Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When Dan Rather used forged documents and tried to pawn off a mentally disturbed Democrat party partisan with multiple direct contacts with the highest members of the Kerry campaign as an "unimpeachable source" one thought the leftist media couldn't get any lower.

Then when it was discovered that the leftists had robbed needy children to pay their own salaries at Air America one was sure these bastards couldn't go any lower.

But then news of a mentally disturbed liar using her own son's death in Iraq for personal and financial gain, egged on by race-baiters and liars like Al Sharpton came along and one was left to wonder if there even is a bottom to these slime.

And then comes one of the greatest natural disasters in American history and the Old Media and the Democrats efforts to spin this tragedy into a couple of points for their cause.

Of course it's all lies. Every single death is attributable to Ray Nagin -- the mayor of New Orleans -- having failed to evacuate his citizens. Had this foul-mouthed finger-pointer actually done his job (with five days advanced warning) the only talk today would be of property damage.

And, of course, the failure to "respond quickly" afterwards was the fault of the weak and likely corrupt Democrat Governor of Louisiana -- Blanko -- who refused to allow the Federal government in for fear it would make her look like a weak woman if she had to call on a man to save her state's largest city.

The instant the Feds were allowed in everything changed. It went from amateurs covering their behinds to professionals saving the day. Within days the early predictions (based on a projection of the continued failures of the local and state governments) was that tens of thousands would be found dead and that the city of New Orleans was finished. Within a couple of days after the Feds entered the expected death toll is one fifth or less of the original prediction with talk of opening up the French Quarter in fewer than 90 days.

But truth means nothing to folks who forge documents and cram top secret papers into their pants and steal money from needy children. It's all about "self" and self means trying to destroy their opponents no matter what it takes. Remember, these aren't just folks who take advantage of young people who trust them and are in their employ but then, when caught, lie about them -- calling them "stalkers" and the like.

These are liars and bastards and hatemongers who would sow racial war if it meant being able to steal one more penny from their "constituents." These are evil folks, folks, and whatever "mistakes" the Feds may have made in the amazing search, rescue and resuscitate they performed in several major American cities at once they were honest mistakes. The Democrats are just corrupt, hateful, hatemongering liars.


JM said...

The Democrats are just corrupt, hateful, hatemongering liars.

And, might I add....UGLY!

jb_ken said...

.... and boring.