Thursday, November 24, 2005

On this Thanksgiving day I am giving thanks to God, to America and to Americans for life.

The life of those who came before us and created a nation where I was guaranteed the right to my own life as well as the liberty and the pursuit of happiness that makes that life worth living.

The lives of people like my father and so many others who sacrificed -- some making the ultimate sacrifice -- so that ideologies that did not guarantee life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness did not prevail.

The life of my mother who not only made me, but made me who I am. Without a home, without the guidance and love of my mother, nothing else would have or could have been accomplished. It is not a coincidence that the last generation with stay-at-home moms was also the generation to become known as "the greatest generation."

For the life of my son, Ben, whose existence indemnifies me and guarantees that, whatever else I may do in my life, I cannot have failed and whose life
gives me comfort and confidence in a future of goodness and freedom.

For the life of my daughter, Rachel, whose indomitable spirit and infectious optimism adds a joyousness to wherever she is. Pursuit of happiness is meaningless if one does not enjoy and appreciate happiness and Rachel's joyousness is a constant reminder.

For the life of Ben's mom, whose values and goodness have created an environment in which Ben could grow so well and whose utter decency and sweetness has given me a relationship with her that endures all these years later.

For the life of my siblings. Having people who look kinda like you and sound kinda like you with whom there is nothing you can't say "remember when" to is a blessing. As optimistic as is the future, real progress can only come from remembering your past.

For the lives of my friends -- family that DOESN'T look like you or sound like you. These are family members by choice. These are folks who have come from many different places with many varied experiences but whose common values of goodness and decency and love of life make them all kin.

For the life of President George W. Bush without whom, I am convinced, there would already have been many more 9/11's -- ending the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of good, decent and utterly innocent folks by the thousands and, without whom, America would be mired in the same moral equivocations and cowardice that are the hallmarks of Europe today (just the moral equivocations and cowardice the terrorists were counting on when they attacked us on 9/11. It is not a coincidence that the day we ended our European-style appeasement and began fighting back like Americans the terror attacks stopped.)

And, again, for the life of America -- for none of the things mentioned above could be without America.

Had we be born in France our streets would now be on fire and our leadership corrupt and evil.

Had my mother been born in Germany she'd have likely suffered the fate of other Jews there.

Had my son been born in the Afghanistan of just prior to the Bush administration he'd likely be brainwashed into hatred in a madras with a future so bleak bland promises of 72 virgins would be enough for him to pursue not life but death.

Had my daughter been born there -- or any of a whole host of other Moslem nation's -- one would not know her joy for she'd be covered head-to-toe and beaten to death if caught with an exposed ankle.

Had my friends been born in Cuba I'd likely never know if we had shared values for sharing those values outloud is enough to get you imprisoned and tortured.

Had my sisters been born in Jordan they might never have grown up as "honor killings" for nothing more than being caught holding a boyfriend's hand is not uncommon there.

And, again, thanks to God, for without the God of our fathers, none of us would be here to enjoy our lives, liberty and to pursue the happiness that comes from our children, family and friends.


Doffie said...

Evan, That was beautifully stated.
You touched my heart. Doffie

Ren Ault said...

Evan, you twitching bigotry is indeed truly touching. I feel sorry for someone who trembles with such anger and feels so imbibed to spew forth such hatred onto the page. May your next life be a happier one :)

Evan Sayet said...


Only a leftist can see gratitude as bigotry. It's why Democrats are such utter ingrates. To actually be patriotic and love America and to be grateful for the freedoms and opportunities this great nation offers is an evil act in the "mind" of the Democrat and thus, to avoid being evil, they simply spit upon America at every turn.