Friday, July 08, 2005

Random Thoughts About Yesterday's Islamic Mass Murders

To all those Democrats who whine and cry because the government has added "terrorist" to the long list of crimes they had always been allowed to investigate through such means as looking at the books they'd recently taken out of the PUBLIC library: More innocent people lost ALL of their civil rights yesterday in Great Britain thanks to the terrorists you protect than had lost even the most minute of protections by all of the provisions of the Patriot Act combined over the last nearly-half-decade.

So much for the lie that the Democrats' are "compassionate."


Someone (I didn't catch his name) appearing on the Sean Hannity radio program yesterday suggested that the right thing for Tony Blair to do is announce that he is immediately doubling the number of British forces now in Iraq and Afghanistan. What a brave measure that would be -- and a signal to the terrorists that their murderous ways will be met with firm determination...


...unfortunately, because of the leftists in his society who work always to protect evil and quite revel in the massacre of Westerners -- just as do our Liberals here -- this is unlikely to happen.


To those still foolish enough to listen to the Democrats who keep claiming that Al Qaida is not being defeated, notice that the attacks were low tech, took over a year to get through -- four years since 9/11 -- wasn't even one percent as "effective" in murdering innocents as was 9/11 and, of course, couldn't be pulled off against "the Great Satan".

Do you really believe we should return to the Democrats' policies of appeasing the terrorists where, in the course of the Clinton administration the WTC was attacked in '93, two of our embassies bombed, the USS Cole almost sunk, our people massacred in the Kobar Towers and more?


God bless the British.

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