Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Democrats and Terrorists Use Same Strategy

Recognizing that they made a tactical mistake in murdering innocent people at a wedding in Jordan the Islamic fascists were in retreat. After first claiming responsibility for the attacks, they then tried to justify the attacks on their website and finally, now, deny being responsible and claiming it was (yet another) conspiracy by the Jews and the "Zionist entity" as those lovely Moslems/Arabs love to call Israel.

How do they think they'll get away with it? After all, their own words are well known by the world.

The same question, of course, can be asked about the latest attacks on the President from the Democrats. After years of President Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry and others publicly stating the truth about Saddam Hussein, how do the Democrats think they'll get away with their new attempts to slander the President and claiming he lied?

The answer is that both groups -- the Islamic fascist terrorists and the Democrats are employing exactly the same strategy and both know they have allies in powerful places.

Both the terrorists and the Democrats know, for example, that they have the media in their pockets and that whatever lie they want put forth will be done on command. The terrorists know that the government controlled media will never mention the first two communiques and only repeat over and over again the attacks on the Jews and Crusaders.

So, too, do the Democrats know that the words and statements they made over the years -- easily available on tapes held in CNN's vaults, for example -- will never be played for the public. They know that Wolf Blitzer and Aaron Brown will simply dutifully report the attacks and slanders as if they are true.

And, of course, the terrorists and the Democrats will play on their religious hatreds and ethnic divides. The terrorists will attack the "Jews and Crusaders" and libel the "Zionist entity" as those lovely terrorists love to call Israel while the Democrats will attack Christians in America with their vile slanders.

Both the terrorists and the Democrats will count on the stupidity of their citizens, people so indoctrinated into mindlessness -- the Arabs/Moslems by the government controlled hate-factories called Madrasses, the Democrats by the leftist controlled hate-factories called the public schools -- that they are incapable of seeing that they are being used and duped by evil people with a record of rape and murder (Clinton, Sharpton, Kennedy).

As with the terrorists, truth means nothing to the Democrats. They know that they have the corrupt media behind them and propelled by their hatred and secure in the knowledge that they've created a generation incapable of critically judging their lies both the terrorists and the Democrats are comfortable putting out any communiques, no matter how much evidence there is that exposes them to be the liars.

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