Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Democrats -- and their minions in the Old Media -- are spinning furiously and in their standard fashion. The leftists are screaming "racism" and making comparisons to holocausts and slave ships hoping to blind through hatred for clear sight again shows the Democrats to be inept, corrupt and often downright evil.

The idea that those left behind were not evacuated was because of some innate racism on the part of the President is a vulgar lie -- one that any decent person should vocally renounce. Unfortunately there are very few people in the Democrat Party who are decent these days so even the pseudo-religious Joe Lieberman has no problem abiding his party's bearing of false witness.

So let's be clear, here. The President was in no way responsible either for the failed evacuation plans, the Mayor's inability or lack of desire to inspire compliance or the folks who chose for whatever reason not to leave the city as the hurricane approached.

Nor was the President responsible in the slightest for the dismal conditions at the Louisiana Superdome or the convention center as these were obviously under the purview of the local government headed by the Mayor.

Thus the overwhelming majority of the deaths and the suffering in New Orleans and its surrounding areas falls on Mayor Ray Nagin. Clearly had the people been evacuated as per the plan, we'd be talking about property damage and not human suffering.

And while Democrats try to spin stories about how the "slow response" of the Federal government prolonged the misery of those whose mayor failed to evacuate them and then failed to provide even the basics for their sustenance the truth is that the Federal government not only responded rapidly but did so in unprecedented fashion.

To my understanding President Bush declared Hurricane Katrina a "national emergency" even prior to its hitting land -- something that had never before been done -- in order to have the necessary forces and equipment in place the instant they were needed. And, contrary to the Democrats' lie that the troops weren't available because they were in Iraq, the necessary troops were on standby just waiting for the word to go.

But the President could not give that word for, the President cannot order Federal troops into a state without the written request of the Governor. This is designed to protect the states from a federal takeover and had Bush sent the troops in without the written request from Governor Blanko he would have committed an impeachable offense -- one of the most egregious in our history.

Thus the deaths, the suffering and the misery that we associate with hurricane Katrina were one hundred percent the fault of the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans and the Democrat Governor of Louisiana.

In fact, the President's policies were unprecedentedly strong, good and right and note should be made that almost to the second that the Governor belatedly signed the papers, the tragedy began to abate. In cool, efficient style the Feds put down the criminal element, conducted rooftop rescues by the thousands, quickly restored water and power to a good many neighborhoods and whereas there had been talk of tens of thousands of dead (according to no less an "expert" than Mayor Nagin) the swift and good work of the Feds sees that figure now dropped to somewhere near one or two thousand. Whereas before the Feds were allowed in the conventional wisdom was that New Orleans was gone forever today the goal is to have the French Quarter up and running within a mere 90 days.

Were mistakes made by the Feds? Of course. In what massive operation such as the retaking of a city from thugs and bandits, the resettling of thousands and thousands of refugees and the battling of nature's fury are there not SNAFUs and bureaucratic bumblings? But the notion that the cause of suffering was in any way the President's policies or the National Guard's incompetence or, most vile of all lies, the result of racism is simply another Democrat attempt to slander America's heroes (from our soldiers at Gitmo to the victims of 9/11 whom they call "little Eichmanns") and use the suffering of others for their own personal, political and financial gain.


Senator_MJM said...

Bingo, Evan. The problem goes even further. You have Senator Landrieu blaming Bush for not taking care of the levee system. Tell me Senator, where are your legislative proposals, bills or support for YOUR state's request to fund these projects you've known as a problem for decades? Isn't that your job? Did you know, Senator, that Bush has allocated more money to Louisiana and Army Core of Engineers in the last five years than his predecessor? Now let's go to the statements about how Bush is such a 'divider'. Give me one statement that even comes close to dividing, and I'll give you 5 actions which demonstrate he is reaching out more than any President in history. New Orleans is 75% percent black. How can you accuse 'racism'? Secondly, who is it that is proposing such a ridiculous charge? Doesn't that charge have a 'dividing' expectation? These statements are false, ignorant, cruel and reprehensible. There are still people waiting to be rescued. Please do what you can to help the relief effort.

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Keep it up. I'm looking forward one day soon that Governor Blanko and mayor Ray Nagin will be under oath to answer questions. I would hope that Senator Landrieu and Representative Pelosi be included. They have lied to the public. It's time that answer for their criminal homicide, malfeasance, misfeasance, violating their oaths of office. I'm sure that there are other charges. Rawriter

Pancho said...

It is curious that a state which fought the federal government in 1861 to preserve it's "states rights" now is blaming that same Federal Government for being reluctant in coming in and taking over without proper authority.

jb_ken said...

Noticed the lib talking points were out today stating that Blanco told Bush to "send everything you got" 3 days before the hurricane hit.

Pure BS. One host even had the nerve to say that Bush was too busy on his vacation to take care of the disaster. These lib talk show hosts are seditious and need to be taken off the air.

jb_ken said...

Lib Control Again Creates Disaster

Strike 1. In 1967 after the last big Hurricane, LBJ ordered the building of large locks to withstand category 5 storms. What happened? Well as usual the marxist environmentalists stopped the projects because it would harm the red scaled nut washer or some useless species of aquatic life.

Stike 2. Mayor Dumbass orders an evacuation to people who have no way to evacuate. Leave 100s of busses to flood which could have been used to move "his" people. What was his answer to this? He said on Fox Sunday, "Where would we move them to?" How about out of NOLA dumbass? Take em to Disney World. Who cares where; just get them out. Of course the great mayor was in Houston buying a new home, far away from "his" people who were suffering.

Strike 3. Amtrak offered to evacuate hundreds of people on Saturday. Request denied.

Strike 4. The Red Cross's busses were ordered not to unload goods to the folks trapped in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Why you ask? The state authorities didn't want to attract any more of "those" people to the site; so in effect they wanted to starve them out.

Strike 5. Gov. Baba Blanco failed to ask for troop support in her request to our President; thus mass looting and shootings took place making it impossible for FEMA, who were prepositioned by the President.

Thanks again Libs. First 9/11 now this. Still wonder why you are not in charge?

Anonymous said...

For the next galveston hurricane ; the easy way to keep going.

rs6471 said...

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