Monday, September 19, 2005

Media's Lies Continue

Chances are outstanding that Gerhard Schroeder, the anti-American Prime Minister of Germany is out. If not he is certainly greatly weakened. This only a week or so after Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi won an overwhelming victory. Why is this important? Because it shows again that the Mainstream Media is unworthy of attention.

Remember, these are the folks who, in their effort to undermine America's ability to liberate Iraq, swore up and down in editorials masquerading as "news reporting" that anyone in Europe or Asia who sided with America were going against their citizens' wishes and would pay a hefty price.

Fortunately few were cowed by the media's lies. A time after time after time the Old Media's efforts have been exposed for the corruption they are. Bush himself, of course, won reelection with the most votes in American history. John Howard of Australia, a steadfast and strong supporter of the coalition's work received even more votes than he had in his previous overwhelming victory while Tony Blair of England won an historic victory.

The greatest enemies of America in Europe -- the corrupt French leader Jacques Chirac and Shroeder -- have both received stunning rebukes from their citizens including Chirac's dream of undermining America by creating a German-French uberpower under the cloak of a "European Union" being (to him) humiliatingly defeated.

This all comes amid the leftist media's attempts to sell Cindy Sheehan as, well, other than mentally ill, the failure of a black Democrat mayor and a female Democrat governor being portrayed as somehow the fault of the white, male Republican President, efforts to coverup the theft of money from needy children by the leftists at Air America and so many other failures and lies on the part of the Old, corrupt media that they have rendered themselves simply laughable.


jb_ken said...

Evan, you going to be on that liar Hartmann's show any time soon?

Evan said...

I don't think Thom wants to have me back. He was very gracious and it took guts to be challenged -- something few lefties have because they know they can't win -- but Thom's audience didn't want to hear any other voices but those that already agree with them.

I assume somewhere along the line Thom and I will meet again.

Dan & Dawn Lowe said...

Evan, we just read your article titled Liberalism Breeds Terrorism. It is fantastic! It just so happens that we have a website entitled If you don't mind, we would like to post it there. We have our signature shirts and bumper stickers as well. Keep up the good work, and never forget....Liberalism Breeds Terrorism! May God bless you. Dan & Dawn Lowe