Sunday, August 21, 2005

The difficulties we are having in Iraq are due not to our foreign enemies but rather to our domestic ones. With a "referee" in the media bent on covering up all terrorist atrocities -- my goodness, they won't even call them terrorists! -- and publicizing all American misdeeds (even when they are outright lies like the Koran being flushed down the toilet) American battle commanders have to keep in mind that the only way we can lose this war against Islamic fascism is if America loses heart and that, as always, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to make sure America loses.

When our troops have to ask first "will Dick Durbin call me a Nazi" on the Senate floor (and for the benefit of Al Jazeera) if I turn off the air conditioning in an interrogation cell for the twentieth hijacker" they are not asking the more important question, how do we kill the Islamic terrorists who are plotting the next 9/11 (and worse)?

When our soldiers know that 44 percent of American Senators (the Democrats) and virtually one hundred percent of the "opinion makers" in the Old Media are in the enemy camp the question becomes not "how do we best protect ourselves from the Islamic fascist terrorists?" but rather "how do we best protect ourselves from the enemy from within -- the Democrats?"

America could clearly win this war in no time flat if we were to be more aggressive, recognizing that wars always have had collateral damage. The truth is that that collateral damage might even be lessened if the Iraqi terrorists were made to fear us rather than fear their leaders who are far more likely to be brutal to anyone who betrays them than the Americans who will capture them, feed them sumptuous meals and provide them with Korans and exercize space and things these terrorists didn't even have in their own countries.

In fact we probably wouldn't have even had to go to war if it wasn't for the hate that Democrats have for America. Had the likes of Ted Kennedy (who has killed more people in his car in one more night of drunken debauchery than have died in the Gitmo Dick Durbin compared to the Holocaust) and Nancy Pelosi and the other hate-America-always Democrats in the Seante and House of Representitives stood up for America rather than George Soros and let Saddam know that they wouldn't do for him what they did for the communists of North Vietnam and win the war for the enemy through their lies.

We have two enemies -- the mass murdering terrorists of the Islamic world and the Democratic Party. One needs to be defeated with guns and the other needs to be defeated at the ballot box but one thing is clear, Americans will never be safe until they are both defeated.


Alva Goldbook said...

you guys should love this:

The Politics Of Jesus And The Oxymoron That Is The Religious Right.

RepJ said...

I agree. The liberals are trying to destroy us, but they will lose.

MiamiMiami said...

You idiocy is only over-shadowed by your obvious phobia of religion. is it all Christians you fear or only the ones who vote for conservatives?

I see you have no problem defending the IslamoFacists...

EPorvaznik said...

Ya also may wanna check out "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It," by Jim Wallis. Bit of an infuriating read (for both sides), but discusses the issues fairly evenhandedly.

MiamiMiami said...

I just can't understand why someone like Alva, who is supposed to represent the "intellectuals" among us, can't un wrap his head from this insane idea that the ONLY reason Bush won was because of some sort of "uprising of the religious right".

The sad truth is that Kerry probably could have beat Bush but he just couldn't help but to associate himself with the kooks.

Senator_MJM said...

I agree also that the 'current' Dems are destroying America and must be stopped. This is not your Democrat Party from 40 years ago. These are crazed, ill-informed zealots with no common sense, no stable concept of reality, and yes, no clue of the founding principles of this great Nation. The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution including the Bill of Rights are foreign to their thinking. "It's just not fair." It is no longer anger. It is pity. Pity us all if they ever regain political power.

Anonymous said...


Now she is calling the animals that killed her son "FREEDOM FIGHTERS".

If there was ever a time for rising from the dead, it is time for her son to come back and SHUT THIS BITCH UP.

MiamiMiami said...

I have to agree. She is nothing more than an embarassment to her son's memory. But I think she is merely a pawn that is being used by the wacko lefties. I am afraid that she is a victim as well in this scenario

Evan Sayet said...

It is extremely telling about how insane Modern Liberalism is that they literally cannot tell the difference (do not beleive there IS a difference) between freedom and oppression. This is why they hate America so much. They don't think that freedom and democracy are in any way superior to massacre and oppression.

this is why they so adore the United Nations. Why SHOULDN'T the genocidal animals of the Sudan have the same power as the democracy of, say, Australia? Hey, one man's genocide is another man's mulch. Sure YOU think that that's your entire village buried in those mass graves but HE thinks it's terrific fertilizer. Who are WE to judge?

To people who think (non-Democrats that is) it is easy to define a terrorist and a freedom fighter. How about if we start with a freedom fighter has to be fighting...for freedom. the Islamic fascist terrorists have announced their objectives -- to create an oppressive Taliban like state out of the entire world.

Again, though, Democrats are literally incapable of recognizing that oppression is not freedom. They are so blind that they can argue that covering people from head to toe and beating them if their ankles become exposed is "just another form of freedom."

They are sick and dangerous, folks, and MUST be removed from all vestiges of power. Work hard, the next election is a BIG one.

Jeanne said...

Great post, Evan!

When were the "freedom fighters" ever free?

MiamiMiami said...

I think that it goes even further than that. I think that the Liberal left in this country doesn't or won't even see that not all countries are "equal". They adore the UN because it symbolizes a sort of "redistribution" of importance among the other countries. They see allof these ambassadors and such all sitting in this room and to them it is the way they see the world, or at least what they think it should look like.
They don't understand that we are the greatest country in the world. We are unequal in many ways to the rest of the world. We are to ONLY superpower both militarily and economically. We are alos the most generous and forgiving. We are also the most courageous.
They hate this country because to acknowledge our superiority as a nation insults their sense of "fairness" and "equality". This is much the same way they view "rich" people and hate them as well. They would much rather see a "redistribution" of everything so that no one has more than anyone else.
The fact of the matter is that the "liberal left" has much in common with the rest of the animals that wish to do us harm.

Evan Sayet said...

I'm not sure we're saying different things. The bottomline is that leftists are "multiculturalists". to them all peoples, cultures and forms of government are equally good and equally right. Thus when one culture fails it cannot be because their culture is inferior but only because they have been victimized.

So, the success of Israel isn't because they're a free and open society where all people can contribute to the best of their ability and the failures of the Arab world isn't because they kill all infidels, cover half their population from head to toe and beat them if their ankles become exposed, chop out the tongues of people who don't agree with the dictator, etc.

So their objective in all things becomes to "prove" that freedom isn't good and that oppression isn't bad.

Thus they seek to "prove" that Cuba's communism is good while working to show that America is evil. The corrupt, mass murdering Arab terrorists are really the "victims" of the free and open democracy of Israel.

It is no coincidence that the Democrat icon Cindy Sheehan vomits out hatred for America and Israel two successful democracies. Democrats ALWAYS side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success becvause their only other option is to admit that the very foundation of their "thinking" is as moronic as it is.

MiamiMiami said...

The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Democrats are insane.