Friday, January 27, 2006

Why Democrats Are Unpatriotic

Karl Rove recently said (yet again) that the Democrats are not unpatriotic. It's a brilliant political move akin to the President's repeated claims that Islam is a religion of peace. No one really believes either claim, making the statements win-win for the Republican politicians.

By saying Islam is a religion of peace the President shows his Christian charity in perfect contradiction to the on-going hatefest that is the Arab/Moslem world just as the Republicans, by saying that the Democrats aren't unpatriotic shows the good guys to be bending over backwards to be civil even as nothing but hateful slanders are offered against America and Americans from today's left.

But I am not a Christian or a politician and I'm not feeling any more charitable towards the Democrats than I do towards Islamic fascists so I'll speak the truth: Democrats are not only not patriotic, they despise and fear anyone who is.

The reason for this is simple: Modern Liberalism -- the dominant ideology of today's Democrat party -- is wedded to the childish philosophy of "multiculturalism." Multicultualism is the fantasy that all cultures are equally good and equally right. This is why the Democrat believes that the United Nations and not the United States should decide what is best and right. It is why the Democrats believe we should "celebrate diversity," as if all differences -- say freedom of religion and massacring all infidels -- are worthy of celebration.

Since the multiculturalist sees nothing special about America, patriotism is nothing other than a form of bigotry. To the Democrat one loves America not for the freedoms, opportunity and goodness of our people and institutions but rather only because we were born here. Since freedom is of no special value to the Democrat (this is why Democrat heroes like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore can argue with a straight face that fascist terrorists are "freedom fighters") Americans love of freedom is nothing more than a mindless "hooray for our side" and their hatred of oppression is but mere xenophobia.

Worst of all American patriots are those so blindly led by their mindless love of freedom as to actually be willing to fight and kill (or even die) for it. Imagine, if you will, something utterly undistinguished -- a piece of chewing gum, for example. Now imagine someone cherishing that gum. Now imagine someone who so cherishes that piece of gum he's willing to fight, kill or even die to protect it. And now imagine that person -- strong and confident -- being well armed. Pretty scary stuff. That's exactly how the Democrat sees the American soldier. Insane, bigoted and armed...and all for something -- freedom -- that, to the Democrat, is of no more value than a piece of chewed up gum.


Anonymous said...

Political correctness concept resulted from a group in 1923 in Frankfurt, Germany to spread the acceptance of Karl Marx communism. Communist Chairman Mao was impressed and added sensitivity-source-The Little Red Book. Multiculturalism and diversity follows in this country. The aclu is point to destroy our constitution that includes our rights. I've also came to the conclusion that Islam also being a form of government, there's little difference between it and communism. The bottom line in the current war is Islam vs civilization. I've seen communism up close and personal. It is evil. Rawriter

Mr Chunky said...

This may not be well-received but here's my theory that covers at least 50% of the wacko liberal Dems. Many kids of the 50's & 60's were raised in Christian homes & as the radical 60's came along, Christan beliefs were the 1st to be jettisoned. As these people grew older and wiser, the libs develop a strong sense of guilt. They know in their heart what they learned about God & the life of Jesus is true. Consequently, they bend over backwards to embrace an alternative feel good groupthink, such as multiculturalism, moral relativism & even evolution in it's strictest sense. Using moral standards pulled out of the air that have no basis in logic, it's anything goes for the libs. They've turned into pathological liars who will support any issue that places themselves in a god-like position So any conduct is allowable. But their guilt for rejecting the true God still haunts them. By blaming America first for everything, this makes a convenient substitute for the blame that they've deflected off themselves. Evan's comments or anyone else's are welcomed on these thoughts from a Christian.

Senator_MJM said...

Dr. Sanity has a blog with a current two part 'clinical diagnosis' of a condition called political paranoia. It is very good, and describes accurately 80% of the current liberal left. Link to the blog:
The 'treatment' for the condition is 'Insight and self-awareness', which leads me to believe that the Dems are doomed!

Anonymous said...

Your analysis is incorrect although elegant.

The simple explanation is that Democrats are ignorant, greedy, power-hungry, idiots.

Evan Sayet said...

It is impossible to argue that Democrats are simply greedy, stupid or anything else of the like because we all know too many Democrats who aren't stupid, who can be quite generous, etc. As the old expression goes, some of my best friends are Democrats.

There is a philsophy that they adhere to, I call it "Modern Liberalism." It is a "cult of indiscriminateness" which they are indoctrinated into from the time they turn on "Buster Bunny" as children, every day in their classrooms, hammered home by programs that say "hey, little boy, if you grow up to have a queer eye, you'll be a cool guy...but hey, little girl, it doesn't matter how well you dress, even if you grow up to be a rich, sexy, vivacious, talented heterosexual married're going to be a 'desperate housewive.'" Culminating in the intense indoctrination centers of our universities where they are isolated from all others, and beaten over the heads until folks like Ward Churchill have convinced them that the Islamic fascists are the good guys and the victims of 9/11 were all "little Eichmanns."

Having been fully indoctrinated into this "cult of indiscriminateness" they cannot tell the difference between right and wrong/good and evil and, instead, attack any and all who can.