Saturday, November 19, 2005

Two speeches were given yesterday that could not have been more different -- or more accurately portrayed the character of the speakers and their supporters.

The first speech, given by Democrat Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania on the cozy floor of the United States House of Representatives called for a reversal of policy -- policy that Murtha himself had voted for. It received hoots and hollers from a bevy of pampered and craven Democrats like Massachusett's Ted Kennedy and San Franscico's Nancy Pelosi -- and others who, not long ago, were hooting and hollering in support of the exact opposite. Perhaps most telling, when the time came to actually vote in favor of what they were hooting and hollering for, the voted against it (so that they'd be no perminent record of their latest position in case the poll number change again before November of 2006).

Compare this with President Bush's speech yesterday. There, backed not by spoiled elitists, cravenly seeking an extension of their job but by folks to whom nothing would be better than losing their jobs (by winning the war and coming home) the President offered a forceful argument for continuing the battle against Islamic fascists -- an argument that ha remained utterly consistent even in the face of seemingly declining polls.

So, who would YOU side with, the hypocritical liars of the Democrat party who have gone back and forth (and then back on forth again) on the war that has liberated Iraq depending only on their cynical calculations of how best to win back power for themselves or the President who has kept America safe, has been utterly consistent and has the support not of Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy but the men and women of America who know best what's going on and who are willing to risk their lives to accomplish the safety of America?

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