Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Democrats, Isolation and the De-Ghetto-izing Effect of the New Media

If one analyzes just who still votes Democrat these days there are certain commonalities to those communities. Not least amongst them is near-total isolation from the real world.

Remove from the leftist column college kids and their professors who eat, drink, sleep, romance, study and work all within the tiny confines of manicured lawns, folks who have yet to venture out into the real world (both students and their tenured professors) and the Democrats' numbers plummet.

Take away the folks in Hollywood who go from their gated communities and walled in mansions, into their private limousines which drive them through the back gate and right up to the door of the closed set of their latest movie and the numbers fall even further.

Take away the pampered pretty-boys and girls of the elite news media, folks who have been known to seriously say upon Republican victories "how did that man win? I don't know anybody who voted for him" and suddenly the Dems are battling Ralph Nader for third place in a two-party system.

The recognition that only the isolated and the ignorant (and a handful of folks who profit off of them) still vote for the party of the left is the primary reason that the Democrats work so hard to keep blacks in a ghetto. Successful blacks who move out amongst the general population -- into the real world that the lefties can't control -- do not vote for the Democrats in numbers even approaching those kept isolated.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the Dems have some other pockets of support. These tend to be the cynical -- and even criminal -- folks whose only interest is self-interest and to whom chaos and criminality are profit centers.

For example, the thugocracy of the union chieftains still support the socialist movement of the Dems, but this is mostly in a quid pro quo were Democrat legislators create pro-union laws in exchange for vast sums of monies stolen from the union membership. Rank and file workers don't support the Democrats -- people who actually labor for a living rarely support the Dems.

Proof of the pudding is that the Unions fight tooth and nail to continue their practice of stealing their members' dues without consent. Any effort to make political contributions voluntary sees the unions spend hundreds of millions of dollars (of their union members' dues!) to defeat it.

And, yes, the Dems can count on millions each year from the Trial Lawyers Association, but that's only because the lawyers know that the more freedoms the Democrats can deny the people -- the more laws they can create to restrict freedom -- the more violations of the law the lawyers can take to court and bill at three hundred dollars an hour.

The Dems face a big problem on every one of these fronts.

Even as the leftists assert more dictatorial control over the classrooms, hiring only far-leftists to preach their philosophy of intolerance for any ideas other than their own and fascist-style intimidation tactics against non-leftists becomes the norm, more and more children enter the indoctrination centers of our universities inoculated by the realities the Dems seek to deny.

Not only are our children more aware of realities thanks to alternative sources of information -- so that now the pretty-boy liars are not the only source of news -- but the near-lunatic screams of "racism" and "sexism" that are at the heart of the Democrats' divide and conquer mentality do not resonate with children whose brothers didn't get into college because of "affirmative action" and whose mother is the "Vice-President of corporate affairs" at a Fortune 500 company do not bear the pseudo-guilt of the Ted Kennedys and Joe Bidens.

And, because the media monopoly of the NY prettyboys has been broken and the truth has seeped out (first through a single non-leftist voice on talk radio, then by the advent of cable news and now, finally, with the arrival of the blogesphere), fewer and fewer people trust the forged-document users at CBS, the pro-terrorist socialists at the New York Times (home of liars like Jayson Blair, Howell Raines and Maureen Dowd) fewer and fewer people are watching the old pretty boys or their new and prettier replacements.

Blacks, introduced to other blacks who aren't of the charlatans variety via these alternative sources are more and more recognizing that their interests lie in lower taxes, better schools, school vouchers, fewer abortions, and everything the Democrats had fought against for exactly this reason. The first move out of the ghetto is the move out of the information ghetto, and with more and more voices being heard the Democrats can count on less and less support.

(Look at Hillary Clinton. Thinking this was still 1992 when CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC were the only sources of information, she thought she could "triangulate" as did her husband when he was running for president. Say one thing here and its opposite there and the prettyboy far-leftists in the news would cover her tracks. Instead, with the advent of Fox News and center-right talk radio and the blogesphere her attempts to appear moderate were seen by the hatemongers on the far left and her attempt to sell racial hatred was heard by the reasonable folks and she has left her campaign greatly wounded if not completely dead.)

Meanwhile an insurgency has come to bear against the thugs who run the unions. Instead of having to count on the union bosses' for explanations as to where their ever-increasing dues are going (with those bosses knowing that the socialists in the Old Media will cover their tracks) the workers have discovered the crooks at the top have been siphoning their incomes, sending it directly to every leftist cause from pro-abortion groups to communist organizations, and getting rich themselves all the while.

Having gotten this information for the first time, the union members rebelled and, not only is union membership plummeting, but smaller -- but significant -- unions have broken their relationship with the most corrupt, specifically citing this issue as the main cause.

Meanwhile, the propaganda machine that is the isolated world of Hollywood, sees itself making more and more leftist pictures that fewer and fewer people are paying to see. Mired in a slump that threatens the very viability of the industry, they continue to make pro-homosexual cowboy movies, pro-terrorist farces masquerading as "based on a true story" and more and more anti-American fare.

