Monday, July 11, 2005

London Attacks Proof We're Winning

There are two ways to look at the bombings in London -- just as there are two ways to look at the misdeeds at Abu Gharaib last year and the attacks on our soldiers at Guantanamo Bay.

To the Democrats who seek America's defeat in the war against Islamic fascist terror they are to be seen as tools to be used to bludgeon America and Americans into submission. To me they are only further proof of how great America is and how obvious it is that we are winning the war against the evil murderers.

When I see the likes of the bloated Ted Kennedy -- recognizing, of course, that more people have died in Ted Kennedy's car than at Guantanamo Bay -- attacking America because a handful of night guards at a prison for the most vicious and vile of human scum put panties on the terrorists' heads I recognize that if this is all he can point to to try and undermine America's will to defend itself then the nearly one million American and coalition forces that have rotated in and out of Iraq over the past two years must be so unbelievably exemplary that my affection for America only grows.

If the worst that Dick Durbin can find in his efforts to paint Americans as Nazis is that the air conditioning wasn't turned up in an interrogation cell for suspected terrorists caught trying to kill Americans then our treatment of the terrorists must be spectacular.

And if the best the terrorists can do is pull off a couple of bombings on a subway four years after 9/11 then obviously we're doing something right. After all, remember that during the Clinton years the terrorists were massacring people all the time. They murder Americans in the World Trade Center in 1993 and in the Khobar Towers and they massacred Americans (and others including Moslems) in two embassies in Africa and they nearly sunk the USS Cole and this doesn't even count the atrocities in Israel and against the democracy of India.

Four years after 9/11 the Islamic fascists haven't succeeded in attacking America -- or a single American interest -- anywhere in the world!

To those who wish to use anything to attack America (I mean the Democrats in this case, not the terrorists) the bombings in London are "proof" of our defeat -- a claim exactly as accurate as the Democratic Party's number two in command, Senator Dick Durbin's claim that Americans are Nazis.


Anonymous said...

Democrats love America, they want America to lead the world in a moral way. Like enviromentally. The neo-cons running the white house have sold out their traditional conservative values and are nothing more than corporate lackeys. Quick question. Why do the same moral conservatives who feel so strongly about abortion and stem cell research not have a problem with depleted uranium that we use in our munitions? Decades from now innocent Iraqi's will still be dying from cancer or having babies born deformed-why? Because we liberated them and spread depleted uranium all over their country. Wow thats a great example of the supposed morals of you cons. Oh and by the way, London attacks just prove that we are no safer. It's stupid to think all the terrorists will come to Iraq instead of our country. We are going to succeed in making Iraq a islamic fundamentalist state.

Evan Sayet said...

One of the great victories for the leftists was the day they convinced people that rational thought is of no import.

You compare apples to oranges with abortion and depleted uranium. One kills instantly, completely, one hundred percent of the time and when it does it kills a perfectly innocent young life.

When our weapons are used the uranium's effect -- if anything at all -- is the possiblity of a disease some half-century later and is used not to rip the limbs off of partially born babies but to stop horrors like the Holocaust, Islamic fascist mass murder and the like.

As for the London bombings "proving" we're not safer that's based on the other great victory of leftist "thought" the notion that the minimum standard of truth is perfection. So if a single blow out of a thousand attempts -- and a weak blow at that -- makes it through that means that we're not safer?

You see, to THINKING people the fact that this is the best the terrorists could do -- four years after 9/11 they can't hit "The Great Satan", so they hit England (where, of course, the evil, evil Patriot Act isn't in place and fifty-plus human beings lost ALL of their civil rights on 7/1) and this is somehow proof to you that we're not safer? It's utterly illogical. Do you think they didn't WANT to hit the great satan?

Think (if you can) back to the days of Clintonian appeasement and even rewarding of terrorism and terrorists (e.g. the guns, land, money and parties all given to the corrupt, mass murdering, terrorist dictator Yasser Arafat). AMERICA was attacked at the WTC in 1993. AMERICANS were murdered in our embassies in Africa. AMERICANS were massacred in the Kobar Towers and AMERICANS were burned to death and blown apart when the terrorists nearly sunk an American warship.

Since we changed policies and actually began to fight back against the Islamic fascist terrorists and their allies in the Arab/Moslem world there has not been a single successful terrorist attack in America OR AGAINST AN AMERICAN INTEREST outside of the Middle East.

So London -- where they DON'T follow our policies -- gets hit with a low tech, small time terrorist attack and that's PROOF to you that we're not safer? That's only because you've bought into the leftist notion that rational thought is to be rejected.