Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers Nomination

I guess it's incumbent upon me to write something about the Harriet Miers nomination. Well, I'm very optimistic.

I'm not surprised to hear the gnashing of teeth from the right. I, myself, was itching for a fight. After all, if you won't fight when you've got fifty-five seats in the Senate when are you ever going to fight?

But that's the thing about George Bush. I think it's the Christian in him. Bush rarely fights. He just wins. Oh, he'll throw over the money-changers' tables from time to time. But what he can win with Christian grace he does. And he wins big.

I can't even count the times that I wanted this President to just say "up yours" and do what is best for America. Instead he would act with grace and end up with a bigger victory than anyone could have hoped for.

The first time I remember this playing out this way was when the President went to the United Nations on the eve of the first annivesary of 9/11. I wanted the President to say "screw you" to this corrupt band of thieves, anti-Semites and child rapists there. Instead he showed the grace and goodness of the Christian and of America and the victory was only that much greater for his having made the effort.

I saw this again when the President was gracious and giving to the corrupt Jacques Chirac and the feckless Gerhard Schroeder. I wanted him, in the face of their backstabbing and corruption, to tell them where they could go. Instead the President was gracious -- he "turned the other cheek" -- and the result was not only the greatest number of votes for any President in US history but the humiliating defeat of Chirac and Schroeder in their own countries.

With the nomination of John Roberts I was, again, unsatisfied. Not that I knew much of Roberts at the time but I wanted an in your face "go to hell nominee." Instead we got everything we could want in a Supreme Court Justice and one who will be the Chief Justice for perhaps the next four decades!

And, again this time, I wanted the President to put up a "screw you" nominee. A Janice Rogers Brown. He didn't.

There are only four possibilities: 1) The President is stupid and doesn't get the importance of this "swing vote." 2) The President is stupid and doesn't know his own long-time friend and associate. 3) The President gets the importance but is a political whore willing to sell out the nation in exchange for short-term political gain or 4) The President has been "misunderestimated" again and this is the biggest win of them all.

After five years of victory after victory after victory for America and the world I'm betting big time on number 4.


EPorvaznik said...

Excellent points, Evan, but can't he throw the ravenous dogs a short-term bone, for poops and giggles if for nothing else?

By the way, where'd your usual fan club go? Hope they weren't shoo'ed away by vacuum and tai chi carpet baggers.

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MiamiMiami said...

Hi there. I read Evan's blog and articles all of the time. But like everyone else here I couldn't care less about vacuums or tai chi. I wonder if there is a blog about left-handed basket weavers who smoke peyote?

Hi Evan!

Anonymous said...

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Oh well . . .

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