Thursday, November 24, 2005

Democrats Love Taxes Because They Hate Americans

So, the latest headline, taken right from the Drudge Report is...STATES ENJOY FISCAL UPTURN ARISING FROM STRONG ECONOMY AND TIGHT BUDGETS...

So, for the third time in the last half century, cutting taxes has led to increased revenue and "fiscal upturns." Not a surprise. Everyone knows that cutting taxes increases revenue. What it also does is increase freedom and THIS is why the Democrats are against it.

The Democrats hate the American people. Democrats see Americans as either bigots or idiots. What other explanation can there be for the American people to twice elect a Nazi like George Bush?

The Democrats hate Americans -- so bigoted and stupid that they actually, gasp, believe in God and in America's exceptionalism! These folks can no more be trusted with the freedom that comes from keeping their own money they can with guns, education or the healthcare of their children.

Guns need to be owned only by the government and the private security teams that the elites can afford to hire. Education must be dictated by the leftists in public schools and universities without vouchers for the stupid and bigoted to choose to opt out. Parents cannot be trusted to make the right decisions about abortions (in other words, coerce their children into the pro-abortion stance of the left) and thus the Democrat makes laws circumventing parents from even being notified when they whisk uninformed children to the abortionist.

It is the Democrats hatred for Americans that sees them try to deny them the ability to vote -- or, better said, have their vote be of any consequence -- by ceding power to the corrupt, child-rapists at the United Nations and by predicating policy decisions not on the will of the American people but on passing "global tests."

Money, of course, is the greatest source of freedom. The ability to make AND KEEP one's own money is one of the reasons Americans are so free. But Democrats don't believe Americans deserve freedom -- they fear what these stupid and bigoted people will do with their freedom and thus they pursue taxation policy with the sole objective of denying the American people the freedom that their own money brings -- higher and higher confiscation of the people's income.

Clearly the Democrat does not believe in increasing taxes to bring in more revenue because that's the opposite of what happens. Everybody knows that. No, the Democrats believe in high taxes for the same reason they believe in more and more and more government rules and regulations and turning over America's rule to the UN -- it denies the people they hate -- the American people -- freedom.


Kim Partners said...

Oh Say Can You See...

Well, can ya?

Indigo Red said...

Having been a Democrat for near 30 years before coming into the light, I can't say that I ever met a happy Democrat. They tend to hate, or at least be disappointed, in everything. Taxing people seems to be the only thing which gives them joy.

Anonymous said...

They want to confiscate our money, then dole out to their cronies and supporters. They want us to depend on them like the French depend on their govt., the Canadians depend on theirs. They want to stay in perpetual power. They want to protect themselves from jail no matter how much fraud they committed, like Chirac and the Liberal party in Canada do. They don't hate Americans, they only hate those who dare to think for themselves, dare to excel without their permissions, and those who refuse tributes to them. They are anointed to lord over us, the uppity peasants who don't know their place.

Kim Partners said...

"They want to protect themselves from jail no matter how much fraud they committed"

Jeez, did any of the folks here who "think for themselves" even see this link before embarking on these weird diatribes about "They"?

Have you all gone fucking crazy?

EPorvaznik said...

Crazy's relative there, pard'ner...

Kim Partners said...

Yer link doesn't work, eporvaznik.

If it's something about how Democrats are just as bad as Republicans when it comes to massive corruption then you can keep it, though - of course they are. Or at least, they would be, given half the chance.

Still, as far as I know they don't have a doozy like the Franklin case under their belts. That's some world-class bad shit, right there.

EPorvaznik said...

Can always cut and paste, but I'll help ya with the headline, which is all the crazy proof ya (should) need:

Dems Back Saddam Hussein in New Poll

Alva Goldbook said...

don't forget it was Reagan and Bush senior that POLITICALLY backed Saddam.

by your logic, you could say that Republicans HATE the UNBORN, because they're the ones who are going to have to pay for their tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. Wouldn't you agree?

Evan Sayet said...

Alva, I have NO idea what you're talking about regarding hating the unborn.

But I do, yet again, get your half truths regarding the support of Saddam.

You see, Alva, Saddam was a counterbalance to the AYATOLAHS and the Iranian revolution which Jimmy Carter allowed.

You see, Alva, GROWN UPS recognize that in a sometimes dark and dirty world decent people are forced to side with an evil in order to defeat a GREATER evil.

That's what our fathers did -- you know, the Greatest Generation -- when they sided with the evils of communism in order to defeat the greater evil of Nazism.

