Monday, July 11, 2005

Move America Forward

My next blog submission and article on why the Democrats' policies of "compassion" inevitably not only fail but actually prolong and spread the misery will be up tomorrow. Please return for that.

In the meantime I wanted to post a link to Move America Forward's TV commercial regarding Dick Durbin's vicious slander of America's troops where he compared our friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen to "Nazis."

Rather than apologize for his statements Durbin is trying to prevent the American people from hearing what he read into the Congressional Record. Towards this end Durbin has intimidated television stations in his home state, threatened to sic the IRS on those who use their right to free speech to counter Durbin's slanders and more.

I am attaching a link here for everyone to see Move America Forward's ad and for you to link it on your sites and send it to your friends so that Durbin doesn't win either with his anti-American lies or by undermining our freedoms.

If you have friends in Durbin's home state of Illinois please send it to them. Even if you don't, please link to it and recommend to your fans and readers that they do the same.


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