Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dems are "Dead Men Walking"

Howard Fineman has an editorial in the current issue of Newsweek entitled "Demoralized Dems." While Fineman is to be praised for recognizing the reality that the Democrats know themselves to be in big trouble (after all, these are the same folks who brought you as "news" the impossibility of a square peg -- the Koran -- being flushed down a tiny round hole) Fineman tippy-toes around the realities.

What follows is my letter to Fineman.


The Democrats are demoralized because they recognize the party is in a death spiral. The old tricks and tricksters that had kept them in power for decades are all falling apart around them.

The thugocracy of the unions which, for decades, had pilfered its members' dues and piped it directly to the DNC is in tatters. The Old Media which had been a monopolistic voice for the far-leftists is now just that, the Old Media, with attempts to spin everything from Cindy Sheehan as a "peace Mom" rather than an anti-American lunatic being played by the communists and Democrats for political gain to attempts to sell Abu Gharaib as the new "holocaust" rather than the pranks of a couple of night guards already being investigated by the Bush administration have utterly failed with the people.

The Democrats are demoralized because they recognize that the American people reject their basic philosophy of confiscation of income and its redistribution by leftists, more and more and more government regulations such as warning labels on coffee that it might be hot and the ceding of our sovereignty to foreign bodies like the UN and France. The Democrats recognize that they cannot honestly speak honestly of their policies (does ANYONE know what the Dems plan to do to improve our schools, fight Islamic fascism abroad or protect our citizens here at home?) for they would receive only the votes of International ANSWER members and perhaps Michael Moore and each time they try to fudge it ("I voted FOR the 87 billion dollars before I voted AGAINST it") they just come off as the tricky tricksters that they are.

With nothing positive to sell about themselves or their agendas the Democrats can resort only to name-calling. Their campaign slogan might just as well be "sure we'll destroy your schools, your country and likely hand the world over to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat but the other guy (fill in the name, Bush, Cheney, Giuliani, Reagan, the troops at Gitmo, the victims of 9/11) is HITLER!!!"

The problem, of course, is not only does no thinking person believe the good and decent family man and Christian George Bush (much less the victims of 9/11) are all "little Eichmanns" but the leftists' desperation sees them forced to get more and more shrill in their attacks making them only that much more laughable.

Meanwhile, while everyone who disagrees with a Democrat is "Hitler," a "Nazi" or "a little Eichmann" these attacks are coming from the likes of Al Sharpton who helped fake the rape of a child, Ted Kennedy who drove off a bridge drunk and left his "female companion" to die a slow miserable death and a collection of other liars, plagarists, kooks and communists -- be they Howard Dean, Joe Biden, Robert "KKK" Byrd or the money-men like George Soros.

Finally, the failed policies of leftism are coming home to roost. No longer are leftist policies like "ebonics" and "multiculturalism" just theories that the "brilliant intellectuals" can sell to the folks so stupid as to actually love America and believe in G-d. After forty years of "multicultuarlism" and "ebonics" and "self-esteem therapy" even idiots like me -- too stupid to have inherited a brownstone or a "compound" from their parents -- know that the policies of the left are disastrous.

So, yes, Sir, the Dems are demoralized. And rightly so. They have nothing to offer, their attacks are becoming more and more shrill, their policies are not just wrong in theory but disasterous in fact and the corrupt institutions that they had long counted on to keep them afloat -- the Dan Rathers and the Jimmy Hoffas -- are either sulking in disgraced retirement or somewhere around the fifty yardline of Giant Stadium.

The Democrats are demoralized because they are done. To put it in the words of yet another leftist propaganda machine mired in a life-threatening slump, the Dems are "Dead Men Walking."

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