Once again, it is the de-ghetto-izing effects of technology that undermines their efforts. Years ago, with nowhere else to turn for bigscreen entertainment, the Hollywood lefties could count on at least a baseline of folks who enjoyed getting out of the house, downing some popcorn and paying a few bucks for their movies. The bottomline was that these folks had nowhere else to go.

Now, with alternative sources of distribution, as well as the promise of some honest reviews from the alternative media, movies like "The Passion of the Christ" -- which Hollywood would never have made for it's pro-God attitude -- now not only get made and distributed but fare better than any of the hate-America-always garbage that is the steady diet of the ghettoed (though lavishly ghettoed) mindset of the left coast.

While Hollywood continues to celebrate its pro-gay, pro-transgender, anti-American, pro-terrorist slate of failed movies (I doubt that COMBINED these pictures will make what "The Chronicles of Narnia" make in domestic sales alone!) the producers of "The Passion" and "Narnia" are flush with funds to make their next pro-America, pro-God, pro-hero movies that those who live in the real world want to see.

As technology de-ghettoizes America and breaks the bonds of the leftist gatekeepers who had been the ONLY source of information, entertainment and education, the Democrats have responded by becoming only more desperate and shrill. Screams of "Hitler" at anyone who disagrees with them, the embrace of lunatics like Cindy Sheehan who is clearly using her son's misfortune for her own personal and political gain (funded, of course, by the far left communists, socialists and Democrats) and making Howard "Yeeeee-ha" Dean the very head of the entire party only serves to further marginalize that once great party.

Clearly if, thanks to hearing voices other than that of Dan Rather and Peter Jennings, resulted in people not buying the partyline they were selling of "tax cuts for the rich" then certainly their new line, that these "tax cuts for the rich were designed by Hitler to take over the world." If fewer and fewer folks, made aware of the crimes and lies of Al Sharpton are buying into the leftist lie of racism then surely cries of "Hitler" and "plantation" aren't going to sell well, either. In fact, these hysterical last gasps of the far left party only make their own lies, corruption and hate that much more evident to all. Even the once ghetto-ized.

Modern Liberalism can only survive in isolation. Whenever and wherever it is challenged by alternative points of view -- be it in the Soviet Union that these same Democrats who champion the terrorists sought to keep empowered or in our classrooms -- it is vanquished and vanquished quickly. Talk radio is a conservative medium specifically because it has built into its format debate and discussion. On these radio programs leftists simply cannot answer their callers' challenges because the whole thing is a lie. The same with the Old Media newspaper where, what Maureen Dowd writes -- no matter how outlandish the lie -- because "what is written!!!" Take these same views to the debate and discussion programs on cable and CNN, Phil Donahue and the rest are disposed of quickly as folks turn to the fair and balanced debate on Fox.

Modern Liberalism -- the dominant force in today's Democrat party (and no relation whatsoever to true liberalism) can only survive in isolation. That's why its main strength can be found in those communities that are isolated. Technology has broken down the walls and the result is that, anywhere and everyone one turns, the Democrats are being rightly vanquished.


Anonymous said...

I bookmarked your site for a reason. What another great article that hits the mark. I def. will forawrd this to others...

Anonymous said...

Here are several groups that vote Democratic. The list is not meant to be exclusive, and is entirely based on my observations:

1. Old Jewish Ladies. Using my mother as an example, these hens are currently voting the 1970’s reality. Each ballot is a vote for JFK. The ACLU was relevant (or at least patriotic). This act of continuing defiance against the system takes them back to their prime. For the many who are slipping mentally, it probably is 1970. Logic or modern reality does not enter into their decision.

2. Potty-Mouth Contrarians. These are the same people who believe in granting partial credit on math test for showing your work. The answer does not matter. They clamber for both bountiful social programs and fiscal responsibility without seeing any inherent conflict. Many are trust-fund supported such that the real-world is outside their experience set. Street theatre is the attention that their Republican parents never gave them.

3. Opportunistic Star-F@#*ers. Murtha and Sheehan have proven that in certain circles, being outrageous provides advancement. My “friends” in academia, media, and Hollywood (to name a few industries) stake-out increasingly leftist ideology in order to be “someone”. There is not a responsible adult in the entire bunch. The sad truth is that this socially destructive behavior works. If the wind were blowing from the other direction, these people would be the right-wing nut jobs. Nothing personal; it’s just business.

The bad news is that none of these positions are based in logic, thought, or reality. So interactions with them or the facts will not change their position.

The good news is that over time, they will alienate most Americans who are decent people.

The power of the blogsphere is that the MSM can no longer shill for these groups, and the process of sliding to irrelevancy will be speeded-up. Evan, thanks for leading this part of the process.

Dick said...

Evan again blows holes in the left in this most excellent analysis. Being THE Republican comedian on the rise gives him the intellect and experience to so fully disemble communists, Marxists, Darwians and Democrats.