Saturday, October 01, 2005

An Angry Six A.M. Rant

The Democrats, with nothing positive to sell about themselves (does ANYONE know the Democrats' plan to improve our schools, protect us from Islamic fascists or keep the economy growing?) have offered a campaign best called "throwing sh-t against the wall and counting on the Old Media to try and make it stick."

The Democrats simply shout "HITLER" at every turn and then count on folks like Dan Rather and the corrupt denizens of the New York Times to spin every story as if written for them by the DNC.

Lie-filled, anti-American propaganda movies like those of Michael Moore receive standing ovations from the likes of Pelosi as the party elevates to its highest position a raving lunatic like Howard "Yeeee-ha" Dean -- a man whose only attributes are that he's willing to lie more often and more viciously than even Ted Kennedy.

In their desperation for power the Democrat cares not one whit who they slander, calling our troops "Nazis," the victims of 9/11 "little Eichmanns" and men like William Bennett and Charles Pickering "racists."

These are folks like Cindy Sheehan who would use the death of their own children for personal, financial and political gain. And an immoral and dying Old Media which painted this mentally disturbed, ranting lunatic (she recently insisted that the National Guard pull out of "occupied Louisiana!!!) as some kind of "Peace Mom" when hate, lies and moronities is all she had to sell.

This is the party that sees its "elder statesmen" comprised of folks like Ted Kennedy who leave their "female companions" to die slow miserable deaths while they sober up before calling the cops and the addled Robert "Ku Klux Klan" Byrd.

This is a party that elevates a man who slandered a million of his "band of brothers" -- encouraging the torture of his "friends" --- because he saw political gain by lying. This is the Democrats' standard bearer because they have no standards to bear.

This is a party that, after conducting a thorough search concluded that the lunatic Howard "Yeeee-ha" Dean best exemplifies the face, tactics and agenda of the entire party, elevating him to Chairman based solely on his willingness to lie more often than anyone else.

This is a party whose "civil rights" leadership includes a man who helped fake the rape of a child and incited the murder of five people in New York. It's a party of people who plagiarism the works of others, forge documents on their nightly news programs and cram top secret documents down the front of their pants.

They are people who slander the likes of Charles Pickering -- a man who in 1950's Mississippi risked his life and the lives of his wife and children to challenge the Ku Klux Klan even as the Dems favorite Byrd, Robert "KKK" Byrd was leader this terrorist organization which even today he still refers to happily as a "fraternity."

In order to attack William Bennett, a man the Democrats despise because he is the editor of "The Book of Virtues" and virtues are like kryptonite to the Democrat -- they have to take a recent quote and edit it in a fashion that makes him seem to say exactly the opposite of what he actually said.

This is not an unusual tactic for the Democrats and it is, in fact, standard operating procedure at the corrupt (and dying) New York Times. Recall the episode with the leftist Maureen Dowd and the outright fabrications of "facts" by Paul Krugman.

Recall other episodes in the Old Media such as Dan Rather's use of forged documents, Reuters use of photoshopped pictures and Newsweek's attempt to sell an impossibility -- the cramming of a square Koran down a round toilet pipe -- as "fact."

This is the party of Al Franken, a man whose salary was paid only through the theft of money from a children's charity and whose book "Lying Liars..." Is such a non-stop collection of his own lies that in order to avoid the avalanche of libel suits he had to swear he never meant for anything he wrote to be taken seriously.

This is the party of Michael Moore -- long time liar and anti-American propagandist -- who sees his hate-filled anti-American movies being given standing ovations by the Democrat leadership because hate for America is a small price to pay for, perhaps, someday regaining personal power.

And this is the party of Bill and Hillary Clinton -- the former who cared nothing about anything other than himself and his sexual urges and the latter too busy craming the FBI files of people she hates under the bed to care about what Billy was doing on top of it.

These are not a handful of loonies, folks, this is a party in which hate, lies, slander, propaganda, forged documents, stolen documents and stolen files is the norm at the highest levels. These are killers and people who incite murder and these are the stars of today's Democrat party.


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Pete said...

Excellent commentary, Evan. I do believe you have captured the "Essance of Democrat" in a way that only those without the sense of smell could miss! Do continue.

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