Wednesday, September 21, 2005

America -- Arrogant Hypocrites

Two of a Democrats' favorite words of disparagement (other than "Hitler" and "fascist") are "hypocrite" and "arrogant." I have no problem with either.

By "hypocrite" the Democrat means folks who recognize and espouse higher ideals and then, through human frailty, fall short of perfection. I much prefer this to the Democrat who espouses -- does not believe in -- higher ideals and never seeks them.

By "arrogant" the Democrat means believing in things. Unless one is willing to cope to the Democrats' notion -- perfectly espoused by Barbara Walters who, in eulogizing the Canadian-born socialist Peter Jennings said "what made Peter great is that he knew there is no such thing as the truth" -- that there is nothing to believe in one is "arrogant."

This is why the Democrats constantly attack America itself as both "hypocritical" and "arrogant." America is "hypocritical" because we espouse the highest values and, as a collection of 280 million human beings sometimes fall short (four of us put underwear on terrorists' heads at Abu Gharaib) and "arrogant" because we will not turn over our sovereignty to vicious, anti-Semitic, rapists, liars and killers at the United Nations believing (how dare we) that democracy is better than, say, corrupt terrorist dictatorships!!!


Alva Goldbook said...

Jesus Christ explained to us all what a hypocrite was. It was somebody who will call someone on the splinter on their eye when there is a board in yours. This most frequently happens when Republicans talk about the “war on terror”. Recently the wacky Republican governor of Mass. called on the feds to start wiretapping mosques. However, despite the terrorist act by Christian terrorists such as Eric Rudolph, Pat Robertson, and Tim McVeigh, Romney didn’t have a word to say about wiretapping Baptist churches. It seems that Home Depot has moved an entire lumber yard into Romney’s eyes.

Americans, in general, whether they are Democrats, Progressives, or Liberals tend to think that “arrogance” means “arrogance.” Even for your average right wing psychopath, they tend to think that “arrogance” is not “believing in things”, so much as a personality “marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one’s superiority toward others.” Of course you continually quote Walters out of context (I know you get little giggles out of it), but I’m sure any Republican in public “service” or in the media could be quoted IN CONTEXT showing their tenancy towards mental illness. One is reminded of Zell Miller’s interview with Chris Matthews in which he told him “I wish I was there in the studio so I could get right in your face”, and that “I wish we lived in the days in which you could challenge a man to a duel.”

But I would love for you Evan to find me ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT who has called America hypocritical and arrogant. Word of advice, don’t confuse your country with the squatter in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Evan Sayet,

You know the problem with you is that you harp about Arafat as if he is still alive and kicking. Get over it dude. He's gone. Dead. What's your problem with dead people? Get over him. Why do you always like to talk about him as if he is haunting you. Have you thought about seeking medical help?

Evan said...

alva --

Your sickness is showing again.

Tim McVeigh was not a Christian. Pat Robertson never committed a terrorist act and Eric Rudolph had to live like an animal because he was being hunted down by the Judeo-Christian American people.

Meanwhile the Islamists are murdering people the world over in the NAME OF ISLAM, they are being funded and cheered and aided and abetted by Moslem governments, etc. But in your sick eye the former is the "board" and the latter is the "splinter."

Folks, here is it. No thought no facts no reason just out and out hatred for America and any spin required to justify the hatred that she has and will have no matter what.

Evan said...

Folks, again check out "anon..." no thought, no reason, cherry-picked facts. And then silly name-calling and personal attacks.

This is today's Democrat. Are YOU really one of them? Ask youself how much longer you can see the lefties forge documents, photoshop pictures, cram documents down the front of the pants, attack everyone who disagrees with them as "Hitler", offer NO policy or action only this really what YOU want to be?

Alva Goldbook said...

Tim McVeigh wasn’t a Christian? He wasn’t a part of the Aryan Republican Army, a far right militant Christian terrorist group? McVeigh didn’t have any connection with the cult known as Christian Identity?

Evan, the DEFINITION of “'international terrorism” means someone who “(B) appear to be intended - (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.” Now, when Robertson calls for the assassination of a DEMOCRATICALLY elected leader of a FREE SOVEREIGN nation, then what is it, other than TERRORISM? Would it be terrorism if Mutada al-Sadr called for the assassination of Tony Blair? This is the same Pat Robertson who called for a nuclear device to be set off at the State Department, and that the United States DESERVED to be attacked on 9/11 because of our “tolerance” towards gays. He is a terrorist madman.

