Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Democrats Teach The World to Hate America

There is an old "joke" about a man who murders his parents and then pleads with the judge for leniency because he's an orphan. I think of this every time I hear a Democrat ask why the world so hates us.

Could it be because, in places where people will never actually meet an American they can hear Bruce Springsteen, the Kerry flack, testifying over and over again that being "Born in the USA" is a horrible fate where people kick you when you're down and where you "end up like a dog that's been beat too much"?

Could it be because, in places where the only Americans they'll ever see are in Hollywood movies made by leftists, the Democrat makes sure the villain is never an Islamic fascist terrorist and always an American, an American corporation or an American government agency?

Could it be because when Michael Moore makes a movie that the Democrats know to be a lie-filled, hate-filled anti-American propaganda flick but those in other places might not, the Democratic Party leadership makes sure to smile for the cameras of al Jazeera and give the film a standing ovation and their endorsement of its message?

Could it be that in countries where only al Jazeera and CNN are broadcast the only Americans they see are Democrats Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy mindlessly slandering Americans and insisting that American servicemen are like the Nazis while leftist hosts such as Wolf Blitzer and Aaron Brown curry favor with the only people still watching CNN – Europeans and terrorist dictators -- by spinning every story in the most hateful, anti-American way they can imagine?

(Could it be because CNN’s policies are really only a continuation of the decade-long fraud they perpetrated on the public in a quid pro quo with Saddam Hussein where they intentionally covered up his atrocities in exchange for personal and professional favors?)

Could it be because when people who were raised in closed societies where blood libels against the infidels are the norm -- and their indoctrination into this cult of hatred so assured that they can be "trusted" to go abroad to learn how to make bombs in chemistry classes in North Carolina and Colorado -- the Liberal American teachers tell them (and the rest of their class) that their hatred is justified and that the terrorists are doing the world a favor by burning alive three thousand "little Eichmans" in the World Trade Center?

Could it be because when the leftists at the New York Times come across a story of a couple of night guards at a prison for suspected terrorists who, gasp, put panties on their enemies' heads they run the story on their front page -- as if it were the second coming of the Holocaust -- for 44 straight days while a search of the Times' website turns up not even a mention of the heroic American soldier who fought off an ambush, wounded the attempted killer and then provided him with emergency medical care?

Ask yourself, Democrat, who feigns being dumbfounded at the hatred the world supposedly has for us, how much less would the world hate us if you stopped your anti-American lies, slanders and attacks? How much less would the world hate us if you stood up for America instead of lying to tear it down?

Ask yourself Bruce Springsteen, how many fewer people would want to massacre Americans if you sang about how being born in the USA meant you could go from being a bus driver's son to the rich and pampered multimillionaire father of a steeple chase champion all through a little effort and a couple of catchy tunes?

How about if instead of lauding the communists of Cuba Robert Redford showed some gratitude to the nation that not only allows him to spew his moronic positions but to get filthy rich doing so?

Ask yourself, Al Gore, how much less might the world “hate” us if, in some of your speeches – not all, maybe just one or two -- you called Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat or Kim Jung Il "Nazis" rather than always attacking your fellow Americans who dare to think lower taxes actually stimulate the economy as “digital brown shirts.”

Ask yourself, Howard Dean, how much less the world would hate us if the very head of one of America's national parties, "reserved judgment" on the Americans you viciously and lyingly slander rather than only "reserving judgment" (your words) on Osama Bin Ladin.

Ask yourself at the New York Times (and the handful of people in America who still bother to read the rag) how much less would the world hate us if, instead of running the Abu Gharaib story for 44 straight days you ran it for, say, only 40 straight days and with the extra space mentioned, even once, that over 96 percent of the children in Iraq now have been inoculated against the most dreaded diseases in the world or that 4.3 million Iraqi children are now enrolled in primary schools?

I don’t need to ask why the world supposedly hates us. I know why. It’s because the Democrats hate America and they control so much of the information that the rest of the world sees that all they can possibly do is hate America, too.


Jim said...

Kudos and applause.I couldn't have said it better myself. I hope this all backfires in the dems faces.Thanks to Newsmax,Sean Hannity and people like you and me the dems now have egg on their faces with their own words of supporting the war and getting rid of Saddam are now being exposed and coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with this article. Not a day goes by when I don't read or view a Democrat (journalist) posing as "objective" skewering America and everything we stand for as a nation. I am disgusted by about half of my fellow Americans and their lazy, mindless and irrational hatred of everything that makes this nation what it is (or WAS). I see the Democrat influence in the dumbing down of our children methodically over time. I realize that the agenda for the DNC is for one thing and one thing only: To dumb down America enough to grant them unlimited, fascist power forever as they tear this country to ribbons to make way for China and other nations to overrun us both economically and physically. The day's coming, and I'm glad I'll be dead and gone when it occurs.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The rhetoric from various congressional members, such as Reid, Durbin, Pelosi, etc. and other leaders such as Dean and many celebrities is taken by many as the truth casting America as the villains. I've seen this "hate" America for decades but I believe the majority of the people don't hate us especially the older ones. We are at war! Every time an American speaks ill of the President or condemns the war, they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. That emblazons the enemy to kill. As far as I'm concerned these stupid, selfish "Amercans" are traitors with their hands dripping with the blood of our troops and civilians killed and wounded by the Islamic terrorists. Rawriter

EPorvaznik said...

Evan, you've written some damn fine stuff, but I believe this one takes the cake (no, folks, he doesn't pay me to make these comments...yet). The challenges you issue is precisely what the Democrats need to very literally and finally have thrown in their faces. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go risk some more friendships by doing just that with copy and paste emails to what Demo-friends I have left.

