Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The REAL Reason MSM Won't Publish Cartoons

I do not for one second believe that the driving force behind the Antique Medias' refusal to publish the innocuous cartoons that have set the Moslem world afire is "fear". Nor is it a desire to be "sensitive." The motivating factor behind the self-censorship that has seen vital information denied to the American people by virtually all media outlets in America is "multiculturalism."
Decisions are made at the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN (for example) with one simple question in mind: will this story advance our multiculturalist agenda?

Multiculturalist (rightly) recognize that the biggest obstacle to having their failed philosophy taken seriously is American exceptionalism. All cultures cannot be "equally good and equally right" so long as America is exceptionally good, exceptionally strong, exceptionally generous and exceptionally free.

So the Antique Media engage in a campaign not to honestly and accurately report their stories, but to spin all stories in a way that denigrates America and undermines the arguments for our exceptionalism. Bogus tales of Korans being flushed down toilets are invented by the newsweeklies while the misdeeds of a handful of night guards at a prison for the world's most vicious terrorists at Abu Ghraib are turned into a near-holocaust simply because these stories "prove" that America and Americans are "just as bad" as the others.

Similarly destructive to the multiculturalists' cause are nations and cultures that are exceptionally evil and exceptionally failed. In order to be able to sell "multiculturalism," then, the leftists have to cover-up the atrocities, explain away the failures or in some other way elevate in esteem of those cultures that are exceptionally evil and failed.

The folks in the Antique Media know that, so long as they don't show their readers/viewers the cartoons that have sent the Islamic world into yet another murderous frenzy the story can be spun as the "bigoted West publishes drawings so horribly offensive that good decent Islamists were angered to the point of mass murder..."

The folks at the Times, et al, know that if the people actually saw the silly, innocuous cartoons then the Moslem would be, yet again, exposed as exceptionally dangerous and willing to commit the most exceptional of crimes because of their exceptional viciousness. This cannot be allowed. And THIS is the reason the Antique Media refuses to provide their readers/viewers with salient and vital information.


Sven W. said...

Humour is the key to this debate and I think sites like this go a long way to encourage debate - which is always a good thing.

On a lighter/side note Andrew of Arabia is also good for a laugh every now and then.

Anonymous said...

You're no Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh!!! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!! I love how you talk about Democrats, and you're all, "they suck and Bush rules!" You are the greatest!! It's too bad the evil leftist Hollyweird (get it? HA HA!) conspiracy won't let you have the AMAZING FAME YOU TOTALLY DESERVE!!!!!!!!

AquariusStar22 said...

RIGHT ON, Evan. You just summed up the mindset and mentality of the left. I never thought of it that way but it just struck me as so true that this is why they can not (will not) ever accept that America is an exceptional place to live. It so clashes with their idea that everyone must be equal, uniformly the same(I'm having a mental image of the drab uniform Mao made the masses wear).

Kevin M said...

Anonymous said "you're no Jon Stewart." Be sure to thank Anonymous for the compliment.