Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Academy Awards Are War By Another Name

In my more cynical moments I recognize the "best picture" category of the Academy Awards to be nothing other than an intentional assault upon America by people who seek its destruction.

Let's not kid ourselves. The movies that the same folks who scream hatreds against America at every turn chose for their "highest honor" were not selected for their quality but rather for their "message." And what is the collective message of the five films? And what is the purpose of that message?

Again, in my more cynical moments I recognize it to be a concerted effort to bring about the destruction of America. In fact, in my darker moments, I recognize it to be a brilliant war plan by America's enemies.

The gay cowboy flick "Brokeback Mountain"? Remember the first rule of subjugation is to destroy the icons of the enemy. Could there be any more iconic image of America than the cowboy? Turn him queer, make him effete and, well, you've followed the path of the Taliban in destroying the ancient Buddhist statues.

If the Academy Awards really were a fifth column effort one would expect next a movie that shows the enemy to be "misunderstood" and just like you and me! It would show the enemy as good, decent family men (whether they are or not) and threaten anyone who would dare to fight them with the lose of their soul!

And it's exactly what we get in the Marxist-penned, lie-filled movie "Munich" in which the same Arab/Moslem terrorists we are fighting against today are sold as wonderful people. And just as the Nazis were able to find Jewish dupes in America and elsewhere, it would be only that much more powerful if some naive Hollywood insider with a Jewish-sounding name could be made to sign onto the project.

Having sought to dissuade Americans from fighting the enemy the next step in any good war plan would be to call into question those who do. That's where the lie-filled, leftist-penned "Good Night and Good Luck" would come in. Those to be questioned are not the terrorist enemies but rather those who would point out their existence!

Once the icons are destroyed, the enemy bolstered and the efforts to defend against them weakened there is only one more step to any good battle plan and thus...the winner is..."Crash." In this nicely filmed propaganda piece racial tensions are exaggerated and, in the minds of the enemy, exacerbated. It's one of the most important rules of warfare -- divide in order to conquer.

That "Crash" might also seek to ensure the greatest amount of damage by an enemy attack by fostering animosity and distrust for those who would respond first to such attacks -- the police, for example -- is, in my darker moments -- recognized as not a coincidence, either.

Yep, that's what I see in my more cynical moments. In my less cynical moments I, like everyone else, see "The Chronicles of Narnia" for a second time.

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EPorvaznik said...

While I agree with your assessment of the Hollywood system and Brokeback, Good Night... and Munich, Evan, I don't think Crash (which, in other years, would have been the equivalent of throwing The Fugitive in with the big boy Best Picture contenders) had enough substance to generate much afterthought upon leaving the theatre. Great performances, ho-hum story filled with "gee, aren't I cool being so politically incorrect" dialogue. At least that's where I left it...and, too, subsequently saw The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe twice.

I'd be interested in your potentially cynical take on The Matador, wherein Pierce Brosnan, the latest James Bond, the ultimate battler of global evil (his moral bedroom choices something else altogether...sorry, Halle Berry jealousy rears its nasty head), portrays a hit man having a nervous breakdown.

Hup-two there, busy-man, while you still have it in the theatres...