Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pattern of Lies

Anyone who takes but a minute to look at the "major" news stories of late will find there is a pattern.

1) The Democrats attack the President screaming that whatever it is the worst in the history of the world with the motive being the most heinous ever with everyone being Hitler and everything either the "hull of a slave ship" or a "concentration camp."

2) The Mainstream Media forges documents, covers-up for the Democrats, invents stories of Korans being flushed down the toilet and spin-spin-spin the stories to support the democrats' positions.

3) The public, being bombarded by the power of the media, initially buys into the Democrats/Media's lies.

4) Over the next few days and weeks, as the less powerful media -- like the blogesphere and AM radio -- get the facts out and allow for conversation the truth emerges.

5) The President is not only exonerated but shown to have done nearly everything exactly right and the Democrats/Old Media end up with one more nail in their coffin.

This, of course, was the pattern with the story of Abu Gharaib where the Dems screamed "Hitler", the NY Times ran the story on the front page for 44 straight days and the people were sold the idea of some horror took place -- one that was not only pervasive in the military but ordered from the top.

The people were rightly outraged at the news and the polls reflected it.

Over the next few weeks, however, the truth emerged. The misdeeds at Abu Gharaib were closer to a fraternity prank than a "holocaust," the "evil-doers" were a couple of punk kids -- four or five in total. And, of course, the pranks were not ordered from the top but instead came to light because the government itself was investigating the pranks.

When all the facts were known the President was shown to have done everything right, the Democrats were proved to be hysterical liars and the Old Media put one more nail in their coffin.

The same pattern emerges in the invented celebrity of Cindy Sheehan. The Democrats screamed that the President didn't care about human life.

The leftist press reported the story as if written by the Democratic National Committee and Howard "Yeee-ha" Dean. Lying, spinning and covering-up salient facts.

The polls showed the President was taking a hit.

Over the next few days and weeks the salient facts began to emerge -- facts like the President had already met with Sheehan, Sheehan is likely insane and this "one woman" campaign was really funded, coordinated and even catered by some of the more radical leftists in the Democrat party.

The realest is that, in the end, Cindy Sheehan has gone the way of Abu Gharaib as a story with the President's position shown to have been the right one and the Old Media invention of Cindy Sheehan just another case of their ideology -- rather than truth -- driven "journalism."

And this is the story from Hurricane Katrina. Democrats are screaming "racists" and comparing things to "slave ships" with the Old Media instantly parroting every word. The public is buying into the leftist lies and spins (at least to an extent greater than thinking people should.) Now the facts are beginning to come out through the slower methods of bloggers and AM radio chat and conversations between Americans and, once again, the President is being shown to have responded not just well but in unprecedentedly great fashion and the Democrats and their corrupt minions in the Old Media are seeing themselves exposed as cynical liars of the worst sort -- folks willing to use even a massive humanitarian disaster for their own personal and political gain.

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