Anonymous said...

Could it be the world hates America.................because of its murderous policies, greed and corruption?

Is it possible for one of us Republicans to accept the blame for the psychopaths we put in the White House or do we all need to sound like pod people without an original thought dependent on "talking points"?

Dick Cheney said...

Could the world hate us because:

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is." -Governor George W Bush (R-TX)

Bush signed into law: W199I months before 9-11 ordering FBI not to stop Al-Qaeda..........

From July 4th-14th 2001, Osama bin Laden was being treated for kidney infection at the American Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There, on multiple occasions, he met with CIA station Chief Larry Mitchell. Bin Laden gave Mitchell 'precise information' regarding 'an imminent attack' on the US.

A 2000 presidential executive order was still in effect and mandated that bin Laden should have been killed on the spot. Bin Laden was allowed to leave of his own free will.....after those "multiple occasions meetings with CIA" in the hospital

Anonymous said...

This is from Harry Browne & I think he has it right. People who hate America can't tell the difference between a democrat and a republican. To think that partism has anything to do with it is absolutely ludicrous:

American Presidents since William McKinley have played fast and loose with the lives of people living in foreign countries.

Hitting just the highlights:

McKinley betrayed the people of the Philippines, who fought alongside American troops against Spain in 1898 — only to have the Americans turn against them and occupy the Philippines for 47 years.

Woodrow Wilson helped Britain and France redraw the European boundary lines in a way that guaranteed a century of wars and resentments — and that continued to trigger conflict in places like Bosnia and Kosovo as recently as the 1990s. And Wilson cooperated when the British reneged on their pledge of freedom and independence to the Arabs in exchange for their support of the Allies in World War I.

It Goes on . . .

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s American Presidents practiced gunboat diplomacy with the nations of Latin America — invading countries like Nicaragua and Honduras — as well as sending troops to China and Turkey.

Franklin Roosevelt — with the same "vision" as Woodrow Wilson, and with no more knowledge of history or foreign affairs than Wilson had — sacrificed the freedoms and independence of people in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and China — to satisfy his own ambition to be the world leader who would guarantee peace.

Harry Truman supported dictators in Asia and Africa, and by calling that policy the Truman Doctrine people around the world knew it was the United States that was supporting some of the worst elements of the world — and Truman sent American troops to die defending the autocratic Syngman Rhee regime in Korea.

. . . and on . . .

Dwight Eisenhower approved the CIA coup that overthrew the democratic government in Iran, replacing it with the dreadful Shah of Iran, and Eisenhower continued the Truman Doctrine — standing by dictators in Latin America and Asia, stationing American troops in dozens of foreign countries, and reminding people everywhere that America had become an imperial power.

John F. Kennedy invaded Cuba, sent troops to aid in the suppression of a pro-freedom rebellion in the Congo, supported a brutal dictator in South Vietnam before assassinating him, aided oppression in Laos and Cambodia, and extended American military bases to more and more foreign countries.

Lyndon Johnson played games with the truth in order to draw America into a terrible war in Vietnam — one that caused the deaths of millions of Vietnamese but still left Vietnam in the hands of the Communists.

Richard Nixon secretly bombed Cambodia, only to have his secrets revealed to the world — and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger became known worldwide for practicing "realpolitik," a policy of using human beings around the world as bargaining chips in his tête-à-têtes with dictators.

. . . and on . . .

Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter didn’t (to the best of my knowledge) instigate any major new intrusions on the rest of the world, but they enthusiastically continued to shovel American taxpayer money to foreign dictators and continued to station American troops in what had come to be more than a hundred foreign countries.

Ronald Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon to butt into a civil war there, invaded Grenada, bombed Libya, meddled in Central America, planted American missiles in Europe (putting European civilians in danger), and stood by brutal dictators in El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Latin America countries.

George H. W. Bush invaded Panama and Iraq — and put in place the sanctions and air raids that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children.

. . . and on

Bill Clinton maintained the Iraqi sanctions and air raids, sent American troops to intervene in civil wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, used American force to install a dictator in Haiti — all the while continuing the support of foreign dictators with the money of American taxpayers, and continuing to station American troops around the world as though they were the legions of the Roman Empire.

George W. Bush has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, killing tens of thousands of civilians; threatened Iran and Syria; overthrew the government of Haiti and installed a brutal dictatorship; praised and supported dictators in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, and many other countries; and demanded that everyone in the world support America or risk being bombed and invaded — all the while proclaiming that he wants to bring freedom and democracy (American style) to everyone in the world.

Now We Know

So why do billions of people around the world hate America so much?

Obviously, it’s because of our freedom, our prosperity, and our democracy.

How do I know? Because George Bush told me so.

What other reason could foreigners have for resenting America?

Ren Ault said...

Evan, why does anti-American sentiment burn brightly in so many parts of the world? Do you sincerely believe it's because of your political opponents?

I suspect not. Yet you continue to play the blame game, spilling hate in order to inflame, create dissent, or whatever your motivation may be.

Surely even the most casual observer of American foreign policy, from the Eisenhower era to the Reagan era, and still today, would be aware and would admit serious strategic, cultural, political and logical mistakes in the manner in which the U.S. has conducted itself around the globe.

You are a semi-articulate writer. I would assume this goes hand-in-hand with a degree of perspective, balance and historical awareness.

But perhaps I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched Fox news? The opinionated, self righteous, small minded bigots that present that are a pretty good reason why the world hates America.
If that is a "Fair" representation of what America is and stands for then you are sadly in much worse trouble than you even imagine.