Meanwhile, Eric Rudolph, who had blown up abortion clinics, managed to evade authorities for 10 years with the help of his fellow right-wing Christians. They even printed up and sold T-shirts for him, saying “run Rudolph run”.

The cause of terrorism is not Islam. It is RADICAL CONSERVATISM. Are Islamists murdering people? Of course. Are they cheered, aided and abetted by Moslem governments? Sometimes. Saudi Arabia kicked Osama out of the country for his wanting to overthrow “the socialist infidel”, Saddam Hussein. Egypt has executed many of those Islamists for decades. However, nations like Uzbekistan (who are close allies with the US) boil dissidents alive for simply wishing to be free. Bush calls those freedom fighters “terrorists”.

Again, Evan, you toss this “hatred for America” nonsense around for all it’s worth. How DARE you say that I hate this wonderful nation. I was American born, American breed, and I’m gonna die American dead. And that great document, the Declaration of Independence says quite clearly that when any Government becomes destructive of providing the UNALIENABLE RIGHTS of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, then it is the RIGHT of the People to ALTER or ABOLISH IT. It seems to me that you accuse me of “hating America” for NOT AGREEING WITH YOU. That you even have the conceit to utter this vomit is the epitome of being UNPATRIOTIC.

A very find Republican President said it much better than me:

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but it is morally treasonable to the American public.” - Teddy Roosevelt.

ex-Hollywood Liberal said...

You have a choice Evan - you can take the easy way out the way so many academics and students did at Bebelplatz, or you can keep trying. When the MSM bankrupts itself and stops indoctrinating children like Wahabi clerics, they'll get it. Until then it's an uphill battle. My relatives in Brazil are now beginning to understand what living under communism is like. Lula has gained power that our domestic socialists dream of, while bankrupting the entrepreneurial engine that drove their once-vibrant economy. The street sweepers are thrilled by the prospect of making as much as engineers but they, like our socialist detractors, haven't yet connected any dots. See you tomorrow night, my friend.

Charles said...

Evan Sayet, so what if I'm "anon" Talk about no thought, no reason, cherry-picked facts. And then silly name-calling and personal attacks.
Do you really think Arafat is still alive and a threat to you? Do you?

Evan Sayet said...

What a meaningless question. By "Yasser Arafat" I am talking about both the continuing corruption and indoctination into hatred for all infidels (the Jew being the CLOSEST infidel) of the folks of the PA and the Democrats in America who love every evil on this planet.

Did anyone listen to the shrill, assinine lies of the Cindy Sheehans and the terrorists who were cheered at the anti-America rally sponsored by the group International ANSWER -- a COMMUNIST organization?

Why won't the Old Media tell the folks the event was SPONSORED by a communist agency? Does ANYONE think if a Repubican rally were sponsored by the Neo-Nazis it wouldn't be the LEAD in the story?

Folks, these are the lies you are getting from the leftists. They won't even tell you who the sponsors of anti-American events featuring pro-terror Islamic fanatics are.

jb_ken said...

The Sheehan moonbat types profess to be anti-war; but they are not. Where were they when clinton, their hero, led an illegal occupation of Bosnia? He had no international support to do what he did, even from the anti-semetic UN. I guess that war was okay since clinton was on the side of the terrorists and they were bombing Catholic churhes and killing Christians.

These so called anti-war groups are nothing but marxist, anti-American hate groups and should be prosecuted for sedition. They are funded by socialists and communists like George Soros.

I'm just glad they continue to speak and the old media continues to give them air time. The more normal Americans see these nutballs the less support they achieve.

jb_ken said...

Corrupt Democrat Indicts Patriot Delay

The charges have no basis in the facts or the law. This is just another example of Ronnie Earle misusing his office for partisan vendettas. Despite the clearly political agenda of this prosecutor, Congressman DeLay has cooperated with officials throughout the entire process. Even in the last two weeks, Ronnie Earle himself had acknowledged publicly that Mr. DeLay was not a target of his investigation. However, as with many of Ronnie Earle's previous partisan investigations, Ronnie Earle refused to let the facts or the law get in the way of his partisan desire to indict a political foe.

