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In an article so moronic that it could only have been written by a college professor Richard A. Kaye (associate professor of English at the ultra-Liberal Hunter college in New York) writes about patriotism. He offers a rather sick and distorted definition of patriotism claiming that today "being patriotic require(s) not so much a commitment to positive ideals and actions but, rather, to gestures that encourage an atmosphere of fearful watchfulness, xenophobia and the surrender of our freedoms."

Of course there is no one who believes that to be the definition of patriotism but the loony leftist likes to make up their own definitions for words (unilateral is defined by the Democrats not by its dictionary meaning but rather as "thirty-five nations but not France," for example.) It's not surprising that a Democrat doesn't know what the definition of patriotism is -- after all, it was only a few years ago the last Democratic Party President swore in a court of law he didn't even know what the definition of "is" is.

So, allow me to offer Professor Kaye and the rest of the folks on the left, a simple definition of patriotism. It is "love and devotion to one's country." And those who question the Democrats patriotism -- myself included -- have every reason to do so.

Here, then, is a very simple test of your patriotism, Professor:

When you heard about the massacre of American citizens on September 11th did you mourn the death of these innocents or did you cheer it and call the victims "little Eichmans" like your fellow Professor at the University of Colorado?

When you hear about Gitmo do you marvel at the unprecedenteldy humane treatment these suspected killers are getting or do you look for any excuse to call Americans Nazis like your fellow Democrat Dick Durbin?

If you were to make a movie about America would it show love and respect for this country or would it be a lie-filled, hate-filled, anti-American propaganda film like your fellow leftist Michael Moore?

If you were to write a poem about what it's like to have been "Born in the USA" would it include a single positive image about the blessings of having had the good fortune to have been birthed in the greatest nation in human history or would you scream at the top of your lungs how evil America is as did John Kerry flack Bruce Springsteen?

If you were the editor of a newspaper would you make the lead article on the front page of the Fourth of July opinion section something about America's greatness or would you take up half the page with a warped desecration of the flag and a sophomoric attack on America as did the Los Angeles Times?

You see, Professor, Patriotism is love of country. Giving money to an AIDS hospital is a lovely thing. Signing people up to vote is terrific. They're very nice humanitarian acts. But neither has anything whatsoever to do with patriotism.

People who behave the way Democrats do are not patriotic. In fact, the argument can be made (and I have made it) that Democrats hate America. I doubt anyone would believe you loved you children if you wrote poems and songs about how evil they are, made movies where you lied about them, and took the opportunity of their birthday to offer up twisted attacks upon them.


One of the fundamental differences between the left and the right is that the left cares about what you think and the right cares about what you do. Tammy Bruce, the former feminist leader who now rails against the tactics and agenda of the left, considered this so ingrained in the Democrats' "thinking" she actually named her first book "The New Thought Police."

One will notice that the Democrat rarely debates actual occurrences and instead will attack the "motivations" of those who disagree with them. So it is that it is meaningless to the Democrat that America has recently liberated twenty-five million human beings from rape, torture and genocide because (in their twisted worlds) the REASON we did it -- to steal Iraq's oil -- is wrong.

The Patriot Act shouldn't be considered for the fact that it has kept Americans safe for the past four years while infringing on not a single person's rights for fact and truth means nothing to the left. Instead it must be attacked as being "designed to" take away your rights.

Notice in the Professor's tripe that he offers as a "given" that Americans have "surrendered their rights" but cannot name any that have actually been taken away. This is, of course, because none have. Contrary to the misinformation from the Old Media and the demagoguery of the Democrats, the government could always check on the books one had taken out of the PUBLIC library if one was suspected of a variety of crimes. All the Patriot Act did was add "terrorism" -- something our predecessors didn't have to worry about -- to a list that included child molesters, Mafiosi and killers.


Kaye does offer us terrific insight into the insanity of today's leftist "intellectuals," however.
I have of late come to define "intellectualism" as the use of pretty sounding words to explain why wrong is actually right.

Follow the insane contortions Kaye must put himself through in order to try and make his basic

Here's the sentence again:

"Since when does being patriotic require not so much a commitment to positive ideals and actions but, rather, to gestures that encourage an atmosphere of fearful watchfulness, xenophobia and the surrender of our freedoms?"

As noted earlier the entire piece is premised on a lie. There's nobody who believes patriotism is defined as "gestures that encourage an atmosphere of fearful watchfulness, xenophobia and the surrender of our freedoms." Most people know the definition of patriotism as love and devotion to one's country.

But here the piece gets funny. Or sad. Depending on how much sympathy you have for the poor students who have to listen to this idiot's drivel (and the parents who have to pay for it).

Notice how many sick turns the "intellectual" has to take to even try to make his case. Kaye first talks not about actions but "gestures." But even these supposed "gestures" don't lead to any concrete action, rather they "encourage" something. And what they "encourage" are not any actions but rather an "atmosphere". And this "atmosphere" doesn't lead to any actions but only to EMOTIONS (fearful watching and xenophobia) and only then do they lead to "action" the PASSIVE "surrendering of rights" (unnamed, of course).


Of note, here, is that it is not the "watchfulness" that is wrong but rather the "cause" or "motivation" of the watchfulness the leftist attacks. It's is the FEELINGS and not the facts that the leftist despises. And notice, once again, that it isn't the Islamic fascist mass murderers who have succeeded in taking down our largest buildings, nearly sinking our warships, taking down our blackhawk helicopters, hack off the heads of innocent people in Iraq and blow the brains out of children in the democracy of Israel who are the bad guys. In fact in this anti-American diatribe timed specifically for America's birthday celebration Kaye doesn't even mention the terrorists -- as if they, and not the rights we've "surrendered" are the figment of our imaginations.

As always with the Democrat it is those who have concerns and keep an eye out to protect their country and their families who are, if not "little Eichmans" this time, certainly racist "xenophobes."

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