Thursday, February 02, 2006

How Could It Have Happened!!!

You look back at Hitler and you wonder "how did it happen?"

Looking back, it was so obvious. My God, Hitler TOLD us what he was going to do. Was Chamberlain REALLY that stupid? Didn't the Jews recognize the growing horrors?

And now I know. Someday, if the world survives, people are going to look back and say how did it happen? It was so obvious. My God, the Islamists TOLD us what they were going to do. Were the Democrats REALLY that stupid? Didn't America recognize the growing horrors?

The world is on the verge of Armageddon and the Liberals dither and cower. They delude themselves and seek solace not in defending their nation but in undermining their leaders.

They attack the Winston Churchills and champion the Neville Chamberlains in the form of Jack Murtha and Howard Dean. They dither with meaningless agreements from the League of Nations and demand retreat and concessions to the enemy, ceding to the Islamic terrorist Hitlers, not Czechoslovakia, but oil-filled and strategically located Iraq as if that will quench his thirst.

You talk to the Democrat and they as blind to the horrors as the "good Germans" of 1936. Blinded by self-delusion and childish hedonism. They want to play in the risque cabarets -- like Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli -- as they ignore the horrors around them.

Yes, there were Jews in German preaching "war is not the answer" and using their pulpits the way that Steven Spielberg does his to argue that the real problem isn't the Nazis but those who think the Nazis are evil.

If nothing else good has come out of my understanding of America's Democrats, I do, at least now know how the Holocaust was allowed to happen and why even good people like the Brits did nothing until it was too late.


Anonymous said...

As a child I was always told, “Never again.”

However, the correct observation is, “All the time, and in every place.”

The fact that the strong will liquidate the weak is not amazing. It is the law of the jungle and human kind has not elevated itself beyond the animal. Modernity has not eliminated this instinct.

What is amazing to me is the element of cultural suicide. France surrendered during WWII and seems just as willing today. Westernized Europe is evaporating before our eyes – immigration, socio-economics, freedom, protected speech, among other items. The suicidal populace cannot discern evil from good, terrorists from heroes.

The President uses “Democracy” for the short-hand description of ideals which will protect us from this evil. Most are too stupid to understand that “one man, one vote” is not Democracy. To me it is the confluence of voting plus constitutional protection of individual rights and minority rights. It also takes an every-man understanding of the social contract of treat neighbors as you would like to be treated.

America is an island. Freedom, truth, justice, and equal opportunity exist nowhere else as we understand these concepts.

I am stupefied by those who cannot or will not identify Islamo-fascism as the enemy. However, I am confident that we will ultimately prevail against this particular group.

Tragically, there are enablers who will lead to our downfall. In my estimation, it is those who stand-by and do nothing. These include Canada, Mexico, the UN, and France, the fifth-column within, and many more. True evil is stealth. Equivocation is fatal. Justice takes work.

What is the name of this unbeatable enemy – Entropy.

MiamiMiami said...

Those who don't learn from histoary are doomed to repeat it. Those words have never rung truer than today. We have the world's next Nazi Germany in the form of Iran. But while we have the liberal press and idiot democrats out there I am afraid that we are doomed to repeat the same history that plunged us into world war as it did over 60 years ago.

Evan Sayet said...

While there is no doubt that the next Holocaust -- not just of Jews but of all "infidels" is a very real possiblity thanks to Iran -- which Jimmy Carter, of course, helped to create as an Islamic terror state -- I think that the Dems have made such buffoons of themselves -- attacking the Republicans over minor legal questions regarding international wiretaps -- that almost no one can take the Democrats seriously.

Meanwhile, the Dems' heroes in Europe -- the feckless Gerhard Schroeder and the corrupt and cowardly Jaques Chirac have been replaced and/or weakened. Canada is now pro-American again and more and more people are taking sides with us. Leaving only the Democrats against America.