This purely political investigation has been marked by illegal grand jury leaks, a fundraising speech by Ronnie Earle for Texas Democrats that inappropriately focused on the investigation, misuse of his office for partisan purposes, and extortion of money for Earle's pet projects from corporations in exchange for dismissing indictments he brought against them. Ronnie Earle's previous misuse of his office has resulted in failed prosecutions and we trust his partisan grandstanding will strike out again, as it should.

Ronnie Earle's 1994 indictment against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was quickly dismissed and his charges in the 1980s against former Attorney General Jim Mattox-another political foe of Earle-fell apart at trial.

We regret the people of Texas will once again have their taxpayer dollars wasted on Ronnie Earle's pursuit of headlines and political paybacks. Ronnie Earle began this investigation in 2002, after the Democrat Party lost the Texas state legislature to Republicans. For three years and through numerous grand juries, Ronnie Earle has tried to manufacture charges against Republicans involved in winning those elections using arcane statutes never before utilized in a case in the state. This indictment is nothing more than prosecutorial retribution by a partisan Democrat."

Alva Goldbook said...

let's look back over the last few weeks.

Homeland Security's first major test ends as a dramatic flop, and a thousand (or more) people die along the Gulf Coast.

the FEMA director (whose expertise with emergency management had to do with his intimate knowledge of horses' asses) was forced to step down.

michael chertoff lies on Meet the Press, and gets his ass handed to him by tim russert. no word yet if he will resign.

81% of the public favors a 9/11-style commission to investigate what went wrong with Bush's response, but instead the public has been disgusted to see Bush leading the probe to find out what Bush did wrong.

the Senate Majority Leader gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar, for insider trading of his own family company's stock.

and Tom DeLay has been indicted by the Texas Grand Jury (not Earle) on conspiracy charges with rigging elections and excepting campaign bribes.

Gee, does it look like to you that the Republican house of cards are just beginning to fall down?

jb_ken said...

One thing wrong with your synopsis alva. The nation and particularly the Gulf coast blame the incompetant governor and mayor for Katrina and not FEMA. Americans know that FEMA is not their Daddy and most people can figure out how to evacuate on their own.

Secondly, the country also knows that Ronnie Earle is a partisan hack and the indictment will only backfire on the rats as does all of their trumped up charges from Rather forging documents to Senator Turbin calling our troops Nazis.

Feel free to glow in the putrid light of the Rat party while you can though. The GOP mauling of the Rat party in 2006 is just around the corner.

Evan Sayet said...

It is telling that the Democrats attack the President but the people who were actually THERE and know the whole story recognize that the Old Media and the Democrats are the liars.

This is the tale from the Middle East where the soldiers overwhelmingly support the President, the mission and America as well as from New Orleans where the folks there recognize that the horrors that happened were ALL the fault of the Democrat leadership in New Orleans and Louisiana.

If Alva were a thinking person instead of an America-hater she'd give great credence to what the eye-witnesses -- the folks with everything to lose and little to gain by misrepresenting the story -- have to say.

Instead she starts with her conclusions (American wrong, George Bush evil...) and then cherry-picks, spins and invents whatever is necessary to uphold her preordained and non-moveable "conclusion."

So she invents some "lie" from Chertoff but utterly ignores the fact that the Dems were caught lying about a woman who died on the first day -- inventing non-existent telephone calls, mayors who run away to other cities, a police department that either abaonded the city or stayed behind to loot because they hurt her conclusion that America is wrong and George Bush is evil.

Nothing will change the minds of these lunatics. There's a reason their friend and ally Joe Stalin (whom FDR lovingly called "Uncle Joe") called his "nephews" useful "idiots."

An idiot is someone incapable of applying rational thought. The Alvas of the world don't analyze the evidence and employ critical judgment in order to come to the truth. They start with their "truth" (again, America wrong, Bush evil" and then like a babbling idiot spew non-sequitars and fabrications and lunatic conspiracy theories to uphold their nutty visions.

The good news is that the more lunatic the "everyone who died in the World Trade Center was a 'little Eichmann'" crowd becomes...the more Cindy Sheehan is seen as the "voice" of the Democrts along with Howard "Yeeee-ha" Dean and Teddy "Chapaquidick" Kennedy and the plagerist Joe Biden the more the Dems become just the party of the lunatic fringe.

Keep up the good work, Alva. 2006 is coming up and I want a Sixty Seat majority in the Senate!!!

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