Monday, November 21, 2005

Chris Matthews Says Mass Murderers Are Misunderstood

Chris Matthews, a rather typical voice of the Modern Left, said in a speech that the Islamic, fascists who massacred thousands of innocent people on their way to work on a crisp, clear day in New York City "aren't evil, (they) just have a different perspective."

Matthews clearly articulates the Modern Liberal's central tenet, that those who commit evil acts aren't evil, they are simply misunderstood.

Since Modern Liberals like Matthews start with their conclusion -- that those who commit evil acts aren't evil -- it becomes necessary for the Modern Liberal to invent justifications for those who act in evil ways.

Invariably this means finding some way to impugn the innocence of those innocently massacred. In other words, they had to have done something to make the lovely mass murderer's commit their heinous acts.

In this way ALL relationships of good and evil become flip-flopped in the Modern Liberals' "mind." That which is an innocent victim must be shown to be culpable and those who are evil must be shown to be justified.

It is not surprising, then, to find Modern Liberals like Ward Churchill defend the massacre of thousands in New York by attacking the insurance salesman and the valet parker alike as all being "little Eichmanns."

Nor is it surprising to find top Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin and others attacking America and Americans as "Nazis" and seeking to justify Moslem horrors by exaggerating the misdeeds of a handful of night guards at Abu Gharaib.

Modern Liberals will ALWAYS side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over success because, like Chris Matthews, refusing to recognize the massacre of innocents as evil they must justify the evil-doers' acts and make villains out of the innocent.


Eldon Quick said...

I completely agree with your observations, but just for the sake of argument, suppose as an hypothesis, that it was possible for a Republican to be evil. Hypothisize that Bush was evil and that he lied to get the U.S. into an unjust war just to make his equally evil oil rich buddies richer.

Would the Liberals seek to find excuses for his behavior and seek to blame the Liberal Senators for goading him into it with their many speaches condeming Sadam and his threat of nuclear or poison gas warfare? I think not.

It appears to me evil is dependent on who's doing it. That is, only supporters of American conservative thought or capitalism are capable of doing evil. It is only those opposed to American Conservativism or to America who are to be excused and blame aimed at those who they hurt.

Therefore, your statement, "Modern Liberals will ALWAYS side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over success" is not %100 true. Or do I missunderstand your point.


evan sayet said...

This is in response to Eldon Quick, folks, he does readings of Homer's works and if you get a chance to catch him please do.


We are talking bigger concepts than one individual.

In other words, it's not Muhamod Atta that folks like Chris Matthews and Ward Churchill seek to protect and champion it is the cause of Islamic fascism.

Similarly it is not George Bush and the evil that he'd have committed in your hypothetical that would define the Democrats' response to it but rather the state of America.

If America is still a rich and successful land then Bush's evils would be used to attack America. If the Dems ever succeed in turning us into an impoverished and failed land, then the evils you describe would be of little import to them.

The Modern Liberal seeks to "prove" their philsophy of "multiculturalism." Multiculturalism is the idea that all people, cultures and forms of government are equally good and equally right. This is why they demand that we celebrate "diversity" as if all differences are equally worthy of celebration!

So long as America remains the single greatest obstacle to the acceptance of "multiculturalism" by our very clear exceptionalism the Democrat will decide their response to all things with regard to how to undermine America's success.

So, in the case of George Bush, they would not defend it as their goal isn't to help George Bush be evil but rather to prove that America isn't exceptional.

In your question you say "That is, only supporters of American conservative thought or capitalism are capable of doing evil.

This is because American conservative thought and capitalism are the very things that bring about our exceptionalism. It is in making America exceptionally great, prosperous, free and generous that the Modern Liberal finds their reason to deem them evil.

Eldon said...

Evan, Great answer. You should write a book.

Alva Goldbook said...

take a course in phychology. Generally speaking, mass murderers tend to be clinic Psychopaths (a sever form of Anti-Social Personality Disorder). The causes of the disease is generally understood be extreme poverty during childhood.

Interestingly, Canada, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, France, and a host of other 1st world nations do not have extreme poverty because of an extensive social safety net that we in the United States has pretty much abandoned. Simularily, they don't have mass murderers like we in the United States do.

Could it be, that "welfare reform" is causing serial killers? Psychological data seems to show that it is.

So, when you enjoy a nice tax cut, that would have otherwise put food on someone else's table, remember the next serial killer's victim will be the one paying the price.

just something to ponder.

Evan Sayet said...

Every stupid, false and self-satisfying "mistake" makes up Alva's argument.

Clearly "poverty" is not the "cause" of mass murder. After all, Osama Bin Ladin is filthy rich. His number two is an upper middle class medical doctor. the terrorists on 9/11 were all middle class and highly educated (often in America) folks, etc.

So why does Alva offer such obviously wrong arguments? Because it is VITAL to the leftist that the murderers be "victims" in some way. Otherwise they'd have to admit that there is something about Islam (such as their creed) that makes them mass murderers.

Pyschobabble, outright lies and utter stupidities...that's what the entire Democratic Party is based on these days.