Thursday, May 04, 2006

Democrats Are A Party About Nothing


Whether you agree with the Republicans’ positions on any particular issue is beside the point. At least you know what the Republicans’ positions are.

Everyone knows, for example, that Social Security is in big trouble. In fact, it’s name has become an oxymoron. And everyone knows that the President has put forth a substantial policy to save it and strengthen it for the future. Even if you’re against the policy, at least you know what it is.

From there we can debate it, amend it, compromise on it, or use it as a starting point to offer counterproposals. We know that the Democrats are AGAINST the President’s plan. But what is their plan? What are they for? And the answer, of course, is that they are for nothing.

We know the President’s plan for keeping America safe from Islamic, fascist mass murderers seeking the death of all infidels – especially the ones who are the “offspring of pigs and monkeys” (you’d think we’d at least have PETA on our side!). We know the President’s plan has worked. Think back to the previous administration when our embassies were being blown up TWO AT A TIME and our ships nearly sunk as sailors were murdered by the dozens.

Compare that with today, when, almost a full half-decade after 9/11, there hasn’t been a single successful terrorist attack in America OR ON AN AMERICAN INTEREST anywhere in the world outside the Middle East.

We know that the Democrats are against the President’s plan. Of course they are. So what is theirs? How do the Democrats plan to keep us safe from Islamic fascists who seek the death of all of us? In other words, what are the Democrats for? As far as I can tell they are for…NOTHING!

We know the President’s plan for keeping the economy growing. Just as JFK and Ronald Reagan before him, the President knows that cutting taxes stimulates the economy. It is not only proven with fact and evidence but it is utterly logical.

After all, if I keep more of my money I have more money to spend (duh!). If I spend more money, others receive more of my business (duh!). If others receive more business THEY have more money (duh), and so on. Soon, instead of taxing one person at a very high rate, they’re taxing five, ten or fifty people at a much lower rate…and taking in MORE revenue! EVERYBODY WINS…

And, thus, the Democrats are against it. So, what is their plan? What are they for? What are they about? NOTHING!

The Democrats are a party about nothing. In fact, the Democrats are “The Seinfeld Party.”

Think about it.

Howard Dean IS Kramer – a near-lunatic who barges into the place in a huff and a storm, says something off-the-wall, gets big laughs, and then disappears again just as quickly.

What is Michael Moore if not George Costanza on steroids? Just like George, Michael is full of bluster and self-pity, even as his every waking moment is some disingenuous, lie-filled scheme to get over on people.

Cindy Sheehan is just like Elaine: incapable of maintaining a stable relationship (Sheehan has been rejected by every member of her family – including the son whose death she now seeks to parlay into personal fame and fortune), Sheehan is subordinate always to some self-righteous pseudo-intellectual like Mr. Peterman – himself only a slightly less ludicrous version of Ward Churchill.

After all, if you took all of the pompous asses, all of the jerks and fools and losers Elaine has either dated or worked for and lined them up, it would look very much like one of Sheehan’s extended cookouts outside the President’s ranch.

And Jerry. Poor Jerry. The only winner in the bunch, he’s like Joe Lieberman. And with Joe, as with Jerry, you get the sense he’d like to be somewhere else, and only sticks around with these buffoons because they’ve been together so long.


Anonymous said...

I understand that the democrats have a plan-I wonder if Kerry is involved? Anyway, whatever they have, it's "Consequence and Collusion" and "Axis of Obstruction." Hat tip Barb. Rawriter

Tim (Random Observations) said...

Nice blog, Evan! Admire you greatly...

One nitpick: the whole thing with tax cuts doesn't have to do with the money being passed on to another -- after all, the government passes it along too!

It has to do with two things:

(1) When taxes are lower, people have more incentive to work, and put their money to work, so more economic activity happens, meaning more wealth (overall) is created.

If I'm a wealthy investor, I'll be more likely to put out time and effort when I can keep 90% of what comes back than when I'm told I'll only be able to keep 70% or 50% of what comes back. (And the same, to a smaller degree, for the average worker.)

(2) When the government spends money, they usually spend it on activities which (once again) don't create wealth.

For example, if the government paid someone to stand in a corner, that person would still spend the money again -- but in a lower-tax alternate universe, that money (and person) might have gone to create something people needed and benefitted from.

The net effect is of course that the economy is smaller, and there's actually less wealth being created (and existing!) so the government's cut goes down, also.