Monday, January 30, 2006

Letter to a Friend

What follows is my letter to a friend in response to his comments that my "Why Democrats Hate Patriotism" was "good spin." It was not intended as a blog entry so it is far from even the low standards of punctuation and spelling I set for my blog entries. Enjoy.

Dear ------

I don't "spin." I have no desire to "spin." I care about the truth and only the truth because only through truth can one hope to solve problems.

I'm am not an ideologue, in fact, my history is as a New York (worse, yet, Great Neck) liberal Jew. I am not a "right-wing Christian" nor am I the filthy rich who only wishes to get richer (far from it).

Sadly, the Democrat party has been taken over by a radical ideology. I call it "Modern Liberalism". It's the reason that reasonable folks like Joe Lieberman cannot find three in a hundred Democrats to support his candidacy but Howard "Yeee-ha" Dean is made head of the entire Party. It's why they mindlessly attack Karl Rove while saying little to nothing about Sandy Berger cramming top secret 9/11 documents into his socks (caught and convicted!). It's why they'll scream about Fox News while Dan Rather forges documents and pretend that the lunatic Cindy Sheehan is some kind of "peace mom" even as her globe-trotting is funded by George Soros.

The problem with Democrats like you (and so many of my friends who still mindlessly vote Democrat) is that you will NEVER look left. You'll reject thoughtful pieces like my own as "spin" rather than even consider them. One of my intellectual heroes (Dennis Prager. Know him?) has such a great line: "just because your grandfather might have been hit by a car coming from the right, it doesn't mean you don't look left the next time you cross the street." Again, the problem is that Democrats will NEVER look left.

So, just consider this. How would true liberal icons of the sixties -- JFK and Martin Luther King -- be treated in today's Democrat party? They'd be REVILED! "Ask not what your country can do for you???" What is the point of ALL Dem policy today? Not just ask but DEMAND that your country do virtually everything for you. From job training to job placement to negotiating your minimum salary, to paying you when you lose your job (unemployment "benefits") to holding your job for you if you decide you want to have children. And the children? Free pre-school, regular school, after school programs, not to mention free breakfasts, lunches and, thanks to welfare and food stamps, free dinners for all. Meanwhile, if your children turn out to be promiscuous drug addicts? No problem, free condoms in the schools and free needles at the clinics. Oh, and if they're too high from the free needles to remember to use the free condoms? No problem FREE ABORTIONS!!!

Meanwhile, when it's time to "do for your country" what is the Dem's position? Attack, attack, attack those who do. Call the troops at Gitmo "like the Nazis" (Dick Durbin) or slander a million of them for personal gain ala the party's most recent standard bearer.

As for MLK and his "dream" that someday his children will be judged "not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"? What is today's Dem party about if not dividing everyone up into meaningless things like skin color, "sexual orientation" and the country where one's great-great-great-great grandfather was born and then judging them all differently on that basis? As for "character"? You've got to be kidding. From Michael Moore to Cindy Sheehan to people who drive off of bridges and kill their "female companions", with Air America stealing money from children to pay Al Franken's salary to forging documents on the nightly news, there is no despicable character the Dem's won't embrace so long as it advances their radical, far-left agenda.

In fact, the very notion of "character" is anathema to today's Democrats who will demand "and who is to judge what good character is?"

Sorry, I'm not about "spin", I'm about recognizing that, for all the years that I was taught to only look right for bad people, bad things and bad policies, the left has been driving a Mack truck up our asses! (Read a book called "The New Thought Police" by a woman named Tammy Bruce. Tammy is another life-long Democrat who has come to recognize that the threat to her liberal values -- and no one could be more liberal than this lesbian feminist, former President of NOW's largest chapter -- comes not from the caricature of the Republican as drawn by the forged document users in the leftist media, but from the very real practices of the radical left that has now taken over a once great (my old) party.


EPorvaznik said...

Using your Tammy Bruce comment as a springboard for folks who have converted from the Dark Side of Modern Liberalism, a wonderment:

Why is it comics like Dennis Miller (and you, Evan) are labeled as formerly funny before you became puppets (or spin-meisters) for the right wing conspiracy while formerly funny and now mainly just angry comics like Janeane Garafolo, Robin Williams and Chris Rock aren't lumped in (and more rightfu--, sorry, appropriately) as puppets for the Democrat mindthink?

Evan Sayet said...

The answer is that Democrats "think" in reverse. They start with their answers and then work backwards to justify their preordained conclusion. They hate George Bush and America so anything they do is wrong even before investigation is begun.

Then the Democrat goes back and cherry-picks, spins, lies, invents, propagandizes, forges documents or crams evidence down the front of their pants and into their socks in order justify the conclusion that they started with.

The name for this that the Democrats themselves have given their lies is "fake but accurate." Of course, if it were actually "accurate" why do they have to fake and lie so much?

In fact, how do they know something is accurate if the only evidence to support it is Dan Rather's forged documents, Cindy Sheehan's insanities, Howard Deans lies or Dan Rather's forged documents?

The answer, of course, is that "accurate" is defined as whatever the lefties want to believe -- the preordained conclusion that America is wrong and Bush is Hitler.