Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Cartoon Jihadi and Their Friends at CNN

Make no mistake about it, even if CNN and the New York Times, et al, are serious in their claims that it is "sensitivity" and not their pro-terrorist agenda that is behind their refusal to share vital information with their readers this is a decision that renders these sources devoid of credibility.

A news organization provides hard facts and evidence in important stories of the day. To intentionally hide from their viewers/readers the cartoon drawings that have seen the Islamic world (yet again) erupt in murderous violence is to deny the people not only salient information but information essential to their coming to an informed and thoughtful understanding.

In other words, where one cable news channel argues that they "report, you decide" CNN, the New York Times et al, has already decided and thus will not report.

Even more telling is in comparison to the utter lack of regard those in the "Antique Media" have for the "sensitivities" of anyone except the terrorists that they so champion. Anti-Christian and anti-Jewish cartoons are frequently run in these very same outlets, while their "entertainment editors" almost without exception laud the most hateful and vicious of movies, television shows and plays targeted at Jews and Christians.

This is because the Antique Media has long ago ceased to even pretend to be "fair and balanced" and has now become nothing more than the de facto publicity department for the far-leftist agenda.

Truth is of no concern to the folks at CNN and the New York Times and, of course, CBS and the rest. In fact, upon his death Barbara Walters said of Peter Jennings "what made Peter great was that he knew there was no such thing as the truth."

We know how little truth means to the New York Times where Howell Raines and Jayson Blair were able to publish more than thirty utterly bogus stories, and how meaningless it is to Newsweek who declared as fact not only the wrong but the utterly impossible in claiming our troops flushed Korans down toilets.

The way these leftists work is that they are so arrogant as to believe whatever they believe is, by definition, "the truth." Therefore, it is their job as "truth-tellers" not to provide the facts and evidence but rather to promote any and all lies that help the dolts and idiots who disagree with them (typically folks so stupid as to believe in God and American exceptionalism) see "the truth."

"The truth" to Dan Rather is that George Bush is a bad man. When he couldn't "prove" this with fact and legitimate evidence, he merely forged a couple of documents, edited out of the story every expert (hired by CBS themselves!) and covered up the fact that the one talking head in the story was a Texas Democrat well-known for both his corruption and his hatred of the Bush family.

"The truth" to these leftists is that the terrorists are really nice, lovely people -- folks just like you and me -- who have been so oppressed by someone or something (typically America as a means to "prove" America's non-exceptionalism) that they have no choice but to be vicious, mass murdering terrorists blowing the skulls off of innocent people around the world.

For CNN, the New York Times, CBS or Newsweek to actually show the American people the evidence would utterly debunk the leftists' case. After all, those of us who have seen them are left to wonder just how sick and meaningless is their existence if all they it takes to set them off on yet another murderous rampage is a couple of innocuous pictures. The lefties won't show you the pictures because the lefties don't want you to know.

They don't want you to know because, as soon as you see these silly little pictures, it becomes that much harder for them to sell the notion that the hate and violence and murder that is endemic to the Islamic world is because of their poverty (the pictures made them no poorer) or because of American imperialism (it was Danish cartoons, for goodness sake) or for any other reason than that hate, violence, terror and murder are a product of nothing other than Islam itself.


eb9ara7a said...

It is our right to know what your stance would be if someone were to have the same shameless audacity with prophet of the Jews or your prophet if you happen to have one.

Even though we are capable of doing or saying much more than what you’ve said and done regarding the religion you glorify and the things you believe to be sacred. Our religion teaches us that we must respect and believe in ALL prophets and there scriptures: (we do not differentiate between any of the messengers).

Therefore we will not take you as role models and stoop to your level

Anonymous said...

"if someone were to have the same shameless audacity with prophet of the Jews" Someone "pissed at Christ" who is not only a prophet but a God to the Christians, someone also made "Mary with cow dung", Mary, the mother of the Christian God. Some Christians may demonstrate, but none of them resort to violence and arson. I don't even know a Jewish prophet since I am not a Jew, nor a Christian, nor a Muslim, nor a Buddhist. Peaceful demonstration is an act of civilisation, violent destruction is a very uncivlized act of intimidation.

Anonymous said...

