Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quick Question

While writing my longer piece on the racism behind the elite media's acceptance of rumors coming out of New Orleans -- rumors of rape, murder and even cannibalism -- I have a simple question:

If the horrors that were reported were supposed to be "proof" of how evil, horrible and racist America is doesn't their being proved false show how great, wonderful and colorblind we are?


Senator_MJM said...

The answer is simple. 'We', the majority of non-liberal, non-elite, conservative minded, hard-working Americans are not racist. The ones manufacturing the story are. They are always the last to realize the truth. They will never believe it. Similarily, listen to all media and leftists charges against DeLay. I bet ya dollars to donuts those manufacturing the charges are more than likely the guilty. Delay will be found to be 'uninvolved', more than likely won't even go to trial.

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