are not crimes."

Is Dino living on another planet?

Is Dino old enough to drive on his home planet?

Has Dino ever been given a "speeding ticket," which is a legally binding notification of the fact that he BROKE THE LAW, and will have to PAY FOR IT, and if he doesn't HE COULD GO TO JAIL, and if he does it again they could RAISE HIS INSURANCE RATES, and maybe even TAKE HAS LICENSE AWAY?

Sorry, Dino, but you are light years away from reality. If something is "Illegal" it is because it is "prohibited by law" which means it IS A CRIME. PERIOD! Just because they don't have enough resources to catch every speeder doesn't make speeding any less a crime. Believe me, with the money they could rake in with the fines, if they could catch everyone, they would.

Now where you are mistaken is that you think that because not all crimes are punished uniformly for all perpetrators that they are sometimes not "crimes." WRONGO! In fact, it is the very willful lack of uniformity in enforcing such the important laws pertaining to our borders which Evan is complaining about in his article.

I would tell you to go back to school, but with the way they are misguiding kids today, that could very well be where you learned such nonsense to begin with.