Monday, August 22, 2005

Susan Sarandon is Destroying Hollywood Part II

Hollywood is failing. It is mired in the worst slump in its history. And this is on top of a slump which is piled on top of another slump. The reality is that business is so bad that the very viability of the industry is in question.

In order to counter this disastrous reality the folks on the left coast have tried everything from "stadium seating" to ever more expensive sound systems and yet the numbers continue to plummet. Why? Simple: the leftists of Hollywood refuse to make movies that people want to see.

This is because Hollywood has long ago abandoned the entertainment industry and is now in the ideology business. To these leftists it is far more important to promote their favorite sexual sicknesses and indoctrinate children into their anti-Americanism than it is to sell tickets.

Think not? Ask yourselves a simple question: in this land where a movie that does moderately well at the box office not only spawns two, three and four sequels but imitators and rip-offs galore why has there not been a single pro-God movie made since "The Passion of the Christ" was the most successful adult-oriented movie of last year?

To put things in perspective, as Hollywood is dying, "The Passion of the Christ" grossed 370 million dollars domestically. The only movies to make more money last year were both sequels. One was "Shrek 2" made after the phenomenal success of the first Shrek -- a success that saw the film take in about one-third less in domestic box office receipts than "The Passion" while costing exactly twice as much to make -- and "Spiderman 2" whose original brought in only slightly more than "The Passion" but with a production cost that was six hundred times higher.

domestically, "The Passion" significantly outsold the "Harry Potter" offering and did so with a budget that was over one hundred million dollars cheaper! Hollywood has already made two movies about this sorcerer with two more in the works while not a single pro-God movie has been released.

One more telling statistic -- "The Passion of the Christ" starring the little known Jim Caviezal has grossed more money domestically than all of the the live-action films of Susan Sarandon over the past twelve years...COMBINED. Meanwhile, Caviezal who headlined "The Passion of the Christ" hasn't been hired to make a movie since 2004 while Ms. Sarandon -- coming off the fiasco that was "Alfie" ($40,000,000 to make with a domestic box office that failed to break $25 million) -- has starred in six over the past two years.

So why no pro-God movies in the wake of "The Passion of the Christ"? It's not like there isn't material available. Mel Gibson has already announced that HE's going to be making another pro-God movie. And there's the entire "Left Behind" series -- the literary phenomenon that has outsold the Harry Potter offerings. And, of course, with Hollywood's "geniuses" so devoid of original thoughts that they're down to doing horribly failed remakes of things like "Alfie" one would think a reworking of "Ben Hur" (with the special effects now available) would be a "no-brainer."

The problem, of course, is that, while "Alfie" can and does feature lines in its trailers that promote homosexuality such as "I prefer the European model of a man and women. Although women and women is always a fun option" the trailers for "Ben Hur" would have to promote virtue and heroics -- two things Hollywood disdains.

And so it is that "American Pie" has seen sequel after sequel even though it grossed less than a third of what "The Passion" did. This is because, while "The Passion of the Christ" features values beyond self "American Pie" is named after a sex act -- the "highlight" of the original movie -- in which a child has intercourse with pastry.

It is not a coincidence that the same people who fund the ACLU's efforts on behalf of the North American Man/Boy Love Association -- a radical organization created to promote legislation to allow adult men to rape prepubescent boys -- are also the ones funding the "American Pie" series.

Despite the near-guaranteed blockbuster status of any movie that speaks to the beliefs and morals of mainstream America, Hollywood refuses to even consider such projects while consistently losing money on films that are pro-death -- such as "Cider House Rules" in which the hero is an abortionist and "Million Dollar Baby" in which the killer of a woman is deemed "heroic" -- and the pro-sexual perversion of films such as "Kinsey."

Predictably, none of these three movies even approached the box office success of "The Passion of the Christ." In fact, their COMBINED take failed to even approach that of "The Passion." Nonetheless Hollywood refuses to make movies that do not promote their far-leftist sexual perversions and their anti-American agenda because the leftists are not in the entertainment industry, they are in the indoctrination business.

Part III of "Susan Sarandon is Destroying Hollywood" to follow.


EPorvaznik said...

Actually, Evan, "Left Behind" was made into a movie, albeit a video offering, no theatrical; two sequels as well. All brought to you by the former Mike Seaver, devout Christian Kirk Cameron (and his hottie wife Chelsea Noble).

EPorvaznik said...

...your points otherwise dead-on.

Evan Sayet said...

Thanks, epor...I meant major motion picture released to theaters.

EPorvaznik said...

Point taken, but at least it's being seen on a mass level. Hold it, is it only Catholics who call weekly church services Mass? There I go forcing my religion - or its definitions - on everyone. I'm a baaaaaaad man!!!

Dan & Dawn Lowe said...

Evan, you are so right!! My wife and I went to a movie the other day and saw previews for a movie titled "Bareback Mountain". We were disgusted to say the least. It is the story of a homosexual love affair of course, and they attempt to make it so sad!@#$#. We are sick of the homosexual agenda being shoved on us in the movies and on regular television. What is more disturbing is how Hollywood constantly attempts to make Christian ideals and people look crazy, while making their filth appear acceptable. We are battling this evil by exposing it as well. Check our, and keep up the great work! May God bless you. Dan & Dawn Lowe