When Republicans Reagan and Bush sided with saddam it was to defeat the greater evil of the Islamic fascist terrorist state that Jimmy Carter had allowed to take over from the Shah (a lesser evil).

Now that YOU side with the Islamic fascist terrorists it's against America. Thus either you are just a useful idiot to the terrorists or you consider America a greater evil than Islamic fascism which is murdering people all across the globe.

Now do you get why so many of us believe Democrats HATE AMERICA?

Alva Goldbook said...

Evan, this is not that hard to contemplate. If Democrats want higher taxes because, as you say, they hate America (a society BUILT on taxes), then by that very same logic, Republicans hate the unborn. Bush’s tax cuts are not simply tax cuts. You can NEVER actually cut taxes UNLESS you have a perfectly balanced budget, or a budget surplus. Bush’s federal budget is bleeding red all over the place. We are roughly having to borrow a BILLION dollars every single day. Who are we borrowing that money from? We are borrowing it from UNBORN Americans, who one day will be FORCED to pay it back.

Your half truths about the Ayatollahs is the only thing that is not grown up here. When Bush senior and Reagan funded Saddam to fight Iran, they did so ILLEGALLY. The Ayatollahs would not have been an issue, if it hadn’t been for the US permitting the Shah, Rezi Pahlevi to be a FAR more brutal dictator than Saddam could ever hope to be. In fact, the Shah was so repressive, that he had LITERALLY killed off his entire political opposition, so that the only ones left was Khomeni and the Ayatollahs. Of course, the Shah wouldn’t have been such a REPRESSIVE DICTATOR, and a threat to DEMOCRACY in the region if 1) the US hadn’t supported him, and 2) the US hadn’t OVERTHROWN IRAN’S DEMOCRACY.

Evan, yes, you are correct, that the world is not BLACK AND WHITE. It is not so simple as the squatter in the White House puts it, that “you’re either with us or against us, you’re either evil, or you’re good.” And from time to time we are forced to work with people who are not angels. That is why we have, at least in the past, shown the world the benefits of an open and honest DEMOCRATIC society. Because of those efforts, Japan and much of Europe are first world nations (efforts accomplished by Democrats, no less).

However, when this nation acts to OVERTHROW Democratic nations (as Bush did in Haiti just 2 years ago) and then PRETEND to build a democracy in Iraq, then I will call Bush on it. The simple fact is that Osama Bin Laden would be a NOBODY today if the United States had not OVERTHROWN IRAN’S DEMOCRACY IN 1953.

Actions have CONSEQUENCES, and in this case, those consequences cost us 3,000 American lives on 9/11, and the creation of the Islamist movement.

…by the way…Islamofascism is a meaningless word. The closest people you could call Islamofascists accurately would be The Shah of Iran, or the former President of Egypt Anwar Saddat.

"fascism - A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism."
American Heritage Dictionary, 1983

Alva Goldbook said...

kim partners,
theres some awesome links. mind if I use them on my blog, Nitwit Planet?

Evan Sayet said...

The leftists screamed FASCIST about Rudy Giuliani. And when he left office there were no death camps, he hadn't annexed Jersey. He merely left New York better than it had ever been (remember the "Democrat" years of Lindsey, Koch, David Dinkins? The streets were filthy and the city so polluted and crime ridden that people didn't dare walk the streets.

They shouted FASCIST about Ronald Reagan. When he was done there were no death camps. He hadn't annexed Canada. All he did was leave the world freer, with half of Europe no longer under the leftists in the Soviet Union.

Now they're yelling FASCIST about George Bush. And all he's done is liberate Iraq and Afghanistan, spread freedom to Lebanon, remove the WMDs for Libya, turn Pakistan into an ally, see the "Palestinians" with their first self-controlled land in history (they were only "invented" fairly recently) and an economy in America that is so perfect it is called a "goldilocks" economy.

Let the leftists spew their insanities. We keep winning by thoughtfully talking to the people who are not insane. That's why EVERY arena that allows for debate and discussion quickly becomes a Republican forum. Talk radio, blogs, hour-long debate and discussion programs on cable.

The lefties only survive when they can dictate and scream and yell. It's why they still control the leftist print media, the half-hour network news and the college campuses where people like Ward Churchill "lecture" students that the victims of 9/11 were all "little Eichmanns." This is why it is so vital to the leftists to not allow free speech on campus. They know, if challenged, they cannot win.