One can't put it much more concisely than Jane Biran:
One wonders if the Prophet Muhammad would approve of rioting, grievous bodily harm and arson.

If the answer is yes, then a depiction of his followers as violent is justified. If no, then some of his followers are causing offense to him on a daily basis.

Evan Sayet said...

There are tons of insulting and even hateful cartoons and art exhibits about my own religion and the Judeo-Christian religion of the United States. While I might take offense, and even write letters or avoid a television network that attempts to exploit those works, the idea of buring down embassies, murdering others, etc. is just not an American, Jewish or Christian way of thinking.

Meanwhile, it is hard to take seriously the "respect...ALL prophets" when Jews are typically portrayed as "the offspring of pigs and monkeys," the Islamic leaders demand the killing of "all infidels" and Christians are being massacred in the Sudan.


Just the other day on a major cable television channel a "comedian" did an entire segment where she sand "Amazing Grace" with her vagina and anus. There were no riots, murders or embassies burned to the ground. It's just a different way of "thinking." Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh, the cartoon Jihad. This isn't about these particular "offenses" it's about a civilization raised in hate and violence that is incapable of living with others.


I wonder if the Moslems took the day off from urinating in the Church of the Nativity and defacating in Joseph's tomb in order to murder, riot and burn or if they returned to those holy sites (not pictures, real places) after they finished their "day's work"?

Ron said...

Well, you remember Eldon telling you about a friend of his (and mine) from Egypt, who came to America and left radical Islamism for Christianity... she can still read Arabic, and often picks up newpapers in Arab markets, and translates for us what is said... it's bad stuff, very bad.

Calls for Jihad, death, destruction of Christians, Jews and all America are in almost every edition. 'Cartoons' far worse than anything in this latest Danish 'toon-flap... and editorials that would make your skin crawl.

You would think such trash wouldn't be allowed into the US - (It sure would not be if I were elected Dictator for a Day ~grim grimace~) but, a new edition hits the stands every day or two, and most all of them seem to find buyers.

I'll find for you a few examples, and post them here. Then, you can comment on how peaceful these people are, by looking at the publications they spend money on.

Evan Sayet said...

Victor Davis Hanson points out rightly that the ONLY things that the Moslems have given the world in the last many, many centuries is the bomb belt and the IED.

Even the oil would still be stuck in the ground if it weren't for not only American technology, but American workers because Islam creates people who simply cannot ADD to this world.

The notion that there are "moderate" Moslems is one that has long ago been debunked, it was simply the work of what are called "realists" who sought "stability" by seeking the least evil combination of Arab/Moslem countries and counting on Israel to weaken them when the Moslems would periodically go from murdering innocents through terrorism to killing thousands through war.

The bad news for the Moslems is that, even if there were a handful of decent people amongst them, by not making themselves stand out through speaking out against the utter hate that is the product of the Islamic world, they leave themselves vulnerable for, as with a cancer, when the healthy body requires a cancer to be removed, some healthy cells are cut out as well.

If there is such a thing as a "moderate Moslem", it is for their own sake that they must stand up now and be part of the solution because the only other solution is surgery.

Indigo Red said...

A 'moderate' Muslim would be an apostate and subject to death. If there are any moderates out there, they would be wise to keep their mouths shut and identities secret in which case we will never know of any moderates.

EPorvaznik said...

Because I tend to find the lighter side of things in even the most serious of situations, plus I memorize a lot of lines from a lot of movies, I'm reminded of one from Mike Myers in So I Married An Axe Murderer, when he tries to point out to his mother that the Weekly World News' tabloid trash should not be considered news, that newspapers contains facts. So sad that the NYT, CNN and other like-minded "news" organizations never seemed to get that memo (or remember the movie).

MiamiMiami said...

I am just wondering when the "tolerant" and "moderate" Muslims are going to speak in one voice against all of the "violent" Muslims.

I am starting to wonder if maybe they are cheering them on silently.

Ron said...

In my prior post, I promised a "few examples" of Arab / Muslim cartoons - that you never see mentioned by US media.

See this link.

Ron said...

I highly recommend you spend some time on the Tom Gross website. You will find of particularly interest his 'Mideast Dispatch Archive.'


Ron said...

Sorry - I blew that last link to the website of Tom Gross, one of the finest journalists reporting on Middle East affairs...

Try this..