Thursday, September 29, 2005

Racist Media Accepts Lies About Blacks

So the Mainstream Media got it wrong again. The folks who brought you forged documents and mentally disturbed partisans as "unimpeachable sources," who tried to sell the notion that American troops are not only Nazis but "super-Nazis" able to defy the laws of physics by cramming a square peg (the Koran) into a tiny round hole (a toilet pipe) were making claims as to rape, murder and even cannibalism in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Was this just another effort to denigrate America and thus "prove" their ideology which demands America's greatness be the result of our evil? To an extent. Was it just the utter corruption of lazy pretty-boys counting the minutes till happy hour at the Four Seasons unwilling to actually do the hard work of investigative reporting? No doubt.

But the real reason the Old Media so willingly accepted the notion of rape, murder and cannibalism in New Orleans is because these spoiled elitists are racists. Just as Dan Rather had so much hate for George Bush that the forged documents simply HAD to be true and no effort need be made to verify them (or when the verification process debunked what Dan Rather wanted to believe saw the experts edited out of the program) the elite media's deeply held belief that blacks are animals made verifying these incredible claims unnecessary.

Lets face it, if this story had taken place on Nantucket Island there is no way the owners of Upper Eastside of Manhattan brownstones would have believed -- much less reported as fact -- the stories of rape, murder and cannibalism. In the words of the multiple Pulitzer Prize winning New Orleans Times-picayune editor James Amoss "If the dome and Convention Center had harbored large numbers of middle class white people it would not have been a fertile ground for this kind of rumor-mongering."

The reality is that the folks at the New York Times and CNN, et al. are racists. This is not a new thought. I wrote about it in a previous blog entry brilliantly entitled "Democrats are Racists" long before the storms were on the radar screen, so to speak.

Democrats believe blacks to be inferior. This is why, when Jayson Blair of the New York Times was caught lying, stealing and plagerizing the leftist in charge covered for his crimes. You could almost hear the Democrat saying "well, what do you expect? He's black." It's reminiscent of a scene from the movie "Annie Hall" where the maid is caught stealing money from the family she works for. The liberal argues "she's black. She has a RIGHT to steal. If she doesn't steal from us then who is she going to steal from?"

These racists at CNN believed the most horrible and impossible of tales because it fit into their world view. Blacks are inferior. That's why the Democrat believes they shouldn't be required to learn the English language but rather their street slang should be championed as a language of its own (ebonics). The Democrat believes they are too dumb to learn English.

This is why the Democrat believes that blacks -- no matter their income or advantages -- are inferior and therefore even, say, Michael Jordan's kid needs special advantages like "affirmative action." After all, his black skin proves that he's incapable of getting "A's" in school and therefore a "C" is a great accomplishment for these "stupid negros."

Rape, infanticide and cannibalism? That's just something "those colored folk" do according to the elitists on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan who hire doormen to ensure that none of these cannibals from, say, Harlem, ever set foot in their lobbies. so self-evident is the "African-American's" inferiority that those who do not rape, murder and eat the flesh of other human beings -- folks like Condeleeza Rice and Colin Powell and Rod Page and Clarence Thomas -- "aren't really black."

No, to these Democrat racists being "really black" means being an Al Sharpton and helping to fake the rape of children. It means being Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrahkan and Maxine Waters -- verbal thugs who prey on their own communities to enrichen themselves. Being "really black" means raping and murdering and eating human flesh. So much so that reports of such activities at the Superdome and the Convention Center needn't even be investigated.

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